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The US Criminal Federal Reserve System: From Creation In 1913 To Destruction In 2013!

It is truly shocking to see that when you ask people what they know about the US Federal Reserve System, most still are under the illusion that it is an arm of the US Government itself.   It is equally shocking to them when you inform them that there is nothing "Federal" about the Federal Reserve System, and that it is a group of private Jewish banking firms that print money used as US currency and charge the US Government criminal Usury interest for the usage of this currency to boot!  

I came across this very interesting article, from fellow truthseeker: "Horse237" who writes the blog: Video Rebel's Blog, at   It is entitled: "The Federal Reserve System From Creation In 1913 To Destruction In 2013", and contains some fascinating history of that criminal enterprise from its inception in 1913, to the point now where this swindle has brought the US itself to the point of full economic collapse and total enslavement of the American public.   I have that entire article right here, and I do have my own comments to follow:

The Federal Reserve From Creation in 1913 To Destruction in 2013

The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 to do four things which the FED is still engaged in today.  The Panic of 1907 was caused by speculators who used borrowed money to buy stock and by bucket shops which defrauded investors.  The Monetary Reform Commission  run by Senator Nelson Aldrich wanted an elastic currency so  the financial blunders of the 0.1% could be covered up by passing the costs onto the 99.9% through inflation. An elastic currency also allowed the costs of wars to be disguised  by inflation. The Federal Reserve also set up a fractional reserve banking system which permitted ten dollars to be loaned out for every one in deposit. This intentionally created an exaggerated credit cycle so bankers could profit from the wild swings in the prices of stocks and mortgages. And finally the Federal Reserve Note is an interest bearing currency which requires us to give the banks 500 billion dollars a year in interest payments for debts which are fictions created by a law passed in 1913. The Federal Reserve was designed to transfer our wealth to the bankers.

The Federal Reserve Act’s elastic currency made it possible for President Wilson to promise to enter WW I. Wall Street wanted to enter the war so they could bankrupt England, overthrow the Czar killing 60 million Russians in the process and set up Palestine as a Jewish colony to be protected by the British Army. This was similar to WW II. The Japanese Emperor had  promised to withdraw from China and to even become an ally against Stalin as early as 1936. The German General staff under Beck and Canaris sent two men in March of 1938 to negotiate a treaty with the English offering to arrest Hitler. This means that World War II from the Rape of Nanking to the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and from the invasion of Poland to the fall of Berlin need not have happened. That 58 million people died for nothing does not merit a footnote in the stories told by the victorious Allies.

After WW II the US gave north Korea to Joe Stalin so they could set up the Korean war to get anti-Communists killed while running America into ground. On 11-22-1963 President Kennedy was killed on the 53rd anniversary of the first meeting to create the Federal Reserve as a message to the voters  to leave the FED alone. JFK’s death also allowed Israel to develop the nuclear weapons he had opposed. It also allowed the US to be led into the Vietnam war so America could lose it while killing a generation of anti-Communists and anti-Globalists, That millions of people died in Korea and Indo-China and even more Unpayable Debts were piled onto America which  was very good in the eyes of bankers.

The Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944 was held by 44 Allies under the auspices of the UN. It tied all currencies to the US dollar. It also set up the IMF which most in the Third World and increasing numbers of Greeks, Irishmen, Italians and many other Europeans would agree are blood sucking imperialists. The IMF in recent years stole more than 20 billion dollars from the Irish people and has given nothing in return. That same conference also created the World Bank which for example forbade the Egyptians to develop a self sufficient agricultural system so it would be dependent on Imperial powers. The Bretton Woods system of monetary relations worked very well for the banks of London and Wall Street until August 15, 1971 when  President Nixon took America off the Gold Exchange standard.

Michael Hudson in his book Super Imperialism described how the US was funding its wars by inflating the supply of currency used to settle trade. Since WW II we have been getting real goods like cars and clothes from foreigners in exchange for increasingly worthless paper. When Hudson explained this to the Pentagon, a general said, “Wow. We are ripping people off.”

The Arab-Israeli war of October 6 to 25, 1973 was a prelude to the Arab Oil Boycott. Saudi Arabia decided to reduce oil production by 5% per month on October 17. On October 19, President Nixon authorized a major arms shipment and $2.2 billion in aid for Israel. In response Saudi Arabia declared an embargo against the U. S. This quadrupled the price of oil. Dollars can be used to pay taxes to the US government. After the Boycott dollars could also be used to pay for oil sales between countries neither  of which had a need to pay taxes to the American government. Henry Kissinger gave birth to the Petrodollar standard, The important points about Petrodollars are that the price of oil must be kept high so that excess dollars in the system do not circulate causing inflation and oil profits are plowed into US Treasury bonds. The Petrodollar Standard requires conflict in the Mideast to raise tensions and oil prices. It also requires banks like Goldman Sachs to use the derivatives market to buy and sell oil as many as 27 times from the time it gets pumped out of the ground until it arrives at a gas station. Of course higher oil prices do raise some production costs and cause some unemployment but Wall Street dies very well and nobody else matters.

