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Mossad Behind Thailand Bombings: Bangkok Terror - Conflicting Reports - Mossad Conspiracy? (Who Else?)

For the last few days we have seen a series of "terrorist" bombings take place in India, Thailand, and Georgia. When the attacks were reported on the Jewish controlled media outlets, I found it strange that these outlets very quickly fingered Iran as responsible for the attacks (Gee.. Just like they very quickly named Osama Bin Laden (CIA Agent Tim Osman) as the "mastermind" behind the 9-11 attacks), and immediately I smelled a rat....

Well, it does seem that some things are indeed fishy about the bombings, especially the one that just took place in Thailand yesterday, February 14th.   To help understand the circumstances as to what exactly happened in Thailand with the "terrorist" bombing, I want to present right here what is probably the best report about the entire incident, from the website: Aangirfan,  at, entitled: "Bangkok Terror - Conflicting Reports - Mossad Conspiracy?" for everyone to see for themselves that what we have been told by the Jewish media is not factual.    I have some of my own comments to follow:



Pictures of the three suspects caught on a surveillance camera at Soi Pridi Banomyong 31. 'The man in the middle is Saeid Moradi and the one on the right is Mohummad Hazaei, who was later caught at Suvarnabhumi Airport.' 

There are conflicting accounts of the 14 February 2012 incident in Bangkok.

It would appear that a 'spy cell' had been in a house in Bangkok for around two months?

And they were joined by a patsy or patsies around 8 February 2012?

And there was an incident on 14 February 2012.

"After the first blast, which ripped off the roof of the house, Ms Da said she saw two fair-skinned foreigners ... rushing out of the building. They left in a taxi.

"Five minutes after that, another fair-skinned man walked out carrying a backpack and two boxes. His face was bleeding." (Residential area becomes warzone)

Thailand, Phi Phi Leh, Maya Bay 1
By The Jam 999

1. How many 'foreigners' were there and when did they arrive?

Bangkok blasts. Toronto Star/Associated Press: "Authorities are trying to trace Moradi's movements, but initial reports indicated he arrived in Thailand from Seoul, South Korea on February 8.

"He landed at the southern resort of Phuket, then stayed for several nights in a hotel in Chonburi, a couple hours drive southeast of Bangkok, for several nights."

Bangkok Post: news: Saeid Moradi, 28, checked in to Top Thai hotel in Pattaya on February 8 late at night with a backpack.

Residential area becomes warzone: Asanee Chunhakasikarn, 72, whose home is next to the suspects' house, said they had moved in about two months ago and lived quietly. 

CBC News: The first blast in Bangkok ripped off part of the roof of an explosives-filled house where the three Iranians were staying, police said.

Blasts rattle Bangkok - The Nation: Da Klongdan, 34, who lives opposite the two-storey house where the first explosion occurred around 2.20pm, said four foreigners - three men and one woman - frequently went in and out of the building.

Boy Alone - hospital Issan, Thailand
By Sailing "Footprints: Real to Reel" (Ronn ashore)

2. Blasts rattle Bangkok - The Nation
"Police officers provided conflicting reports about the location and sequence of events.

"Khlong Tan police chief Pol Colonel Sitthipharb Baiprasert said Moradi ran to the front of a school and aimed a grenade at police officers, but ended up bearing the brunt of the blast himself...

"Police later said they arrested Mohammad Hazaei, 42, ... at Suvarnabhumi Airport as he was about to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Third Iranian suspect arrested… / Mossad continues using foreign passports. As recently as in India, Georgia, and Thailand perhaps? According to Israel-Thailand Relations, "In Thailand, the Jewish population began to thrive ... with the arrival of Jews from...Iran.""A search at the rented house turned up an unspecified amount of C-4 explosive and some home-made bombs, Bangkok police chief Pol Lt-General Winai Thongsong said.

"In Moradi's backpack, police found clothing; receipts issued to a Yasef Moradi by a hotel in Pattaya..."

Secretary-general to the PM "Thitima denied the incidents were acts of terrorism, saying: 'This is not sabotage or related to the travel advisories issued by many countries. Police now know where the [suspect is]. Intelligence analysis said [the suspects] were arguing with one another, and the incidents are being treated as normal crimes.'"

The Pink Bonnet Gang
By nicointhebus (nicolas monnot)

3. Bombing suspects: quiet, polite and busy 
"Neighbours of the men in Bangkok spoke of the quiet but apparently busy nature of the suspected bombers in their midst.

