Sunday, July 29, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Is it just me?  Or does anyone else see the power of the Jewish elite that controls the world all over the so called London Olympics?   We all can see the "ZION" in the logo for the 2012 Olympics, which is bad enough.. But I was hoping that others would have noticed by now the pyramid lighting units on top of the Olympic Stadium... How can anyone miss the all seeing "Eye Of Horus" symbolism in both the pyramids and the light at the top of the pyramid?  It seems that the criminal Rothschilds are flaunting their total control over us by displaying it right in our faces at these Olympic Games...

It is in my opinion that there will NOT be a so called "false flag" attack at all during these games... It is not in the interests of the criminals to pull off such a deed during these games at all.  Instead as noted in the previous paragraph, they will use the games to present their power and control over all of us.... But once the games are over, all bets are off....

I see that the United States government has "postponed" their signing of the dastardly UN Gun Control Treaty which was to have been signed off last Friday, July 27th...  Good!   It  does appear that finally the people of America have been awakened to the criminality of this so called "treaty" and how it is nothing more than an attempt to take away the rights of the American public to bear arms to keep their own government from becoming too tyrannical.   However, I do recommend that all Americans keep up their vigilance, because the criminals will NOT quit until they are able to disarm the American public!

The Aurora shooting gets stranger and stranger by the day...I have been reading a lot of reports over the last few days about how this is definitely a psy-ops operation, and that this James Holmes is nothing more than a patsy to take the fall... I have also noted in my last two articles, that James Holmes' father is absolutely linked to the investigation in the greatest financial scandal that the world has ever seen..The LIBOR scandal!  Now, I must again ask anyone with any common sense... What are the odds that this shooter is the son of the one man who could blow the lid off of the LIBOR scandal and possibly see the criminals involved lose trillions of dollars?  What are the odds?????

And BTW... Yes, I did initially call the shooter in my last article, John Holmes, instead of James Holmes... Hey, I am only human, and it was a minor error.. I did fix the article this morning....

I see that the Bulgarian shooting death of 7 Israeli tourists has suddenly disappeared from the mainstream media.... Gee, I wonder why?   The Mossad goes and kills some of their own people in Bulgaria just to have the Iranians blamed for the killing.  But everyone quickly got wind that it was NOT an Iranian shooting, and suddenly it quickly died down.  The only result was that the criminal Prime Minister of Israel, Benyamin Milikovksy, was left with egg on his face for ranting and pushing hard for an excuse to attack Iran because of this shooting, when all the evidence quickly showed that it was not Iran at all!

The war in Syria is going badly for the criminals in both the criminal state of Israel and their minions in the US Government... Good!!!  Everyone must be brought up to speed about the fact that the so called "rebels" are actually hired mercenaries who have invaded the sovereign state of Syria just to stir up enough trouble as to give the criminal Israelis and their American puppet slaves their "excuse" to go in and "stop the bloodshed".    But Assad has not done any wrong at all, and is in the process of defeating the mercenaries as I type this report...

And..We see the same outrageous claims coming out of the laughable media that Syria has a magical dangerous stock pile of chemical weapons, much like what Iraq magically had!   Nobody except the most gullible people are buying into this lie, because we have already seen how the criminals successfully used that lie as the excuse for America to invade Iraq back in 2003.   And of course the Americans found not one bit of the chemical weapons that they claimed Saddam Hussein had after they had destroyed that country.   Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, shame on me!

I see that as the world is being distracted elsewhere, that the criminal state of Israel is pushing even harder to swallow up what is left of the West Bank by putting in even more illegal Jewish settlements financed by the gullible American taxpayers.   Lets not kid ourselves.. There never was a chance of a Palestinian state being created in the West Bank.  Israel has always had their insane biblical belief that the entire region of Palestine is theirs, for their glorious Jewish state.  In such an insane thinking, there never was any room for the rightful owners of the region, the Palestinians themselves.    I have long said that the only option left for the proud people of Palestine is to fight for their very survival as a people, because the alternative is extermination.

The situation at Fukushima has not changed, and as I have said before, may yet become much much worse.   We have new reports about a large plume of radioactive water that is approaching the Canadian and American west coast that could be deadly, and even more reports about high levels of radiation still going on in all of the damaged reactors, even after TEPCO had assured the world that they were in supposed "cold shutdown".

I am still waiting for any reports about how and when TEPCO is going to start withdrawing all of the damaged fuel rods in that damaged fuel pool above damaged and melted down reactor#4.   We are still in a very perilous situation where that fuel pool could still fall over, exposing all the fuel rods, and causing an outbreak of radiation that will definitely doom not only Japan, but possibly a wide swath of the entire Northern Hemisphere.  I am truly surprised by the lack of any reporting coming from the fools in the mainstream media about this situation.. But what the heck...The Olympic Games are on!!!!

On another note... My friend, Whitewraithe, who writes the blog: Pragmatic Witness, at, will be the guest on the Charles Giuliani "Truth Hertz" radio show, tomorrow, Monday, July 30th, at 7am, CDT.   Everyone can easily access that broadcast, by going to, and either listen to it live, or in the archives that will be posted up shortly after the show.   I can guarantee that this show will be fabulous, and everyone will not be disappointed, because Whitewraithe is one heck of a fine speaker who really knows her stuff..... I was surprised that Charles Giuliani himself was not even aware of her fine work, until I made it aware to him last Wednesday....

Some people who have heard me on shows have asked why I do not do more radio shows, or be on as a guest... Most of the problems lies with timing.   I do have a personal life, and a tough work schedule.  It is hard enough at times to even come in here and post up articles at the best of times.   I will be on more shows in the near future, and will keep everyone in here posted..

Well, I figure that is enough for now..... I will close this rant with my usual tidbits... First, I must ask the people of America why they are even bothering to vote in the upcoming November elections for one of two men who have pledged their souls to the criminal state of Israel?  All I have seen in the last few days is reports of Willard Romney or Barry Soetoro sucking up to the Jews in that criminal state!  Another alternative news writer, Mike Rivero, has always said that America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.  Neither of these two clowns even comes close to fitting that bill.....There are still those who are clinging to the fading hope of their hero, Ron Paul, to save America. I truly feel sorry for these fools, because to save America, they should be out saving that once great nation themselves!....I have not covered the catastrophic drought happening in America right now, and I may in future articles.. The fact is that the American government has itself to blame for this situation by getting into bed with the criminals at Monsanto with their false claims of their GMO crops being drought resistant.  Now we see the terrible result, and this disaster will be devastating to the American people come this fall with sudden food shortages and the resultant higher food prices.....The economic situation in Europe and America has not changed, and will probably become worse in the next few weeks.  Spain is already talking about austerity measures along the lines of what was forced and has failed in Greece.  When will the world finally learn that debt based Usury monetary systems are doomed to failure?......In closing, I figure that I would finally get away from, and avoid mentioning America's first family, the braindead and absolutely useless Kardashians, in this article.  Oops, Sorry about that!

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M. Rocknest said...

I'm a late comer to your blog but I now consider it one of a trifecta for truth in Canada. The other two are Penny(for your thoughts) and YayaCanada. Of course there are others but these three hit so many nails on the head simultaneously that it amazes me. It encourages me immensely to see a certain swelling in the ranks of those who flog the lies and blog the truth. Thank you!