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The Joseph Kony Fraud: Ugandan President Says (Phony) Kony Video Is Incomplete And Paints An Untrue Picture Of Real Situation

It has been a few months since the Kony 2012 video went viral over the internet and people all over the world were suddenly clamouring for something to be done to remove that "threat" in the African nation of Uganda...

I on the other hand smelled a rat from the beginning... Primarily due to a wave of facts that have been coming out showing that the United States in particular was showing interest in Uganda due to the newly discovered resources in Uganda..primarily Oil.... It is a fact that the US is pushing hard for war in Uganda to snap up that nation's oil wealth for its own greedy needs...

I want to present a new article that comes from the website: Federal Jack, at, where the Ugandan President is stating that the so called Kony 2012 video is incomplete (actually quite outdated) and paints an untrue picture of the real situation in Uganda today.  I want to present this article here for those who are still believing in the validity of the Kony video for them to see for themselves that they are being played as suckers into supporting a new war for resources in Africa.   I do have my own comments to follow:

Kony 2012 Video Is Incomplete And Paints An Untrue Picture Says Uganda’s Prime Minister Mbabazi

April 25, 2012 by  

“The presentation that is in that video gives a picture that is not complete. When you look at it and you listen to what they are saying, it is as if Kony is still in Uganda, as if Uganda is still at conflict and yet of course we all know this is not true. This is an account of a historical fact but that is not coming out. It gives impression that Uganda is still at war, people are still displaced, those many children are still out sleeping on the streets in Gulu and of course this not true.”
June 2009: Uganda’s Oil Reserves Rival Saudi Arabia’s, Says U.S. Expert …. Uganda’s oil reserves could be as much as that of the Gulf countries, a senior official at the US Department of Energy has said. Based on the test flow results encountered at the wells so far drilled and other oil numbers, Ms. Sally Kornfeld, a senior analyst in the office of fossil energy went ahead to talk about Uganda’s oil reservoirs in the same sentence as Saudi Arabia!!!!
Also June 2009: As President Barack Obama announces plans to withdraw US troops from Iraq, thousands of young Ugandans are increasingly desperate to be sent to the war-torn country. Already, the Ugandan government says there are more than 10,000 men and women from this poverty-stricken East African nation working as private security guards in Iraq. Hired out to multibillion-dollar companies for hundreds of dollars a month, they risk their lives seeking fortunes protecting US Army bases, airports, and oil firms.
The war in Iraq is the most privatized conflict in history. Since the invasion in 2003, the US Department of Defense has doled out contracts worth an estimated $100 billion to private firms. Covering a vast range of services from catering to dry cleaning to security, one in every five dollars the US spends in Iraq ends up in the pockets of the contractors, according to a report by the Congressional Budget Office. Increasingly these jobs have been outsourced to developing countries.
It is clear why the US contractors came to Uganda. As an impoverished former British colony, the country is awash with unemployed and English-speaking potential recruits. Its pliant government was an early member of President Bush’s “coalition of the willing,” and with a lingering 20-year insurgency, it also has a glut of experienced army veterans, who made up the initial contingent of Ugandans in Iraq.

NTS Notes:  In previous articles, I stated the fact that the entire push for war to get Joseph Kony is a fraud, and that the video itself is not only outdated, but evidence is out there that shows that Joseph Kony himself may have been dead already for the last 6 years at least!

I can guarantee everyone that if Uganda did not suddenly have any oil resources at all, it would not be in the bullseye of a push for new American imperialism, period! We have already seen how so called "humanitarian" missions have gone so well with the destruction of Libya to grab its oil wealth as a prime example.

It is time to put the fraudulent push to "Get Joseph Kony" out of its misery once and for all, and for people to concentrate on real matters that are affecting the planet right now... Especially the dire circumstances that we face with the failed reactors at Fukushima Japan.

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