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US Government Is A Total Slave To Israel: Romney Ties To Netanyahu

I have not done any articles about the joke called the American political system for a while, because I have thought... Why bother?   All we have is a subservient group of stooges and slaves to Israel that occupy the American Congress and Senate, and the American President, Barry Soetoro, is bending over backwards to appease his Jewish masters just to get re-selected this fall as the US "President".   It is absolutely sickening to behold!

I came across this interesting article via the Intel Hub, at, that shows clear evidence that the joke "Republican" party main candidate for the US Presidency, Mitt Romney, is a total slave to the wishes of the criminal Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  First, I want to present that Intel Hub report in its entirety right here for everyone to see for themselves that no matter who gets selected in November in the United States joke election process, Israel wins again:

Netanyahu Ties to Romney

The Intel Hub
By Shepard Ambellas
April 8, 2012

The next presidential election is approaching as the candidates are beating each other to a pulp in the battlefield known as the political arena. So far it has been your typical down and dirty race as we are starting to see some pre positioning by certain power structures in control.

What we do know at this time is that Barrack Obama is heavily funded, signifying a clear choice by the powers that be that he will most likely be installed for a second term against the American peoples votes and wishes as voter fraud and electronic ballots have been known to sway results.

In fact Obama’s funding topped $172 million dollars back in January compared to Mitt Romney’s $72 million and some change, not counting what he had left over from the previous election.

However, it has now came out in a recent piece by the New York Times that presidential candidate Mitt Romney has ties to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dating back as far as 1976, and has recently received a personal phone call from Netanyahu.

The article details the fact that there is more to the relationship than a mere friendship and how it could raise a few eyebrows.

A New York Times article excerpt reads;
The relationship between Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Romney — nurtured over meals in Boston, New York and Jerusalem, strengthened by a network of mutual friends and heightened by their conservative ideologies — has resulted in an unusually frank exchange of advice and insights on topics like politics, economics and the Middle East.
When Mr. Romney was the governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Netanyahu offered him firsthand pointers on how to shrink the size of government.
When Mr. Netanyahu wanted to encourage pension funds to divest from businesses tied to Iran, Mr. Romney counseled him on which American officials to meet with. And when Mr. Romney first ran for president, Mr. Netanyahu presciently asked him whether he thought Newt Gingrich would ever jump into the race.
The article also details how Israel would nearly have decision making capabilities if Romney was elected reading;
Mr. Romney has suggested that he would not make any significant policy decisions about Israel without consulting Mr. Netanyahu.
This is a clear indicator that Netanyahu might use Romney as a puppet if he is elected president although Obama looks as if he is set to become president via overfunding by the globalists.

NTS Notes:  The last paragraph in bold print in this article is what really raided my own eyebrows, and had my alarm bells going off.   How can this man, who may become the US President, decide to "consult" the criminal Israeli President (more like obey his commandments) before making any decisions?   Is it not the purpose of being the US President that you are supposed to make decisions that matter to the American people first and foremost?   Is this not TREASON????

As I have said many times, the US elections are a complete joke and make the United States itself a laughing stock to the entire world.   Israel controls the entire US Government, and whomever gets "selected" to be US President must be totally in the pocket of the Jews.   Again, that makes the entire US Government nothing more than a bunch of treasonous scoundrels to the American people who go out and actually vote for these criminals!

It has been my hope that the American people finally wake the hell up and take these criminals out of office and out of our lives.   That must be done very soon, because the Israelis have always been planning to use their slaves in America to go to war against Iran.   That could easily trigger World War III and the end of human civilization itself.   The clock is definitely ticking, America!

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