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No Exit For Bilderbergers - Why A Plague Will Not Save The Bankers!

Very few people are aware that the criminal Jewish elite have a long standing plan for the elimination of some 90% of the World population, and have the survivors placed under their total control for all eternity.   This sick plan was even laid out by Henry (Heinz) Kissinger back in the 1970's to members of the United Nations, and has been a long standing policy of these criminals for the eventual elimination of what they call the "Useless Eaters" on the planet.  It is sickening to know that these monsters are actually considering putting this mass genocide of the people of planet Earth, by either war, or unleashing a deadly plague, to wipe out the "useless eaters" into motion very shortly... We must be prepared to fight back if and when they put that evil plan into motion!

For this article, I want to present the following report from "Horse237" who writes the blog: Video Rebel, at, entitled: "No Exit For Bilderbergers- Why A Plague Will Not Save The Bankers", and it shows that these monsters who want total world domination most probably will not succeed in their attempt at wiping out 90% of the world population by using chemicals/vaccines to weaken their immune systems so that a plague can be unleashed that would kill them as a result.   I have some of my own comments to follow:

No Exit For Bilderbergers – Why A Plague Will Not Save The Bankers

I explained brain eating vaccines to a black teenager who plays soccer with my nephew. The idea is to add them into normal vaccines to eat away the receptors for anger and other emotions claiming it will reduce stress. As I explained, the real purpose is to make him more easily and calmly accept the fact that 9 million or more Americans plus hundreds of millions overseas will die of starvation in the next Depression. 3 million died during the 1929-1939 Depression when there 185 million fewer people and most lived near farms.

Of course those people would not have died if the bankers had not stolen their money. The Bilderbergers and their network of fiends had to kill resistance leaders from John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King all the way down to former Georgia state senator Nancy Schaefer to maintain power.

That black teenager got angry when I told him the plan was that the vaccines would make him incapable of anger when his children died from starvation. At that point, he was so angry that I never did get to tell him they also want to put statins and lithium in our water because fluoride just isn’t calming the people down enough. Fluoride is banned in Europe because it increases bone and breast cancer while reducing your IQ. 

A nerve gas binary weapon is a warhead with 2 separate compartments with gases in each that are harmless until they combine on detonation. People all over the world are being exposed to harmful vaccines containing mercury and viruses that have increased autism more than twenty-fold and gave 100 million people cancer. People have been exposed to other harmful agents, such as, Bisphenol A, MSG, fructose corn syrup, genetically modified organisms and aspartame. The Bilderbergers know these agents are working together synergistically to reduce fertility and induce cancers. In short the Bilderberg Criminal Network has been exposing us to carcinogens since the 1950s.

The world went into a whole new era on Hitler’s birthday April 20, 2010 when British Petroleum acted in a manner at its Deepwater facility that it appeared it wanted to destroy the Gulf of Mexico as a food source and to change the climate of the world. Oil does not mix with water so the Loop current in the Gulf has cut Europe off from the free flow of the warm Gulf Stream current which has changed their weather.

On March 11, 2011 an earthquake and tsunami at Fukushima exposed the world to deadly radiation which both increased cancer and reduced your immunity. Suspicious minds noted that this was the 7th anniversary of the Madrid train bombing. I have written of the hidden mystical symbolism of 9-11 which you can find below. 

The radiation released from Fukushima was 70 times as great as at Chernobyl. Added to this was the Depleted Uranium used in American wars and target practice. It is hard to conceive of a future in which cancer rates will be even higher than ours are today. The incidence of cancer is ten and twenty times what it was before mass vaccinations and the testing of nuclear weapons. And things will soon become far worse.

The US has 2 nuclear reactors on major fault lines in California and 15 in the area of the Mew Madrid fault zone. The New Madrid reversed the flow of the Mississippi river 200 years ago during its last series of quakes. These earthquakes are expected at any time but could be set off prematurely by scientific means. If the power grid is taken down by an earthquake, the plant loses its ability to cool the reactor after the batteries wear down in 4 to 8 hours. This could cause more than a dozen Fukushimas. There are people who question Fukushima being deliberate sabotage as an Israeli firm was in charge of security. And the Stuxnet virus which was created by the Mossad and the CIA was found in the Siemens controllers in Japan.

That virus only infects Siemens controllers and cannot be transmitted to a nuclear plant control room over the Internet. I should state that I personally do not believe America will have a major earthquake above 7.0 in areas with nuclear power plants until 2013.