Since the passage of  NAFTA in 1994 and the subsequent devaluation of the Chinese yuan, America shipped 50,000 manufacturing plants overseas. This forever made economic recovery of the real economy impossible. In 1996 the head of  CalPERS  (California Public Employees’ Retirement System) told Catherine Austin Fitts that there was no point in investing to rebuild America because the decision had already been made to take America down. Subsequently Catherine who used to be the managing partner at Dillon Read Investment bank  had a conversation with another high level funds manager. They had both independently come to the same conclusion. There was so much money being stolen from Americans by Wall Street that the only solution to the problem of missing pension funds, savings and retirement accounts was genocide.  Wall Street would have to kill tens of millions of Americans because the tens of trillions they stole could never be returned.

Lest anyone think bankers are dull but honest men please consider the testimony of a former DEA agent who said it was impossible to get Federal Reserve co-operation in money laundering cases against the Too Big To Jail banks. He said 750 tons of Federal Reserve  Notes had to be repatriated for just one case involving one bank. Transactions over ten thousand dollars require special reports to be filled out. A case involving 380 billion dollars  would have generated 38 million reports for ten thousand dollar transactions or 38 thousand at a million dollars each. It is forbidden to mention in the Controlled Press that Ben Bernanke and his predecessor Alan Greenspan are Jewish.

In 1999 the final two nails in the coffin of the world economy was driven by Wall Street and the politicians they owned. They repealed the Glass Steagall Act of 1933 which had protected depositors from the wild speculations of investment bankers by separating the two types of banks. This has now exposed the Too Big To Jail banks to 227 trillion  dollars in potential losses from the unregulated Credit Default Swaps market. Brooksley Born was Chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Omission in 1999 when she attempted to regulate CDS. They are a hybrid between insurance and derivatives which are a bet on the future value of a bond or a commodity. She knew that world was headed to a train wreck because for example when a bank  sells a CDS guaranteeing the buyer from a loss in the value of a Greek bond no money has to be set aside to pay these potential claims. Some say the total notional value of the derivatives and CDS markets is 1.5 quadrillion dollars. The GDP of the entire world is only 60 trillion dollars, From 2008 to the end of 2011 Ben Bernanke created 30 trillion dollars to bailout bad decisions and frauds made by bankers all over the world. He has created additional trillions of dollars this year. There is no money set aside for these CDS  losses thanks to the intervention of four Jewish men who told Ms Born she was nor allowed to regulate CDS. The men were Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers (Samuelson) and Arthur Levitt. The only Bailout Bernanke ever had was to print dollars to infinity thus reducing the purchasing power of your dollars to zero.

In 2000 Alan Greenspan started raising interest rates and tightening the money supply early enough in the year to take the stock market down before election day so George W Bush could win the presidency and take America to war for Israel. This War on Terror was designed to last until America went bankrupt and lost WW III. The whole point of NAFTA was to make America’s supply lines stretch 8,000 miles to China on a dodgy credit card so America would be guaranteed to lose WW III and be unable to demand the return of the tens of trillions Wall Street had stolen.

On September 10, 2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the Comptroller of the Pentagon Rabbi Dov Zakheim admitted to CBS News that they could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars on DOD spending. Using the works of Catherine Austin Fitts, I estimate that the bankers are allowed to steal at least 3 to 4 billion dollars a week from federal spending which we peasants are not allowed to audit.

On September 11, 2001 four airplanes were electronically hijacked using the Command Transmitter System which remotely takes over airliners that had been hijacked. There had been no hijackings of US passenger jets for  many years prior to 911. The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology found no Arab DNA on  Flight 77 which allegedly hit the Pentagon. Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret, was the Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense who commanded US Special Ops forces. He saw  a bomb go off that killed the auditors attempting to trace the  missing 2.3 trillion dollars. There were no Arabs on the 4 planes on the passenger and crew list published by CNN. Nanothermite which cuts through steel  girders at 5,200 degrees Fahrenheit (2,871 Celsius) in 2 seconds is only available at above top secret labs in the US and Israel. It was found in the dust at the World Trade Center in New York. The Towers were taken down by controlled demolitions.

