Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Apollo Moon Hoax: Gregg Aka "Pt1gard" On Charles Giuliani Truth Hertz Show, July 23rd, 2012, With Guest Caller In Second Hour!

I started my journey in exposing the lies of history by quickly coming to the conclusion way back in 1979 that the entire NASA Apollo space program was a massive fraud concocted on the world.  For years, I like others in the Apollo Hoax community have been ridiculed and laughed at for our assertions of Apollo being a fraud.  Few are laughing today....

Charles Giuliani has been an advocate for the real truths of our world for quite sometime now, and hosts a great show on the Oracle Broadcasting Network online, at www.oraclebroadcasting.com.  His show is called "Truth Hertz", and is on daily at 7am CDT via internet radio.   Yesterday, July 23rd, he had Gregg aka "Pt1gard" on his show as a guest to discuss the Apollo moon landings fraud, and I have the link to that show right here for everyone to take the time to listen to right here:


NTS Notes: Yes, that was little ol' me that called in during the second hour.... Gregg had discussed with me about being a full guest on the show, but the timing of the Truth Hertz show (7am -9am daily) does interfere with my work schedule.

I also have the video that Gregg, Charles, and myself, discussed during yesterday's show right here for everyone to view for themselves... It contains many of the findings originally put out by another great moon hoax researcher, Jack White:

There will still be the naysayers and brainwashed individuals out there that will cling hopelessly to the lies of Project Apollo no matter what proof is shown them to the contrary.   I and others can only bring forward the proofs and evidence that show it to be a lie and hoax, and hopefully have them understand, much like all of the other lies throughout history, that they have been played as suckers again.

I may find the time in the near future on a day off to be a full guest on the Truth Hertz radio show, and when that happens, I will let everyone know so they can tune in... Stay tuned..

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Penny said...


my deepest apologies for the off topic

You and the other Canadians need to know
I am hitting you all up
Noor, YaYa, Conspiracy Cafe and Mr Northerntruthseeker


global gun ban treaty, and the new toys the rcmp is getting
It's looking ugly

Arizona Del Rio said...

"few are laughing now" Oh, really. Your delusions are outmatched by your self importance. Congradulations.