Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fabulous Video By Snordelhans: Epitaph - The Late, Great United States!

Readers, it does appear that the criminals who want their nice little war against the innocent, and peaceful, nation of Iran, will continue to stop at nothing to get that war off and running.  I have long said that these monsters will launch a false flag shortly against an American target, most probably close to the psychotic Jewish celebration of Purim, to try to convince their dumbed down American slaves that it was the "evil" Iranians behind the attack.   The result will be American soldiers off fighting and dying for a LIE!

For this article, I want to present the following fabulous article that comes from Patrick, aka "Snordelhans" that gives a very dark view of what the future holds for the United States if they are suckered and fooled into getting into a war against Iran.   I also have the transcript of the entire audio for this video that comes courtesy of the works of Zen Gardener ( to follow:

by Zen Gardner

It’s over. The sacrifice is done. A lone bugle plays weak, warbled taps as the smoke drifts from the ruins into the dark, grey sky.

America is finished. The plan is executed.
The labored shuffle of straggling survivors is heard as the rubble continues to slowly crumble. The jagged silhouette of a once proud metropolis looms in the background like the set of an old war movie.
Only this was no movie.

One Thing Led To Another..

And then it was over. Only now could the warnings be heard in the survivors’ ears. Awake? If so, too late.
An eerie gasp of collective horror fills human consciousness as the news reaches distant shores, arriving like limp waves lapping in the misty silence, lonely drenched survivors dragging themselves up the beach.
Wailing and supplication erupt from humanity and saturate the heavens.
It was not just America. Israel, the trigger used to start the conflagration, is immolated. Only this Phoenix will never rise again.  Iran is pocked with craters between vast flattened landscapes. Russia and China survive but badly wounded. The UK and other NATO countries in Europe also took major hits, as did Syria, Lebanon, India and Pakistan for entering the fray. Almost all US and NATO bases are gone or inoperable. Not bad in itself, but they brought devastation to scores of their host countries.
The human toll is inestimable. Recovery is not an option.
Now it’s survival.

I Ask You: Is This What You Want?

Because this is where we’re headed unless humanity has one hell of a massive wake up.
Is there still time to avert this? I don’t know.
We know they’re cocked and loaded and itching to get this thing started. How far it will go remains to be seen.
I do know we’ll get past this, one way or form or another. Until then, prepare and keep sounding the alarm. The wake up is in full swing, and that’s why the crackdown. They’re afraid of us. And rightly so. Expect empowerment and synchronicity to guide you, and learn to follow your heart. As you act on it the volume grows louder.
And keep your fire burning brightly.
Love, Zen

NTS Notes:  I again want to thank Patrick and Zen Gardner for a chilling look at what the future may hold for the United States, if the American people are this stupid to be suckered into a war that could see their nation destroyed.

Again, readers, Iran is a threat to nobody.  The facts are that there is a multitude of reasons why these criminals want this war against Iran off and running.   What needs to be done is to get the word out to everyone and to stop this war from ever happening.....

More to come


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