Friday, July 27, 2012

The Upcoming War On Iran: Documentary On Iran: Iran Is NOT The Problem. Stop The War On Iran!

The criminal state of Israel is definitely wanting their nice little war against the innocent country of Iran off and running sooner than later.  We have seen their slave minions in the United States government move a multitude of military ordinance into the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, and nations bordering Iran,  in preparation for an attack that is definitely coming... It seems now only a matter of when that this attack does take place. 

I have long been putting up articles showing everyone the proof that Iran is absolutely NOT a threat to anyone.  The facts are that our governments and our Jewish controlled media, are promoting this war on a bunch of lies and falsehoods, especially the absolute lie that Iran is in the process of building, or obtaining, nuclear weapons!

Right now, I want to present an important documentary that was actually made back in 2007, entitled: "Iran Is Not The Problem.  Stop The War On Iran", for everyone to see here in its entirety.  It is 79 minutes long, and contains many important facts that were known back in 2007, but is missing some key issues, that have come to light since, that I will discuss in my comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK, the major issue that is definitely overlooked in this entire documentary is the fact that it is the criminal state of Israel that is the REAL threat in the Middle East, and absolutely not Iran.

What is missing in this documentary is the fact that Iran is not, and never was, in the process of ever building one single nuclear weapon, period.   What is purposely overlooked by our own governments and our sick media, is the fact that the criminal state of Israel has some 400 nuclear weapons and a wide variety of delivery systems for that weaponry that could take out 1/2 of the world.   So while they scream about Iranian non-existent nuclear weapons, they turn a blind eye to the real danger in that region....

What is also not mentioned in this documentary is the fact that the concept that the world is running out of oil is a scam.  There is and never has been any "Peak Oil", period.   That fear has been done to boost prices of petroleum artificially high world wide, and to somehow justify wars of aggression as a means of grabbing "what is left" of "vital" oil resources!

So why the war on Iran?  It seems that what we have is another war for Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East.  If Iran is eliminated, who will stop Israel from pushing for its long dream of total control over the entire region, as well as expansion into a "Greater Israel"?    And we cannot forget on top of Iran's threat to the almighty US Petrodollar, that Iran has one of the last non-Rothschild controlled banking institutions left in the entire world.   Once Iran falls, and is forced into the same criminal banking scheme that has enslaved all other countries, then the long awaited dream of world Jewish domination can finally be achieved...

It is again important that everyone be up to speed on the real truths about why the criminal state of Israel, and their slaves in the US, want this war on Iran.  What is especially of concern is of course that once they launch an attack on Iran, what will Russia and China do?  I do not like the prospects of an attack triggering World War III, with the possibility of it becoming a global thermonuclear war.... And I do suspect that many others feel exactly the same.....

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