Thursday, February 2, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant Number II... Better Late Than Never!

When I did the first of many rants that I wanted to start doing last month, I had promised that I would do them on a weekly basis.  However, due to a persistent bout of sinusitis and head colds due to the unusual weather that we have all been experiencing this winter across North America, I figured that I would do my next one when I was finally at least close to peak performance...So here I go...Rant number 2.....

The Impending War Against Iran:   OK, I am trying to make sense as to exactly WHY we are suddenly in a massive rush to go to war against Iran?.  Now seriously, everyone must ask themselves this simple question:  What exactly has Iran ever done that warrants its destruction?  It does not have any nuclear weapons, in spite of the media lies, and it has not invaded any country in what? 300 years?   So again, why are our governments, especially in the United States, rushing headlong into a battle that may actually lead to World War III?

I knew from the very beginning of this rush to war that it was being pushed by the criminal state of Israel, and that these monsters would use their control over world governments and the media to convince the public that Iran needed to be destroyed.   It seemed again that Israel wanted the last major roadblock to their total control over the Middle East eliminated and they would get their slaves in the US to do it for them!   This is probably the primary reason for having Iran destroyed, but there is more....

Of course we have the ongoing stupid and fraudulent comment from our media and governments that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map.  That of course is a lie.. What President Ahmadinejad DID say is that he wanted to see the criminal Zionist regime in Israel ended, and absolutely NOT the state of Israel itself.  But of course, our Jewish controlled media has perpetuated a total lie that he said he wanted Israel "wiped off the face of the planet", and even our own Jewish controlled governments still perpetuate that lie to this very day!

After studying the effect of the Petro-Dollar in world wide trading of Petroleum, and how the US economy was dependent on its very survival by this usage of their currency for Oil trade, I knew that the rush to war was in part to save the Petro-Dollar, and US itself, from total economic collapse.  Many people still do not realize that Iran had opened up an Oil Bourse a few years back that allowed trading of Iranian oil in other currencies than the US dollar.   The result of that Bourse opening is now more nations are  realizing that they need not be subjugated to worthless US dollars for Petroleum exchange.   This has the US Government absolutely terrified, and they will stop at nothing to have the Iranian Bourse closed and have the Iranians forced back onto the US Petro-Dollar... Even if it means war!

Of course we are now seeing old and ancient American ships heading for the Persian Gulf, in what the US Government continues to claim is a "show of force" against the Iranians.... But anyone with any common sense can see that this is part of a very dangerous game that the Americans are playing, and that a false flag attack involving sinking one of these vessels very soon by Israeli dolphin submarines is not out of the question.   Many people are still needing to understand that almost all wars that the US has been involved in over the last century were started by "false flag" operations against American targets.... But few ever read or understand their history... and as the saying goes, are doomed to repeat it.

These days, I cannot stand to watch any American news networks, but the few that I have tolerated just for information have constantly been spewing out fraudulent lies to the American public about Iran, just to get these brainwashed, heavily fluoridated, zombies to accept the insane idea that war with Iran is needed.

What the American public still fails to realize is that Russia and China are allied with Iran, and an American attack could actually lead very quickly to World War III and the end of America itself.  But is the American public even told by the lying media heads about that scenario?  Absolutely not!

The Fukushima Disaster: I am very troubled these days by the total lack of news reporting about the real ongoing situation at Fukushima, Japan.   We have 3 nuclear reactor cores in full meltdown that are still burrowing into the Earth itself, and nobody sees a problem?   And what the hell are our governments doing about the elevated radiation levels all over the world as a direct result of the Fukushima disaster?  Nothing!   Again, where the hell is the public outcry?

I have been tracking the Radiation from the Fukushima Disaster for months now, and in spite of the lack of media attention here in North America, that deadly fallout is still falling all over Canada and the United States.    I am still waiting for more recent readings here in North America as to the present levels of radiation, and will continue to put those reports up when they become available.

The Criminal State Of Israel: OK, this is the big question that many have asked.. My views on the state of Israel itself...

For quite a while now, I have been calling Israel, the "criminal state" of Israel, and that is due to its actions against its own people, its neighbours,and in fact the whole world.  This "nation" has used open warfare, murder, blackmail, clandestine operations, false flag operations, etc, for striking fear into everyone on the planet, and somehow believing that such fear will force nations to accept its "right to exist", and keep its enemies at bay.  However, its own criminal actions have made it the world's pariah state and has only increased the number of enemies it has on the planet.  That is why it truly is a "criminal" state.  If it ever wants to lose its criminal status, try actually getting along with the rest of the world for a change!

