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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: It Has Never Been Worse!

I have received some criticism recently for my constant posts of the situation with the ongoing disaster at Fukushima Japan.   I answer the critics by saying straight out that everyone can forget about all the problems with the economy, the ongoing push for war against Iran, and even the farce called the US election process, if the spent fuel rod storage pool at Reactor#4 at the Fukushima Daiichi power station collapses.   If that happens and the worse case scenario takes place, then all of the Northern Hemisphere of Earth could be bathed in a massive amount of radioactivity that could potentially kill hundreds of millions of people.  To me, what everyone should be saying to themselves, instead of criticizing the messenger, is what the hell are our governments doing to solve this catastrophic crisis?

I came across an interesting article that I want to share with my readers right here.  It comes from the website:, and is entitled: "Fukushima- It's Never Been Worse", and just as I have written many times in this blog, it does not paint a pretty picture of the real situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant at all.... I do have my usual comments about this article to  follow:

Fukushima – It’s Never Been Worse


Beginning with the initial meltdown at Fukushima Daiishi nuclear power plant on March 11, 2011, we at From the Trenches World Report were pointing out that the unrealistic information being put out by the Japanese government, TEPCO, and the mainstream media in the United States was purposeful in its intent.  Indeed, in reality most people around the world could not grasp the enormity of the event and its significance.

The Fukushima plant, for reasons unbeknown to any rational human being, was constructed adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.  When we pointed out the obvious in that the ocean waters were being contaminated, we were met with skepticism.

As the crisis went on it was finally revealed that the plant had been leaking radioactive water into the ocean from the onslaught.  And to compound the pollution, the Japanese government authorized the contaminated cooling water from the plant to be pumped into a tanker ship, which took it out to sea and dumped it.

We predicted at that time that the contamination would spread from fish, to bird, to land mammal, and finally to feces, causing even further spread of the contamination.  All the while the Japanese government and TEPCO were putting forth the fantastic idea that the contamination would just somehow stay right around the plant.

Now it is being reported that radiation from Fukushima is being found in Pacific fish, shell fish and in the kelp off the California Coast.  The very idea that the radiation could be contained to Japan, considering the constant state of flux our planet is in, was ridiculous out the gate and the cover-up was obvious.

We also predicted early on that mass evacuations from Japan would be occurring.  Again, we were scoffed at.  Now we are finding out that plans are being constructed to precipitate the evacuation of Tokyo as the number four reactor has become a real concern again.

Considering the absolute disinformation campaign from the Japanese government, TEPCO, and our own mainstream media, what do you think the possibility could be that many Japanese, using the wealth acquired through the capture of our auto industry, are already here and occupying the homes our people were kicked out of as a result of the economic betrayal perpetrated on us by the international insurgency that has taken control of the US government?

All those who wish to scoff, please do so and in a couple of years when you find yourself cleaning the house of one of these Japanese refugees, I’ll be back to say “I told you so.”

NTS Notes:  I have long pleaded with readers to go after their own governments and media about their disinformation campaigns in trying to keep the true situation at Fukushima out of the public eye.  To me that is a total disservice to humanity and makes those criminals accessories to the crime of Fukushima itself!

I also have already put up several articles in this blog about the radioactive contamination to much of the North Pacific Ocean.    We can now see the results of that contamination from a growing number of reports coming out about radioactive fish being caught in the Pacific, and reports of high radioactivity in both fish and kelp right off the coast of California!

I may not agree fully with this report about its concept of Japanese refugees coming to America as a result of the Fukushima disaster... But considering that most of Honshu island in Japan will be made uninhabitable thanks to this disaster, and the fact that the rest of the Japanese islands cannot possibly support the influx of millions of refugees, these people will definitely have to go somewhere....

As in my most recent article, more attention must now be focused on what to do about the situation with Reactor#4 and its damaged spent fuel rod storage pool facility.   The best minds in the world must be called upon to come up with some solutions immediately to prevent the worst case scenario from every happening... And time is becoming very short... Any major earthquake in the immediate vicinity of the Fukushima plant could potentially cause that storage pool facility to collapse and again as noted unleash an unprecedented amount of deadly radiation into the environment.

This disaster is far from over, and people deserve to know the absolute truth..... Stay tuned!

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Or, how about a new national holiday?

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considering that may be the first reactors were actually blown up!!! (you posted recently an article about the official version of chernobyl "accident" and how all this could have been an act of sabotage right?) there is a great probabilty that reactor #4 will be destroyed with the same procedure.I am amazed, how could all the buildings stand perfectly without any damages whatsoever after been hit by a 9.1 earthquake at 24 miles away ??