Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The 6 Stages Of Awakening!

Many people take years before they finally come to the truth about WHO exactly is behind all the criminality in this world today.   I have talked with many people who say that it is the "illuminati", or the "new world order", and I constantly tell these people to dig deeper because they are on the right track on the road to discovering the evil forces behind the push for world domination.

I want to present a great article that comes from a fellow truth seeker, Digger For Truth, at  It is entitled: "The Six Stages Of Awakening", and just as I described in the previous paragraph, shows the path that people must take to get to the real evil in the world today.  I have some additional comments to follow:

The 6 Stages of Awakening

1/. The bloody government
Moan moan moan all about the corrupt politicians, local councils, being ripped off by utility companies, insane legislation, injustices everywhere. Thankfully many people are now at this first stage of waking up.
2/. Arrrhhh...So that’s why!
Ohhh right, so there is a reason for all this madness after all  ……The New World Order/Illuminati. So it’s the Freemasons, the Club of Rome, the Bilderburgs, the CFR, endless secret societies and on and on.
3/. Zim
There’s so far one can go with all that NWO stuff until your head starts to spin. You cannot stay with the Illuminati material for too long without stumbling across the words Zionism, Is-ra-el and of course the infamous Mossad and seeing how they are all involved in this whole conspiracy. 

4/. Jew-wise
Some people are able to pretty much skip over stage 3 and go directly to this forth stage. They soon realise that in fact behind all these labels – “it’s the Jews”. So much so that most of us eventually drop the term zionism when describing this agenda. Sure we’re aware to an extent it ain’t ALL the Jews conspiring against us gullible goy, but more the elite Jews and those that serve the elite, both Gentile and Jew.
5/. A virus behind a people
The mind-control virus of Judaism. That essentially is what all this is about. Both Jews and Gentiles – that means everyone on this planet is directly or indirectly effected by this virus. It penetrates and encapsulates every soul, animal and living organism on this planet. So rather than focus too intensely on “The Jews”, we should look at the mind control system which drives them and in turn infects us.
6/. The Force
So here we are at the end of the line. Phew, what a long strenuous painful journey that was. Even though we heard about this force at the beginning of our journey. Even though many of us had been told about it as a child and read all about it. It’s one of those things unless you ‘get it’ you never really ‘get it’.
The Christians have a name for this force, they call it Satan. Likewise do the Muslims, their name for it is Iblis/Shaytan. In Arabic it is Shaitan. And as we delve into all the other philosophies there are constant references to this dark side. The yang side. The dark entities/energy. The opposing forces. This is after all what we discover early on in the NWO material within the masonic references and Symbology, of course that being Cabalistic by source.
So in conclusion this dark force is the energy which is behind Judaism, which is the force which drives ‘the Jews’ to carry out their actions, who are behind the NWO/Illuminati, which are conduits behind all this government and social corruption.
That’s it – it is as simplistic, yet complex as that.

Our lives are 100% spiritual. Our individual journeys, choices, experiences, encounters, companions, arguments, highs n lows. They are all ultimately opportunities. Every minute part of our life. Opportunities to ‘get it’. To lean towards the light or lean towards the dark side. The classic yin yang.
Even the mundane experiences of things like shopping. Is it more convenient to shop in a major corporation supermarket every week than support local shops? Is it easier and hassle free if we just play neutral/passive and not do our bit to stand up for our brothers n sisters who are being suppressed and slaughtered in far distant lands? Do we cowardly turn away when we can see blatant corruption and insane Orwelian legislation around us – as long as it doesn’t effect us too much we won’t get involved?!
This is where all this digging, all this reading about conspiracies, all these Youtube videos, seminars, documentaries and endless browsing ultimately takes us.
All this researching, browsing and absorbing of information if we are honest is really only procrastination. And procrastination is a form of fear. Putting off facing the music. Putting off facing who we are.
Who are we really?
Behind our status, our kudos, our image, our identity and our ego.
This is the fork in the road many of us now find ourselves at. Facing our fears and the ultimate question -

 “What am I going to do about it?”

Only you can answer this. You realize that it is irrelevant what your best mate is doing or not doing. It doesn’t matter what some expert is advising, or what you read on a website somewhere. It all comes down to where YOU are right now with your values, your spirituality, your inner voice.

