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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Evacuate Tokyo And All US Forces From Japan

There has been little significant change in the situation with the Fukushima nuclear disaster since the last time I put up a report two weeks ago... Despite the constant lies out of our governments and especially from the criminals behind our so called media, the situation is NOT getting any better, and in fact the crippled reactors are still pouring out dangerous levels into both our atmosphere and into the Pacific Ocean.

To show that the situation is far from getting any better, comes a new report from Bob Nichols, via the website: Veterans Today, at, that shows that the levels of radiation in Japan itself are still so bad, that an evacuation of US military forces, and in fact an evacuation of the entire region of Tokyo may have to take place!   First, here is that report, and I do have some additional comments to follow:


Evacuate Tokyo and All US Forces From Japan

Veterans Today 

Evacuate Tokyo and All US Forces From Japan

Mochizuki Feb 2012 fukushima diary
Mochizuki, Publisher of the highly respected Fukushima Diary



(San Francisco) Widely known Physicist Dr Paolo Scampa, the publisher of the EU AIPRI Blog and an eminent chemical physicist, announced today his latest calculations of deadly radioactivity in Tokyo itself.  Both the nuclear regulatory and media responses have been missing in action.
However, the outrageous statement of a Japanese politician pretty well sums up the level of understanding of the parasitic political class “Smile, and the radiation won’t hurt you.”

The Tokyo suburbs are about 100 miles or 160 km South of the six destroyed, deteriorating and badly leaking nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Station for Nuclear Reactors.

Dr Scampa stated:
“An absorbed dose of 2,94 microSievert/hour at 1 meter of soil means an average deposit of 9,065E5 Bq/m2 of Cs137 -0,661 MeV-. This amount for 1 meter is in fact situated between a maximum deposit of  5,439E6 Bq/m2 for low energy gamma rays from radioactive elements such as U238 (0,0495 MeV) and a minimum deposit of  2,176E5 Bq/m2 of very energetic gamma rays from radioactive elements such as Co60 (2,55 MeV). This dose corresponds to 25 times the maximum permissible “artificial” hour dose (0,114 microSievert/h-1) and 5 times the maximum permissible total – natural and artificial – hour dose (0,571 microSievert/h-1). [1]” Dr. Scampa. [End Quote]
This is a tragedy of huge proportions. There are 30 Plus Million People in Greater Tokyo. It is brought home personally to each person who sees the work of Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki.

There are thousands of US troops stationed with their families in Japan. American politicians must remove all US Troops and dependents from Japan immediately. This must happen forthwith. We will remember.

Mochizuki is sticking by his reporting post at Fukushima Diary on the InterNet as long as he is capable. Everyone at Veterans Today and around the world honors your work, Morchizuki, clear sailing to you on this, your last mission. Keep transmitting as long as you are able.
Copyright 2012 by Bob Nichols, All Rights Reserved. Republishing allowed with all Sources and Notes included.

Sources and Notes.
1. Communication from Dr Paolo Scampa to Veterans Today Columnists Bob Nichols, Feb 25, 2012. Original in Metric Units. The Maximum Permissible units were rounded down for editing purposes.
 - Feb 25, 2012, Dr Paolo Scampa. AIPRI,

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NTS Notes:  For a while I have proposed that Tokyo Japan itself may in fact have to be evacuated.  However, it is not feasible nor is it even practical to consider by the Japanese government.

To evacuate Tokyo would call for the movement of some 30+ million residents out of the Greater Tokyo area.   The question then becomes... Where would these evacuees go???   With the damage to northern Honshu island itself due to the high radiation levels at Fukushima, the only choice would be to move these people into the southern Japanese islands.  However, there is absolutely no room for these 30 million plus evacuees to settle, due to the massive crowding of the Japanese islands already... And it would be such a panic, and logistics nightmare that it could destroy Japan morally and economically itself...

It is therefore no wonder that the Japanese government avoids the issue of a massive evacuation of Tokyo itself, because, basically, they know there is nowhere for these people to go....

So what is to be done?  Actually there is little that can be done at the moment, because nobody has ever dealt with this type of magnitude of nuclear disaster before... Chernobyl in 1986 saw the explosion of just ONE reactor and was handled by the evacuation of the populace into other regions of the then Soviet Union that was easy to accomplish due to the size of the Soviet Union itself.

But Fukushima has at least 4, if not 6 reactors that are still spewing out radioactivity at levels some 20x that experience at Chernobyl,  and there is no chance of building a cement and steel sarcophagus, like they did at Chernobyl, around the failed reactors at Fukushima until the radiation levels can be somehow diminished...That may not happen for years to come...

What we have here at Fukushima is quite possibly the worst environmental and human disaster in all of our history, and still our governments and media refuse to even admit as much... I have long said that we can hope for the best, but must be told the truth about the real situation to be prepared for the worst.   Everyone deserves that at least...

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BuelahMan said...

They are readying FEMA camps in the US for some reason. Maybe a million can come here to three hots and a cot.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Doubt if the Americans would take any Japanese refugees from this disaster.. And I doubt if any other country will either...

The fact is that these people have no where to go, and that is why the Japanese government is keeping the lid on the real truth about Fukushima from its own people to avert a panic and real disaster...