Thursday, April 5, 2012

America Loves Israel...Why????

When anyone turns on their Jewish controlled media outlets, and listens to today's so called politicians speak, or spew...It seems that we are constantly bombarded with rhetoric that we must "protect Israel" at all cost... With the need for them to focus on the situation at home with high unemployment, crushing debt, and failing economies... We must ask the question.... Why must we protect a foreign country that has done nothing for us and the entire world other than cause strife and turmoil???

I have always been especially troubled by how the United States government goes overboard with its total love and servitude towards the criminal state of Israel.   To show everyone how that foreign state is absolutely no friend to anyone, and to put this undying love by America for that criminal state into proper perspective, I want to present a great new video, entitled: "America Loves Israel, Why?" for everyone to view right here.   I do, of course, have some comments to follow::

NTS Notes:  As this video shows, the evil entity called "Israel" is absolutely a friend to nobody.

It also troubles me how the US can show undying love to that criminal state, considering how that evil country has attacked the nation that loves it so much on many occasions... Including the attack on the USS Liberty back in June, 1967 that cost the lives of 34 innocent American lives...And of course, we cannot forget the infamous Israeli Mossad attack of 9-11 that cost another 3000 innocent American lives...

The bottom line is clear... With a friend like Israel, that has attacked and killed tens of thousands of Palestinians, attacked its neighbors on many occasions which has also cost the lives of thousands, and is constantly using its operatives all over the world to launch terrorist attacks on other nations, then who needs enemies?  Seriously though...What is there not to love about Israel?

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Sonny said...

I wrote an essay about it. I'll just put my comment here in a few words:

American Jews and undereducated American Christians, that's why.

reenie said...

We need to get dual citizens of Israel OUT of our government.
If you put Israel first go live there.