Saturday, February 11, 2012

Important Video Message From Whitewraithe To Non-Truthers

Recently, I went and poured over some archives from other real truth seekers, and I came across a real gem from my good friend, Whitewraithe, and I realized that I had not included it anywhere in my own blog!!!

Therefore, I want to present now, a very important video, from The Pragmatic Witness herself, aka Whitewraithe, that is entitled: "Message To Non Truthers From Whitewraithe" that comes in two parts... I have both parts right here for everyone to view, and I do of course, have my own comments about the message presented here to follow:

NTS Notes:  I commend Whitewraithe for taking the time to get this message out for everyone to see and hear for themselves.  Even though the message was put up as a Youtube video over a year ago, it still holds true and is very valid today.

The fact is, readers, that I fully support those, who are in this battle for our very lives, that do not seek any type of fame, glory, or personal monetary gain for themselves.

I seek no glory, or personal gain, for myself, and again I will support those of the same mindset when ever possible.  The truth is too important and must be heard by everyone whenever possible, and should never be clouded by seekers of selfishness and greed.

So...For those who seek allies in this fight against the criminals out for our enslavement, feel free to contact me anytime through my comment section.  And for those non-truthers that are out there that care not about helping our fellow man, you know where you can go...

More to come


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