The Bilderbergers have subjected us all to a 60 year plan of slow kill extinction. They can wait until 2013 to take down America and the world. We must revisit that concept of a binary weapon where radiation is one component though it is augmented by fluoridation, Bisphenol A, mercury. virus laden vaccines, MSG, aspartame and GMO foods. GMO foods release pesticides directly into your bloodstream. These could be combined with one or more killer viruses to wipe out 6 billion or more people.

The following are all possible means of introducing that killer plague virus. A war with Iran which allows the CIA and Mossad to release a plague that is blamed on Iran. Another possibility is that one of America’s many Level 4 biowarfare research facilities located in un-secured Level 2 security conditions ‘accidentally’ releases a virus that kills 90% of people on contact. There is a third possibility which Janet Phelan described in a video below. She was a reporter in southern California who came across a program which began in 1971 and would by design allow the Bilderberg Crime Network to send viruses, poisons and hallucinogens to particular homes. You could be selected for extermination based on your race, religion and political views. Though an attack on one person in an apartment house could kill everyone in the building. This is a bad news scenario for people who live in an integrated neighborhood. If the government intentionally ignites a race war so the people cannot unite to demand the return of the tens of trillions of dollars Wall Street stole. 

You will die with your neighbors of that race that frightens the bankers the most on that particular day. 

I mentioned 2013 as the earliest most likely date for a series of earthquakes setting off a dozen or so nuclear meltdowns. As I previously mentioned, 2013 is the most likely time period for an extremely unpopular dollar devaluation which will cut wages in half.

Now let me explain why a plague will not give the Bilderberg Crime Network the exit it wants from the Mountain of Unpayable Debt they created. They know that 9 million Americans will not willingly die from starvation and go calmly to their graves never daring to say bad things about bankers.

I have previously said that Foundations since the 1920s have said we need to reduce population. The current thinking is we should reduce the number of people by 6 billion. I have also said I estimate there are 70 million plus Jewish people in the world and that they would like to be 10% of total world population. It has been speculated that the Secret government has developed a Universal Vaccine that works to improve health. And there is a less substantiated rumor of secret treatments for radiation poisoning. In the final article in this series I will reveal some of the more advanced scientific achievements that are 30 years ahead of what they allow us to have.

In a plague scenario we are asked to believe that half a billion people will watch 6 1/2 billion people die horrible deaths while all around them wealthy people appear to be magically immune. The very primitive and hardy survivors will end their poverty and their suffering on the day they kill every last member of the elite together with their collaborators. There is also a racial problem in that the Chinese, the Pakistanis and the Indians all have nuclear weapons and are not likely to allow the self-appointed leaders of the West to kill a few billion of their people.

There is a scenario where the Bilderberg elite gathers a couple million into deep underground bunkers and release a continuous stream of viruses that kill 99.9% of the population on the surface of the earth. There are two problems with that scenario. There are millions of people in the military and intelligence services who would go into the underground bunkers and kill everyone there to make room for themselves and their families. A second possibility is that whatever they release kills the military and intelligence agency people while the latter think it is just a drill. But what happens in 20 years when the Bilderbergers emerge? The survivors will have devised a plan of action to kill every last person who emerges from below.

The Bilderberg Crime Network will fail to extricate themselves from the coming Depression. Hyperinflation and Austerity will not do it. A war will not save them in the next 16 months before the dollar crashes. And a plague will only enrage a people who have been robbed and lied to all their lives.

We will win. And they will lose.

Author’s Notes: The first link is to a relatively unknown martyr.

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NTS Notes:  We know by now that the vast majority of these "Bilderbergers" are the criminal Jewish elite, and that the main driving force behind this push for world population reduction are the criminal Jewish Rothschilds who want the world for themselves and all of us to be their slaves for all eternity...

I have long reported major health issues in this blog, and have long been a proponent of having all of us avoid the deadly poisons in our food and water and absolutely to avoid taking any more of the criminals' deadly vaccines.

It is truly sickening to think that there are actually human beings on this planet that have these plans ready to have the majority of the world population wiped out. But as I have stated before, these criminals all are of the same satanic religious belief system, and picture the majority of humanity as not just "useless eaters" but "cattle" (goyim) that are eventually to be either their slaves, or to be destroyed.

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