Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How To Be A Crook

For years, it has been my intention to expose for everyone the evils of our present financial system and how such a system is responsible for the current economic crisis that we face today.   Unless we overhaul or eliminate the entire crooked system entirely, then global economic collapse is a certainty!

I came across a great Youtube video just the other day that I want to share here with everyone.  It comes from Youtube user: "LarkenRose" and is entitled: "How To Be A Crook".   As the title states, it contains some great factual information on how crooks and thieves are running our financial system today and are basically robbing us all blind!   Here is that video, and I have my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is truly remarkable that most people still do not understand the entire financial system, and especially the criminal Federal Reserve System of banking, today.   As the video shows, Henry Ford stated it clearly that if the masses ever finally understood the banking system, then there would quickly be a revolution and these bankers would be eliminated.

The solution for removing the crooked financial system is very obvious... We must immediately end the criminal usury debt that has been accumulated over the last century, and put laws into place that remove the power of printing money out of the hands of these private banking scoundrels.  There is no alternative in fact, for if we do not take action against such a corrupt system, then all of the economies of the entire world may collapse very shortly.

Please spread this video and use it as an education tool to get others to understand our present economic and financial demise and who is responsible for the mess....Our very futures are at stake...

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