Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Upcoming War On Iran: Would You Support An Iran War If...

I have spent the last few hours going over some of the Jewish controlled media outlets reports on their reasoning for having Iran attacked and destroyed, and what I found is disturbing.. Many of the reports continue to harp the false claims of Iran obtaining or actually having nuclear weapons, and of course there has been the lie of Iran needing to be destroyed to avoid another "Holocaust".  There has also been the harping of the lie that the Iranians have threatened to "wipe Israel off the face of the world map", which has already been shown and proven to be totally false... It is no wonder many Americans are absolutely in the dark about the truth about Iran being an innocent and peaceful nation,when they are inundated with all the BS lies by their own media and government!

For this article, I want to present the following report that comes from Washington's Blog, at, that asks everyone the real question: "Would You Support An Iran War If...", and presents many key points and truths about Iran that most Americans have been kept in the dark about.  I do recommend that everyone take the time to ponder the points presented in this Washington's Blog article, before you go and throw your own support behind an attack on Iran... I do have some of my own comments to follow:

Would You Support an Iran War If …

Would You Support a War Against Iran If You Knew the True Facts?

Would you support a war against Iran if you knew that:

  • The CIA admits that the U.S. overthrew the moderate, suit-and-tie-wearing, Democratically-elected prime minister of Iran in 1953. He was overthrown because he had nationalized Iran’s oil, which had previously been controlled by BP and other Western oil companies. As part of that action, the CIA admits that it hired Iranians to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its prime minister

  • If the U.S. hadn’t overthrown the moderate Iranian government, the fundamentalist Mullahs would have never taken over. (Moreover, the U.S. has had a large hand in strengthening radical Islam in the Middle East by supporting radicals to fight the Soviets and others)

  • The U.S. armed and supported Iraq after it invaded Iran and engaged in a long, bloody war which included the use of chemical weapons. Here is former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein in the 1980′s, several months after Saddam had used chemical weapons in a massacre:

  • The U.S. helped fund Iran’s nuclear program:

  • The U.S. has been actively planning regime change in Iran – and throughout the oil-rich Middle East and North Africa – for 20 years

  • The decision to threaten to bomb Iran was made before 9/11

  • Top American and Israeli military and intelligence officials say that – even if Iran did build a nuclear bomb – it would not be that dangerous, because Israel and America have so many more nukes. And see this

  • The people pushing for war against Iran are the same people who pushed for war against Iraq, and said it would be a “cakewalk”. See this and this

NTS Notes: So, readers, we continue to have nothing but LIES out of the media about Iran being a threat.. When in fact Iran is absolutely a threat to no one. Maybe it is time for everyone to make it clear to their own media outlets that we will no longer put up with their constant lies, and to go after our own governments demanding  they stop the insanity and get the troops out of the Persian Gulf region immediately.

And of course, the media focuses in on non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons, while the criminal and terrorist state of Israel is right there in that region with its 300 nuclear weapons in its own arsenal.  I have yet to see any media outlets mention those nuclear weapons, and I wonder why?  Maybe its because of exactly who controls the media?

One last note: I personally have been coming under increasing attacks by some of the so called commentators in some of my own posted articles for my stance that this push for war on Iran is absolutely criminal.   But most of their laughable assertions that I personally am an Islamic Extremist, or that I support Muslim terrorists are laughable.   I do not even need to remind everyone that when any terrorist group has come under closer examination as to their makeup, you find the Israeli Mossad as most of the terrorists themselves, or the criminal state of Israel actually funding these so called "terrorist" groups!

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Anonymous said...

If you're coming under attack, then you're doing something right. Keep it up and don't relent; the Jews can feel judgment creeping up on them.

Anonymous said...

Many people who have hate In their families will look to create a false "enemy" and call him "the Jews". And they use the truth to hide the hate, and to justify it being manifested towards an entire group. I live in Chile, am a 51 year old Canadian male born in Canada. I have many Jewish friends who welcome me into their homes.

Even if much of the information about the culture is true ( and it is), it has absolutely nothing to do with Jewish individuals. Nothing makes them "evil" or deserving of hate. Nothing.

Those that use the story to build hate for "Jews" are way off. And no explaining works with a person who has hate inside them. It's best not to attract them.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, but when you are dealing with a group that follows a set of "Protocols" that call for world domination with themselves as the masters of the universe, you call a spade a spade..

We are also dealing with a tribe that pictures the rest of mankind as subhuman, and are themselves the ultimate in racist and hateful on planet Earth..

I have long said that I have been after criminals, and when I found the criminal element lies within this group, I call them for what they are...

I do appreciate your candor, and do not mind your comments... But research it for yourself...