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The Global Warming Fraud: NASA Now Saying That Greenhouse Gases, And NOT The Sun (!) Drives Warming

I am truly amazed these days how our so called "science" continues to twist any hard evidence to give the liars who are behind the Global Warming scam any credibility.  It does seem that these so called "scientists" are following the orders of the corporations that fund their "research" and supporting the lies of Global Warming, or have their funds cut off.    It does seem again that in these cases, they are selling their souls, their consciences, and their own moral values, to rather perpetuate a lie and keep their funding going, than to tell the truth.  

To show a prime example of how true scientific fact is being tossed to the wayside by Scientists just so they can keep their corporate funding going, I want to present a new article that comes from the website,, through Digg, at .

This article throws out the real hard evidence that our Sun drives the weather on this planet, and instead brings back the lie that our weather is driven by man made greenhouse gases...  I have that article right here, and my own comments to follow:

NASA Report: Greenhouse Gases, Not Sun, Driving Warming

stormy sun

The sun's activity recently picked up, as shown here in this image of a massive eruption on its surface on Jan. 23. As part of its 11-year cycle, the sun is now ramping up, after an unusually long lull. 
CREDIT: Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASAGoddard Spaceflight Center & the AIA Consortium 

A recent, prolonged lull in the sun's activity did not prevent the Earth from absorbing more solar energy than it let escape back into space, a NASA analysis of the Earth's recent energy budget indicates. 
An imbalance like this drives global warming — since more energy is coming in than leaving — and, because it occurred during a period when the sun was emitting comparatively low levels of energy, the imbalance has implications for the cause of global warming.
The results confirm greenhouse gases produced by human activities are the most important driver of global climate change, according to the researchers.
They found that the Earth absorbed 0.58 watts of excess energy per square meter than escaped back  into space during the study period from 2005 to 2010, a time when solar activity was low. By comparison, the planet receives 0.25 watts less energy per square meter during a solar minimum, than during a period of maximum activity in the sun's 11-year cycle. (Currently, the sun is in the midst of Solar Cycle 24, with activity expected to ramp up toward solar maximum in 2013.)

"The fact we still see a positive imbalance despite the prolonged solar minimum isn't a surprise given what we've learned about the climate system," lead researcher James Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said in a statement. "But it's worth noting, because this provides unequivocal evidence that the sun is not the dominant driver of global warming."
However, in an email to LiveScience, Hansen noted that "the sun is a small but not negligible factor," in determining the size of the imbalance. Over the past decade, the imbalance declined slightly due, in part, to the solar minimum, according to Hansen. [Gallery: Our Amazing Sun]
Solar activity refers to the activity of the sun's magnetic field. Fluctuations in solar activity, including magnetic field-powered sunspots and solar flares, have been linked to past changes in climate, including, controversially, the Little Ice Age. Some skeptics have attributed contemporary climate change to natural fluctuations in solar activity, rather than human-emitted greenhouse gases — the explanation endorsed by nearly all climate scientists, including those convened by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Incoming solar radiation is measured by satellites; the recent minimum set records for the reduction in solar radiation since satellite measurements began in the 1970s.  
The study appeared in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics in December.
This story was provided by LiveScience, a sister site to

NTS Notes:  When I looked at this article, I was absolutely floored... All of the real scientific evidence coming forward over the last few years, and even some of the evidence presented from the so called "Scientists" at NASA themselves all shows that our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol, is the absolute driving engine behind climate and climate change.

Now, the criminals at NASA have turned around, swallowed their fluoridated water and other chemicals again, and are suddenly throwing out all that true science, and are selling their souls to back the liars behind the Global Warming scam.

And.. I wonder if these so called Scientists are seeing what is happening all over the world right now.. There is no warming, but a massive cooling trend, primarily due to the diminished solar output of Sol... Have they not looked at all the data coming out of Europe about the massive freezing going on right now?  Imbalance my butt!

I have put up countless articles already that shows factual and clear evidence that the criminals behind the Global Warming scam have wanted the citizens of planet Earth to accept the lie that humans are responsible for climate change, due to all the pollution and "greenhouse gases"in the form of primarily carbon dioxide, that we have thrown into our atmosphere over the last few centuries.   The net result has been for people to be made psychologically fearful that they are responsible for destroying the planet and thus are made to accept the criminal's "carbon taxations" without any question.  

Bottom Line is that what we have here are the so called NASA Scientists being bought off by the liars and thieves behind the Global Warming swindle.   It shows again how even these so called Scientists will sell off their integrity for a price...

There is a saying about NASA, and I will repeat it again... NASA stands for "Never A Straight Answer".  They have spent decades lying about the faked Apollo Moon Program, so why is this Global Warming fraud any different?

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Anonymous said...

This really saddens me, as I love science. To say that "greenhouse gasses", not the Sun, are behind warming? Not only is it an insult to science, it's an insult to the most basic of common sense.

They don't actually think people will fall for this lie, do they? How long before they start telling us the sky is actually green? The lack of respect they have for Humanity is disgusting.

Carbon Offsetting Provider said...

Perhaps these findings need further studies, but one thing is sure, programmes should be done efficiently nowadays to reduce emissions.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Reduce emissions? Have you not gotten the memo yet? Carbon Dioxide is NOT a greenhouse gas, period. Its molecular makeup is all wrong for a "greenhouse" gas, and instead its presence cools the atmosphere... That is where so called science has had it wrong for all these decades....