Monday, February 20, 2012

Did The Mossad Do The Thailand Bombing? New Report Shows Bomb Suspects Were "Anti-Iran Exiles"

When the bombing in Bangkok Thailand happened just a few days ago, I knew right off the hop that when the Jewish controlled media was screaming that the attack was by "Iranians", it did not make any sense.  Iran would not do anything around the world to give the criminals in both the United States and the criminal terrorist state of Israel any excuses to have their country attacked, and therefore I smelled a rat...

My initial suspicions,  from the type of explosives and method of delivery used,  pointed straight at the criminal Mossad as being behind the bombings, and thanks to this newest report, from the Bangkok Post, at, my suspicions may be correct.   The Bangkok Post article is entitled: "Bomb Suspects "Were Anti-Iran Exiles", and shows again how sinister the Israelis truly are by having Mossad trained Iranian exiles carry out such a heinous attack just to have it blamed on Iran itself.  Here is that article right here, and I do have my comments to follow:

Bomb suspects 'were anti-Iran exiles'

  • Published: 19/02/2012 at 08:51 PM
  • Online news:

Four Iranians suspected of involvement in a botched bomb plot targeting Israeli diplomats in Bangkok were members of an exiled Iranian opposition group which wanted the incident to reflect badly on Teheran, Syedsulaiman Husaini, Shia leader of Thailand, said on Sunday.
He claimed the four belonged to the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organisation (also known as MEK, MKO and the People's Mujahedeen Organisation of Iran, or PMOI) which aims to overthrow the current Iranian government.
The MEK has been on the US Department of State’s list of foreign terrorist organisations since 1977.
Thai authorities and security agencies were not familiar with the group, said Mr Syedsulaima, who is also director of the Islamic studies centre at Al Mahdi Institute and former president of the Iran University Alumni Association.
The Islamic scholar said the bomb incident was unlikely to be the work of the Iranian government as speculated because Bangkok and Teheran have good bilateral relations.
A secret report by Iran’s security agency also indicated that the Iran nationals linked with Bangkok’s latest  bomb plot were members of the MEK, reports said.
Formed in the 1960s, the organisation participated in Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution that replaced the country's pro-Western ruler, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, with a Shi'ite Islamist regime led by the Ayatollah Khomeini. The MEK, whose ideology mixes Marxism and Islam, was expelled from Iran two years later after trying to stage an armed uprising against Khomeini. 

NTS Notes:  What better way to have such an attack blamed on Iran than by having Mossad trained Iranian exiles carry out the attacks themselves!

I have long suspected that the Mossad has been behind all of the recent bombings in Georgia, India, and Thailand, and I have yet to be swayed from that being correct..

We must always remember the motto of the Mossad itself:  "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War", and their masterful art of deception shows by again using Iranians to do their dirty work for them and of course have the blame placed on Iran!

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