Some may say, “Well that’s all right for you Digger philosophizing in your comfortable environment. You’re not being bombed or shot at.” This is partly true, (although I do have the letters of bailiffs threatening me, debts and hardly any work), but it’s because I’m in this detached position that I’m able to listen to what others have informed us and warned us about throughout history. The great mystics, the prophets, the wise men throughout the ages. Of this negative dark force.

One path is taking the proactive position – sharing this stuff consistently regularly, in every way you can and using every talent and skill you have, with the resources you have. As well as resisting this force at some level.

The other path is just being passive/neutral with all of this information. Just being an observer, a spectator. Seeing how things will pan out (then I’ll do something). Being compliant subservient to this this dark force.
Ultimately you know in your heart exactly what you SHOULD do. Although you may be influenced here n there, that you know precisely what the right thing to do is. There is no third option, no third path, no turning back either.
You know you have to follow the truth, lean towards the light and trust consciousness to help you face your fears. Not be fearless, as this is being reckless and dangerous, but just gradually begin to look fear in the eyes. It is about being honest and realistic. This not about playing hero (ego). This is just being the true character you are and not the molded fearful individual this force has formed you into.
This is the time for us to embrace this spirituality, because this is ultimately where all this information and knowledge takes us to. Our true selves. Be proud of yourselves having reached this point and have the faith within to take the righteous path.

The truth will ultimately set us all free

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NTS Notes:  I personally do not believe in a Satan, but I do believe that almost all of the Jews who are out for world dominion can be described as "Satanists", and follow a sick religious ideology of greed, selfishness, and power.  These criminals definitely do not give a damn about the rest of humanity, and instead want to see all of humanity to be their slaves for all eternity.

As Digger For Truth explains in this article, the first and most important step towards ending these criminals' crimes against humanity is to awaken the masses to exactly who these criminals are.   Once that step is taken, then there is hope that we can end their tyranny once and for all time....The truth will set us all free!

More to come



Anonymous said...

a few bullet points~

~being a jew is genetic. tay-sach's, asperger's, cohen's, bloom's... to name but four jew genetic disorders. asperger's (and the ruling ashkenazi elite), that's the one to focus on.

~there are approximately 1,000 billionaires controlling over half the wealth of the entire planet. over 700 billionaires are jew. hello pie chart. when numbers talk! more on numbers and the glaring statistical impossibilities of who's running the show:

~the notion of the 'good jew' is the capital red-herring argument to steer away from the obvious. this argument serves as a firewall to ultimately provide any jew needing it with wiggle room to basically become NOT JEWISH (which is funny). therefore, it is an irrelevant argument when considering the foremost problem facing humankind is jewish perfidy.

~there's a new jew baby born everyday. is this the good jew? we are forever left searching for that individual moment of CULPABILITY. it's the ruse again! culpability is certain, as the numbers show and it abides in the genetic code. citing the above information i ask - when is a jew not a jew? answer: never. that's why they are called jews. did i mention it's genetic?

~behold the grand judaic confidence trick.

the culprits are in our sights... yet by them we are convinced to alter our perception.


brian morrison

Anonymous said...

and in more specific regards to this post:
based on the presented list, there are only four stages of awakening. isn't it clear that numbers 5 and 6 have been lyingly added to absolve number 4 of absolute culpability.

b morrison

p.s. dear truthseeker do you have name or is the stage-name all we get? thanks

Anonymous said...

Horseshit and hatred!!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Horseshit and hatred should be considered when you think of the racism of calling yourselves "Chosen Ones"... That term alone shows great prejudice and racism towards all other people...

Northerntruthseeker said...

B Morrison... I would, but try living in Canada where you are under scrutiny for everything... Publishing any comment or article exposing the lies of the racist and hateful "chosen ones" can bring the Canadian thought police down on you very quickly...

My personal friends know my full name, and when I do trust those who are on the same page, then I give them my personal email for them to contact me directly...

Northerntruthseeker said...

One other note: Culpability also comes from the years of brainwashing in the so called Jewish schools where their minions are made from birth to believe in their superiority over everyone!