Monday, August 27, 2012

Important Health News: Video - The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer, And Vitamin D!

One of the major subjects that I cover in this blog is of course important health issues.  I have long been showing strong evidence of the association between Vitamin D deficiency and the increasing amounts of diseases that we see in our societies today, especially when it comes to Cancer!

I was not even aware of the following video, that comes from Mike Adams the "Health Ranger", who is chief editor at the site: Natural News, at, until today, thanks to a fellow truth seeker, "Digger", who writes the very important blog: Digger For Truth, at  This video is absolutely right up my alley, and I want to share it here with my own readers to view for themselves.  It is entitled: "The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer, And Vitamin D", and contains some absolutely important information about the important links between Nutrition, Sunlight, and Vitamin D.   I have my own additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  First, I want to again thank Digger For Truth for coming across this very important video.

OK, Yes, there are some naysayers that are right that the Natural News site promotes the sale of some questionable chemicals.   I absolutely do not support the site for its sales pitches, but instead support the information that the site promotes for proper nutrition and health.  Those are the important aspects that everyone should focus on.

I have long shown that by taking Vitamin D, we can put a lot of the criminals in the fraudulent Pharmaceutical industry out of business by not having to take their absolutely poisonous vaccines.  It is no wonder that these criminals are out to promote the concept that "Sunlight is bad for you" when the truth is the opposite.

Readers, Take the time to do as much research as possible into the importance of  Vitamin D to the human body, if you continue to be skeptical of the facts presented by myself, and others.  I already have plenty of articles in this blog's archives about Vitamin D for you to consider viewing for more information.

And in case you need to ask,  I personally have been taking Vitamin D as a major supplement now for years, and I have avoided or have seen reduced outbreaks of major illnesses such as Influenza during that time period as a result!

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Anonymous said...

Fish cod liver oil (in winter autumn- period) and sunlight are absolutely essential to your well-being, as well as regular vitamin C intake!
I have managed to avoid influenza
years by developing these habbits.
And not a sigle expensive substription pill taken!

Anonymous said...

Sunlight and D-vitamin consisting cod liver oil (in winter period) are absolutely essential to your health! Along with vitamin B components and C (ascorbic acid) they are essential building blocks of your immune system. This is known fact even hundred years ago, when upper class wealty folks began to establish sea and mineral water resorts for their health problems caused by "civilized lifestyle" ie lack of physical activity, sunlight and proper nutrition.