Many of said that Israel has the "right to exist"... And that puzzles me... No nation has it written anywhere in thier own constitutions about a "right to exist"... A nation's existence is because it is what it is, and that acceptance by other nations gives it existence..Plain and simple.  But we have the Israeli government wanting its enemies (that they have created) to accept Israel as a "jewish state" (so much for the Palestinians), and that these nations must actually come out and say in a statement or in writing that Israel has the "right to exist". 

One major problem...For a nation to "exist", it must first draw up its boundaries... Israel has never drawn up its national boundaries!  The fact is that Israel itself is an entity bent on expansion based upon a phony "biblical" claim to the land of Palestine, with its eventual goal of encompassing all the land between the Nile and Euphrates Rivers ( Its own flag shows it.. Two blue lines meaning the Nile and Euphrates, with the star of David between them).    That expansionism means that nations such as Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, would have to surrender their own sovereign territory to these people.   And why would they?   Israel is bent on their destruction for it to attain its "biblical land"... Ask yourselves this: How can these nations ever state that Israel has the "right to exist" if it continues with its evil plans of expansion?

A second thing... These so called "Israelis" have always claimed a "biblical" right to the region of Palestine... But I have news for them.... More and more evidence is now out that their entire "biblical" claim is a total fraud... There was no Exodus... There was no Solomon's Temple... There was no Hebrew Moses.... There was no Wailing Wall... etc.... It is all a fraud... Archaeology digs in the region have found no evidence of any of these biblical claims, period.  This has led many historians and Archaeologists today to conclude that the entire biblical story is a fraud....This means that these people have no right to the region per their "biblical" claims, and instead are basing their entire right to Palestine on fraud.

Third thing... Their constant usage of "antisemitism" when anyone speaks out against their criminal actions... I have long shown that as a fraud as well, and the fact is that the vast majority of these Jews are not even Semites.. They are Indo-Turkish Khazars with not one drop of Semitic blood whatsoever.  Therefore to scream "antisemitism" at others when they themselves are not even Semites is preposterous.    You have to admit though.. They have used the fraud of "antisemitism" very well over the last century to cover for their criminal actions... But now that people have finally began to wise up, that must come to an end...

Of course, there is the screaming of "Holocaust" every chance they get... This is the real pickle for me, because I live in a country, Canada, that has passed draconian and absolutely ridiculous laws that imprison those who question the "Holocaust".   To me that is intolerable and just opens up more questions as to why they actually need such laws to prevent examination... Why the need for such laws?  What are they hiding???

Organized Religion:  Another question that many have about me is my stance on religion.  I have said it before and I stand behind it... Religion is a crutch that has been used for thousands of years as a control mechanism for the general masses, and has been used to hinder mankind's development for centuries....

Personally I have no qualms about the teachings of Christianity and Islam that call upon the goodness and kindness in people towards all others.   What has always troubled me is the use of these religions, and Judaism, as the means for open warfare on their fellow man, and their brainwashing of their followers into thinking of them as the "one true religion" and that all others are "heathens".    The worst example is Judaism itself that teaches its followers the idea that they are "Chosen Ones" and all others are subhuman.   This type of hatred and racism must end...

If anyone does not like my stance on religion... The comment section is always open...

Other Issues:  OK... Where to start.... Here are quick hits.... Global Warming is a fraud and its time to put it out of its misery.... Cancer Cures are readily available and we are purposely being kept away from them....Fluoridated Water is a poison and people should not be subjected to this poisoning.....Aspartame is another poison that must be avoided at all cost....Alex Jones is still a gatekeeper and people should look elsewhere for definitive information....Economic collapse is still coming thanks to debt based monetary policies...People should avoid Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs because they just do not work as claimed and are a bitch to dispose of....The world will not end on December 21st, 2012......There is no Planet X, Nabaru, or what ever they call it.....We never put men on the moon, and still cannot.....Peak Oil is a fraud because Oil itself is an abiotic substance and not a fossil fuel as claimed....Our recorded history is still packed full of lies.....ElieWeisel has no tattoos as he falsely claims....The attacks on 9-11 was an Israeli Mossad operation along with useful agents and idiots in the United States itself.... Vaccines are poisons and should not be taken....Everyone should be taking Vitamin D as an important supplement for proper health...The Jews are still out for world domination and are following their Protocols to the letter... and finally: American elections are not only fixed, but the next President has already been selected!

One other note:  I am still working on getting some Podcasts with other real truth seekers going very shortly. 

Well there you have it... I may not be as eloquent as "Les Visibles" over at Smoking Mirrors in terms of my wording, but I try my best....And it is now time to take some more cold medication...

More to come


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You are every bit as eloquent as Les Visible and FAR more honest, as you do not seem to be coming from a place of ego. I love your site.