"Da Klongdan, 34, who lives opposite the two-storey house where the first explosion occurred around 2.20pm, said four foreigners - three men and one woman - frequently went in and out of the building.

"They routinely left the house, on Soi Pridi Banomyong 31, off Sukhumvit Soi 71 in the Ekamai area, at 10am or 1pm, and would be gone for about 30 minutes each time.

"A hotel employee in Pattaya remembered Mr Saeid Moradi, 28, who was gravely injured during yesterday’s incident, as being 'polite, good-looking and neatly dressed.'

"'I can't believe that he would be a bomber,' the employee said.

"The Iranian bomb suspect checked in to Top Thai hotel in Pattaya on Feb 8 late at night with a backpack. Shortly afterwards, he called a friend who arrived at the hotel with a large piece of luggage.

"Since both men were well presented and polite, hotel employees did not pay them much attention.

"The employee said Mr Moradi and his friend mostly stayed in their room. They didn't come down for breakfast or lunch and only in the evening or at night would they venture out. On Feb 11, Mr Moradi booked his room for one more night. He and his companion checked out on Monday at 11.58am and Mr Moradi left a 500 baht tip."

4. Bomb targets not Thai, says police chief 
"Police searched a two-storey house where the first explosion took place and found about 4 kilogrammes of C4 explosives planted in two radio receivers." 

Life on the Line
By Baylor 83

5. Residential area becomes warzone 
Da Klongdan, 34, who lives opposite the two-storey house where the first explosion occurred around 2.20pm, said four foreigners - three men and one woman - frequently went in and out of the building...

After the first blast, which ripped off the roof of the house, Ms Da said she saw two fair-skinned foreigners - one wearing a white top and calf-length trousers, the other a blue shirt and jeans and carrying a bag - rushing out of the building. They left in a taxi.

Five minutes after that, another fair-skinned man walked out carrying a backpack and two boxes. His face was bleeding. 
He tried to flag down a taxi but none would pick him up because of the blood. The man, later identified as Saeid Moradi, threw a grenade onto the street close to a taxi driven by Sanchai Boonsoongnern.

Mr Sanchai, who was slightly injured, said it landed on the bonnet, then fell below his car and exploded.

"I saw he was the man who threw the bomb, so I told people to chase him. I ran after him," said Mr Sanchai.

"Once he reached the entrance of Sukhumvit Soi 71, he tried to wave down some cars but no-one picked him up. Then police came by."

Mr Sanchai, who suffered a wound to his face from broken glass in the blast, said the suspect pulled something out of his pocket.

He did not see exactly what happened but another blast followed which blew off Mr Moradi's legs.

vote for lizardhead
By dreamworker32000

Naris Laddathao, a security guard at a nearby school, also witnessed the third blast.

He said after the second explosion he saw a foreigner with a bloody face walking on Soi Pridi Banomyong 31.

Mr Naris said he saw people pointing at the man and shouting: "Get him, get him!" A police car approached and the man tried to throw a bomb at the officers but it bounced back towards him and exploded, blowing off his legs.

Kamala Sanangkul, 43, lives just 20m from the rented house where the first blast took place. She said that after a loud explosion, thick smoke poured into her house. She ran outside and saw two Middle Eastern-looking men carrying backpacks and artificial roses walking away from the scene.

"I went back inside the house and saw a lot of broken glass. Then I saw another man with a backpack run off. He was carrying something with a blinking light in his hand. He had a wound on his head," Ms Kamala said.

Asanee Chunhakasikarn, 72, whose home is next to the suspects' house, said they had moved in about two months ago and lived quietly."I am so shocked to learn there were bombs in the house next to mine," he said. "How can something like this happen here?" A passport found at one of the blast sites identified the severely injured man at the scene as Saeid Moradi, 28, from Iran. The suspect reportedly threw a grenade at a taxi in Pridi Bhanomyong Soi 31 after a taxi driver failed to stop to take him.

The King of Thailand.

6. On 14 February 2012, explosions hit Bangkok.

An attempt has been made to blame Iran.

TV reports suggest an Iranian identification card was planted near one of the explosions.

Blasts In Bangkok 'Linked To Mossad' / Bangkok's Mossad bomb attack aftermath

The main explosion in Bangkok was four blocks distant from the Israeli embassy.

Mossad may be stirring things up in Thailand.

In January 2012, a Lebanese, called Hussein Atris, led Thai police to a warehouse filled with urea fertilizer and ammonium nitrate.