America has killed millions of Iraqis and Afghans at a cost of 2 trillion dollars for no good reason other than Israel wanted them dead. Israel claims all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates which is presently occupied by 300 million Gentiles. Israel’s goal is to get Americans into one final war in the Mideast. It will be a genocidal attack from which America is intended to suffer a death blow. I need to point out that the purpose of the drones killing innocent civilians is to display American arrogance and contempt for the Muslims so that when the war does start the oppressed people of the region will kill every occupying soldier. This will justify the use of nuclear weapons to exterminate the enemies of Israel. After the genocide is over, those Americans who do not die from starvation and radiation or perhaps a plague can take their place as Debt Slaves to Wall Street. By the way, the Iranians do not have a nuclear weapons program.

We are in the final approach pattern to the planned destruction of the dollar and the enslavement of the American people. Ben Bernanke has said he will be printing even more money and that he will be buying agency paper (FHA, Fannie Mae) from the Hedge Funds at 100 cents on the dollar. The current real inflation rate just passed 12%. In 2 months the Hedge Funds will sell their bonds. They could invest their proceeds in the stock market hoping that Apple will go from 600 to 700 dollars.  Since interest rates on ten year bonds have gone up  and will likely continue to rise, both the stock market and existing bonds will go down in value. The only safe investment might be commodities and gold and silver bullion.  Inflation will pick up as higher fuel prices are passed through the supply chain, Foreigners will accelerate their flight from the dollar into bullion and commodities. This capital flight will spur inflation even further and send the stock market plummeting.

I am of the opinion that the generals and the admirals and the colonels and the naval captains will mutiny rather than commit suicide by attacking Iran.

I have heard several people of late say that things have deteriorated so much in America that the people who knew better but played along with the lies they were told  have seen the light. Now these people are finally admitting what the rest of us have known for some time. Our self appointed leaders are stark raving mad and will get us all killed.if we do not say No. The people who have woken to the Truth have not become violent yet. If the politicians ever do give the order to launch World War III by attacking Iran, the US military will mutiny and arrest everyone in the chain of command who signed off on the internationally recognized crime of preemptive war. This will have to include the bankers who stole tens of trillions of dollars and have committed treason as well.

The dollar will be dead and the economy will need resuscitation to prevent worldwide mass starvation. But at least we will have redeemed ourselves by saying No to launching World War III and killing a few billion people.

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If You Do Not Learn Real History, You Will Be Dead Really Soon.

LOL!! I Stole 3.5 Trillion Dollars From You. I Dare You To Do Something.

NTS Notes:  I have stated many times that the major necessities to save the American nation itself are to immediately cancel the debt owed to these criminal Jewish banking swindlers and to immediately end the criminal Federal Reserve System itself.   The net result would definitely see immediate chaos in world financial systems and some hardship in America itself that would continue for a short while..But very soon after that initial chaos, the American nation would recover and a full economic recovery and boom would  follow....This is a definite must for saving America, because the alternative is a very dark future with the strong possibility of enslavement for all US citizens by these criminal banking criminals.

I have also put up several articles in this blog that shows definitive evidence that a primary reason for the push for war with Iran itself is to prevent the collapse of the Petro-dollar scam that has kept the United States basically afloat for the last few decades.... It is a fact that Iran has already began trade of their Petroleum in currencies other than the US dollar, and as more nations start to follow suit, the flooding of US dollars back to the United States could definitely trigger hyperinflation and full economic collapse.    It does seem that the maniacs in the US Government would rather have World War III than risk such a scenario!

I agree with Horse237's assessment that many in the US Military are fully aware of the real situation when it comes to war on Iran, and many may in fact mutiny against their leadership if that leadership launches a truly insane war on Iran.   We can only hope that happens, for the alternative is World War III and the deaths of billions of innocent people just to keep the criminal Jewish banking swindlers in control of the world!

More to come


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"That 4 Jews pushed through this unconstitutional Bill is an indication of how Jewry has entirely seized control of Capitol Hill, subjugating America to the anti-Christ religion and agenda of Judaism."

The Bill, “H.R. 4133: United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012,” legally binds America to a “Jewish” state…with Jewry’s ink dripping its agenda from start to finish of the legislation.

- THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL LEGISLATION passed under a procedure called “suspension of the rules”
- This is the first time in history that Congress committed America to the racial and religious makeup of a foreign state.
- Any peace settlement would be contingent on Christian and Muslim Palestinians recognizing Israel as a “Jewish” state relegating themselves to 2nd class citizens
- Israel would then be exempt from its ongoing violations of international humanitarian law and future crimes against humanity and related war crimes.
- Only Ron Paul (and Joe Donnelly) stood up against the ongoing Judaic infiltration of legislative polity
- Ron Paul reminds us that the Constitution prohibits the establishment of any particular religion in the US.

WHO THEN CAN DENY that Congress has made a pact with the devil?

WHO THEN CAN DENY that Congress is now in league with the anti-Christ himself?