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I Knew This Was Coming: Israeli (Kangaroo) Court Rules: Rachel Corrie "Victim Of "Accidental" Murder"!

After Rachel Corrie was murdered by an armored American made Caterpillar bulldozer driven by a murderous IDF soldier back on March 16th, 2003, I and others knew that the criminals in the Israeli government, along with their useful idiots in the US Government would work hard to spin and deflect all criminal charges to make sure that the Israelis were not found guilty of this horrendous act.  

Rachel's whole family has endured years of trying to seek justice in a civil suit in the absolutely laughable Israeli court system for her murder.  I and others have said many times that these monsters would continue to drag that civil trial out until either the Corrie family gave up their pursuit of justice, or they finally declared that the Israeli IDF soldier responsible for that act of cold blooded murder would be found "not guilty".

Well, lo and behold, we are right again.. For according to this new article that comes courtesy of a fellow truth seeking blog, Desert Peace, at www.desertpeace.wordpress.com, the absolutely laughable and disgusting Israeli criminal court has just ruled that Rachel Corrie's death was "A regrettable accident (!)".   I have that article right here for my own readers to view and contemplate, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:


 In a ruling read out to the court, judge Oded Gershon called Corrie’s death a “regrettable accident”, but said the state was not responsible because the incident had occurred during what he termed a war-time situation.

Israeli court: U.S. activist Rachel Corrie’s death was an accident

Family of Corrie, who was crushed by an IDF bulldozer during a pro-Palestinian protest in Gaza in 2003, filed lawsuit in Haifa accusing Israel of intentionally killing their 23-year-old daughter.

By Jack Khoury and Reuters
Rachel Corrie - AP
U.S. activist Rachel Corrie, who died in 2003 in Gaza after being crushed by an IDF bulldozer. Photo by AP
The Haifa District Court rejected on Tuesday accusations that Israel was at fault over the death of American activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed by an army bulldozer during a 2003 pro-Palestinian demonstration in Gaza.

Corrie’s family had accused Israel of intentionally and unlawfully killing their 23-year-old daughter, launching a civil case in the northern Israeli city of Haifa after a military investigation had cleared the army of wrong-doing.

In a ruling read out to the court, judge Oded Gershon called Corrie’s death a “regrettable accident”, but said the state was not responsible because the incident had occurred during what he termed a war-time situation.

At the time of her death, during a Palestinian uprising, Corrie was protesting against Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

“I reject the suit,” the judge said. “There is no justification to demand the state pay any damages.”

He added that the soldiers had done their utmost to keep people away from the site. “She (Corrie) did not distance herself from the area, as any thinking person would have done.”

Corrie’s death made her a symbol of the uprising, and while her family battled through the courts to establish who was responsible for her killing, her story was dramatized on stage in a dozen countries and told in the book “Let Me Stand Alone.”

“I am hurt,” Corrie’s mother, Cindy, told reporters after the verdict was read.

Corrie came from Olympic, Washington and was a volunteer with the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement.

Senior U.S. officials criticized the original military investigation into the case, saying it had been neither thorough nor credible. But the judge said the inquiry had been appropriate and pinned no blame on the army.
Rachel Corrie’s family outside the Haifa District Court.   Photo by Abdullah Shama
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From BBC News:

NTS Notes:  Personally, I am so angry right now, and very saddened for the Corrie family.   These people have lost their daughter to these monsters, and now these monsters have made a mockery of Rachel's life.

But again, as I said many times before, we are nothing to these criminals... We are the "goyim", which means in their sick twisted religious beliefs to be subhuman.... So the death of Rachel can be chalked up to these monsters as just another "goyim" biting the dust!

Nine and one half years of pain and suffering for the Corries.   They definitely deserved so much better than this, and there shall be no peace for Rachel.    We shall never forget!

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Anonymous said...

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Wayne Madsen's apt comment: "However, for the corporate media, only Muslim terrorists exist."

As always fellow Canuck, keep up the good work.

Check this http://youtu.be/BxVtoG0aGsg the "Rape and a bullet to the head" threat-scenes which face Palestinian children on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Related kerfuffle now ongoing: http://mondoweiss.net/2012/08/judith-butler-responds-to-attack-i-affirm-a-judaism-that-is-not-associated-with-state-violence.html

Anonymous said...

I never expected anything else from these morons. Long live Rachel, she'll live forever in the hearts of good people all over the world. Love light and peace. ian.

t.s.s.st.w said...

she was purposely run over by a rabid dog kike in an illegal destruction of indigenous palestinian housing which they have been told is illegal and the 1953 un ruling told the kikes to stay off of palestiian land anyway ,,so this murderous incursion is occuring on land the zog dogs are trespaaaing on ,as in the land of palestine roper and then also on land that was designated as palestinian land by the united kike nations ....

Anonymous said...

They may have extinguished a little flame but they have ignited an inferno

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