Atris swears he's innocent, accuses Mossad Bangkok Post: news

Atris told a Swedish journalist that Mossad is behind the large cache of explosive materials uncovered by Thai police.

"I am 100 per cent not guilty of the terror crimes I am accused of," said Hussein Atris.

"Much of the materials police found in my storage had been placed there, probably by Israeli secret service Mossad.

"One evening I was taken out of prison, was placed in a car that drove off with me to a house somewhere.

"In there, I was interrogated by three men who apparently came from the Mossad. I have their first names," said Mr Atris.


7. Pattaya is rumoured to have been taken over by the Russian Jewish mafia.

Two Israelis arrested with fake US Dollar Currency at South Pattaya ...

Israeli suspected of shoplifting from Central Pattaya Shopping ...

Israeli Life-sentenced Criminal Arrested In Thailand Pattaya Daily ...
Thailand : Israeli Child-abuser Nabbed In Pattaya - ... 

8. Israel-Thailand Relations

"In Thailand, the Jewish population began to thrive ... with the arrival of Jews from... Iran.

"The Vietnam War in the 70s brought an influx of Jewish American soldiers to Thailand.

"Numerous Israeli families also immigrated to Thailand during the 1970s...

"A large number of high-level Thai officials have visited Israel on study tours and training courses..."

A large number of Thais have taken part in Israeli run courses in Thailand.

"In 2003, Thailand hosted some 100,000 Israeli tourists who chose it as their prime holiday destination.

"A significant number of Thai workers are employed in Israel’s agricultural sector. A growing number of Thai agriculture college students attend innovative training programs in Israel..."


NTS Notes:  Again, when I heard about the bombing in Bangkok, and how quickly the world, especially the criminal terrorist state of Israel, lay blame on Iran, I knew that something did not add up...

My own suspicions quickly turned to the Israeli Mossad, and how these criminals have a long history of doing horrific terrorist attacks all over the world, and have those attacks blamed on others.

It is also a fact that the Mossad has a long history of using falsified passports for their agents for their terrorist attacks (remember the Dubai assassination, the New Zealand falsified passports, and even the falsified Canadian passports, as prime examples).    This attack in Bangkok fits the bill nicely by having the suspects carrying "Iranian" passports...

Israel is now desperate to get their evil war against Iran off and running and will even resort to killing innocent people elsewhere to have the blame laid on Iran to convince a  more skeptical world that Iran must be attacked.... But again, people are not as fooled as they once were and are well aware of these criminal tactics..

Always remember the motto of the criminal Israeli Mossad:  "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War"...  Again, this latest Bangkok Thailand "terrorist" attack fits their MO very nicely indeed!

More to come



Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt that Mossad agents, after boching an operation, would run back to IRAN, of all places in the Universe. Really? This is what you think? Also, I am sure that if Iran believes that these Iranians ate Mossad agents they would of raided their homes in Iran and start arresting those associated with them, and yet, that has not happened. Also, the women who fled, she would be arrested in Iran as well, but alas, no word on her. So, we will see how this plays out but I will take the other side of your view and say this was an Iranian operation with the advice and concent of the Iranian government.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, but the idea that Iran was behind these attacks does not wash at all...

Common sense should dictate the facts here... What does Iran gain by doing these type of attacks??? Nothing... However, blaming Iran for the attacks fits perfectly with the Israeli evil planning to find their long sought excuse to have their nice little war against Iran off and running...

The simplest solution here is the right one.. Israel did the attacks to get world sympathy that it was evil Iranian "terrorists", just to convince a more skeptical world that Iran must be destroyed..

People are not falling for the Mossad trick however, and I do suspect that they will just try harder... False flag attack anyone???

Anon said...

Many thanks for the link.

- Aangirfan

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thank you, Aangirfan, for your great work in exposing the criminal Jewish elite psychos out for world domination!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, looks like your Mossad theory is a little troubled:

"Authorities are urging their Iranian counterparts to send over the two women who were allegedly linked to the Valentine's Day explosions in Bangkok to face criminal charges, Deputy PM Yuthasak Sasiprapha said Thursday.

However, he said, Tehran has not responded yet. Yuthasak did not provide details on the identities of the two women, nor did he confirm if one of them was Leila Rohani, who has been heavily linked with telling evidence produced by police and is now reportedly in Iran"

Why Iran has not turned over these suspects yet is a bit unusual if they are MOssad agents, even if thet were unknowing stoogies. But you can continue your fantasy world of blaming Mossad. I like sticking wiht the facts. And they all lead to Iran.