Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back From Vacation: What I See Happening In America Today, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

Yes, I am finally back from a much needed vacation in the good ol' USA.... Overall, I would say that the experience was both enjoyable, and very much an eye opener on what exactly is happening to what I used to believe to be the "Land Of The Free".   For this article, I will give some comments on what I observed during this trip, and list them as: The Good, The Bad, and... The Ugly...

The Good:  I had absolutely no problems with the flight going down to the United States.  The TSA officials in Toronto were actually quite decent, and NO, I did not have to experience the cancer causing DNA unzipping machines in the security checkpoint.    Once we landed, there was no problem with either the baggage claim or the rental car pickup.   There was no problems when I got to the resort, and the room, the view, and the weather, were all almost perfect.

During our stay, the encounters with most Americans was actually quite decent.  I found most people to be polite and very well mannered.  There was no trouble at all getting around with the rental car, and I did not see any real issues with crime, or violence, or even homeless people that I expected to find much like I experienced in last year's travel to Las Vegas, but that was expected because of the need for tourist dollars to flow in for the local economy.  I found most prices to be very reasonable, and all services were prompt and on time.

The Bad:  OK... Now for a bit of a reality check.   First, I found the local news and American talmudvision during this trip to be disgusting.  There seems to be such a horrendous lack of understanding of what is really happening in the real world, especially when I conversed with many Americans while lounging at the pool or on the beach.  I was truly shocked to see the reaction of most people when I filled them in on the reality of the real world, and the usual reaction what "Wow... I didn't know that!"  THIS is why we have a serious uphill battle against the criminals who want to destroy our countries and enslave us all.   I can not put it any better than to say that I found most Americans to be brainwashed and completely dumbed down... Totally unaware of the imminent danger that they and their very country face at this time!

I found some serious problems in language and educational standards during this vacation.  The use of the English language for communication covered the entire spectrum from being great to barely adequate.  In some cases, the words that I heard out of some people was barely English at all.   I had a serious problem in a few restaurants for example, where the waitresses were asking me for my order, and what I heard was a rapid blending of words that just shocked me.... That was bad enough, but when I was at some stores and paid cash, many retail clerks could not do simple addition and subtraction, and instead claimed they were dependent on what their cash register worked out as the totals..... I have seen this with high school graduates here in Canada, but it was a real shock to see how bad it was in the US with its failing education system....What are they teaching the children???

The Ugly:  Now for the real serious issues.... First, I was well aware before taking this vacation that the United States Government is about to circumvent the Second Amendment rights of its own citizens by passing the UN gun control legislation act on July 27th, 2012... Barely 12 days from now!   In some conversations with local Americans at the local watering holes, and the pools, I brought up this most important issue, and all I got was blank stares....It was truly shocking!   I took the time to explain to them how their own criminal government is about to attempt to take their rights to have guns away from them, and they gave me the reply (again) of "Wow... I didn't know that!".    I was just floored and said to them to get the word out about how they were about to have their rights to bear arms taken away...And in doing so, have their rights and freedoms stripped away as well...

Second thing that was really revealing and quite ugly in my opinion... I was on vacation during the 4th of July celebrations, and what I found was indeed disturbing... The celebrations themselves were tremendous, BUT the attitude and the lack of knowledge of the truth about so called "freedoms" in America was indeed troubling.  On the 4th of July, I ran across some revellers who were celebrating, and shouting out statements like: "America, the greatest nation on Earth!", or "Land of the Free!", and I stood silently by, realizing how gullible and uninformed these people truly were in not knowing that they are not only NOT in the "Greatest nation on Earth", but were also NOT in the so called "Land of the Free".    The propaganda effects of their media and their own criminal governments have gone a long way in perpetuating these lies..... Look, I have nothing against Independence Day itself, but most Americans are blind in not knowing that they have lost their true independence without them even knowing it!

And of course, another ugly issue was the food... Yes, the food....  I was really shocked by the amount of dangerous and poisonous chemicals in the foods that most Americans were ingesting.  We went to a local Target store during our stay down in the States to facilitate a small kitchenette in our suite.  What I found from just reading labels on products on the shelves made me finally realize why most Americans are truly brainwashed zombies.   Foods loaded with HFCS, MSG, Aspartame, and Sucralose, dotted the shelves everywhere we went.  Thank goodness during our stay, we stuck to mostly fruits and vegetables, and avoided most processed foods.    It was also alarming in restaurants looking at the portions for each meal, and trying to order as small a portion as possible to avoid heavy intake of the poisons as well...

OK, along with the chemicals in the food, I did notice a shocking number of OBESE people during our vacation time.   I have long been observing over the last 30 years of travel to the United States the ever growing epidemic of Obesity in most Americans.   Canada has its own problems with its citizens getting larger, but the problem in America is much much worse.... I do blame it on the chemicals in the foods that many are ingesting, but also on the lack of proper control of the portion sizes that most Americans eat!

One last issue... On our return to Canada, we had to go through the TSA agents at the local airport, and YES, I was actually forced to go through the dangerous radiation DNA unzipping full body viewing machine, along with the rest of my family... But what I also saw really made me realize the importance of ending the TSA all together.   The agents were PURPOSELY selecting the women, and especially the very pretty women, in the lines to go through these machines!  Yes, I did see it happen, and even my better half commented on it!    To me, this justifies everything that I have read about the need to end the criminality of the TSA all together... What I saw made me come away with the belief that they are all a bunch of perverted assholes!

Well, in closing.... It is good to be back.... I have had comments that show that I have been missed, and I have been catching up on the news today.... What I see is the same troubles that were occurring before my vacation, and I can guarantee that many will only get worse....  Overall, though, I would say that the time I spent in America was enjoyable other than the few problems I listed above.   It is just too bad that the great American nation that I have always believed in is definitely crumbling before our very eyes.  It is up to the American people themselves to take a stand and take their nation back from the criminals, and make it the nation that was built on the dream of liberty and freedom....

More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Reflections on Bastille Day which I stumbled across this morning. It's time for a new revolution.
As always, fellow NTS, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

As an Aware American, I appreciate your very kind, generous comments about our floundering country. However, do not give up hope. Remember, when we fought the last revolutionary war, things were a lot worse in the arena of awareness.

During that time, many, many Americans were addicts of royalty and could not even contemplate tying their shoes without the queens permission. (I used a small q to emphasize my distaste and repulsion for the woman who murdered 10 native children in Canada, that we know about. Not including those we don't know about.

If they succeed, its going to be way worse than you even suspect. Especially for the "The children".