Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fabulous New Video By David Duke: Israel Betrays America Into War With Iran!

The push for war with Iran is still proceeding with breakneck speed... The Israelis are now trying their tried and proven ploy of having some of their Embassies, or other Israeli targets, bombed by their own Mossad agents, and then to have these "terrorist" attacks blamed on Iran.   However, with growing knowledge of how Israel operates today, most nations are not being fooled any more by these actions by the criminal and now TERRORIST state of Israel, and are not putting the blame at all on Iran.

For this article, I want to present the latest video by Dr. David Duke, entitled: "Israel Betrays America Into War With Iran".   It is a fabulous video and a must see by everyone.  I would suggest that everyone view this video very quickly before the Jewish Youtube takes it down.   I do have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  David Duke is very articulate in his references to past terrorist attacks that have been conducted by the criminal terrorist state of Israel.  However, he still misses the fact that Israel actually did the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  The Israelis were not shadowing the so called A-rab "terrorists" that supposedly pulled off the 9-11 attacks at all... They were in fact the handlers and controllers of these "terrorists" and were working with them closely for the planned attacks on the WTC complex....

Again, please take this video, and show it to everyone that you can reach... I do suspect that Youtube will find some excuse very soon to have it removed from their site and from being seen by everyone.  The truth must be told and very quickly... Time is running out because the criminal terrorist state of Israel will very shortly find a way to get their nice new war against Iran off and running... And they care not that the result of that war could be the end of human civilization itself!

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b morrison said...

zionism is a turnout.
zionism is a ruse.
zionism is a firewall created for and by the jews~
as bill winthrop rockefeller clinton might put it -'it's the jews, stupid'. (btw, have you taken a good close look at bubba's momma?)
while there is seemingly much important info that can be gleaned from david duke... he is coming into suspicion as he cannot seem to reduce down to the common denominator; the common denominator that is the jew... judaism, if you prefer. not zionism. not 'the state of israel'. not the mossad. not the irgun terrorists.... these are mere component parts of the whole. the aggregate is the jew - a plain, simple and hard truth.
let's be more accurate - it's our treasonous sitting government that is betraying the U.S into a war with iran. perhaps we would do well to dwell on the following information:
who runs america?


Northerntruthseeker said...

I have never said that David Duke is perfect...He still sticks to the Zionist part, and I stated before that he needs to cross the threshold to the realization that the sickness is part of their so called "religion" in general...

Patience though.. Because I have found more and more that he is coming around to that factor...

brian morrison said...

yes, patience. we've got that! for hundreds, if not thousands of years we wait!

the 'sickness' (good word choice, asperger's anyone?) is part of the ethnicity. part of the race. part of racial genetic code. the RELIGION is yet one more component part of the whole. this co-opted religious cover-story is put to very effective use in the overall criminal equation. ... 'yeah, there is one god and he tells us we are his chosen people...' that works out very nicely for the 'chosen'... to this very day.

i'd like your thoughts on the previous link. i'm certain you must be familiar with it. http://thezog.wordpress.com/
don't the numbers do the talking? more pointedly... numbers can tell you that approximately 70-75% of ALL command and control nodules across the U.S. and by extension, the rest of the planet are manned by a specific race of people in an overwhelming statistical anomaly.

again, asperger's anyone?!