Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Canada Is Israeli Occupied Territory: Canada Competes With The US For Being The Biggest Israel Butt Kissers!

Canada is Israeli occupied territory.  That, my dear readers, and especially those living right here in Canada is absolute fact and easily proven by the actions of the criminal Harper regime in Ottawa.  Our so called "elected" representatives in Ottawa are absolutely bending over backwards when it comes to appeasing their Jewish masters like good slave do, and it is truly sickening to behold.

To show again how much Canada is just as big an Israeli butt kisser as the United States is, I want to present this newest article that comes from the National Post, at www.news.nationalpost.com, where the Canadian foreign minister, John Baird, has come out and is now claiming that Israel has no bigger ally in the world than Canada.  I have that article right here for everyone to see, and be disgusted with.  I do have some further comments to follow:

Canada is Israel’s top ally: John Baird

 Feb 3, 2012 – 7:26 PM ET

Foreign Minister John Baird, left, former chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, centre, and Israeli Education Minister Gideon Saar inaugurate a new international school for Holocaust studies at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem on Monday. 

By Jeff Davis
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says that Canada is Israel’s staunchest ally in the world, surpassing even the United States in its support.
During a lengthy interview with the Jerusalem Post, Baird was asked: “You said that Canada is Israel’s greatest friend in the world. Where is the U.S. in this?”
“I think the U.S. is a good friend, too,” Baird said. “I like to think we are better.”
Baird was in Israel this week attending a foreign policy conference and meeting with Israeli officials.

The article, titled Warm support from the chilly North, says that since Stephen Harper became prime minister in 2006, Canada has “set the gold standard for support of the Jewish state.”
“There is not a government on the planet today more supportive of Israel than Harper’s Canada,” the article says.
Baird told the Israeli newspaper the Harper government, unlike the previous Liberal government, will not “go along to get along” on the world stage, even if it costs Canada diplomatic points.
Baird was asked whether unwavering support for Israel has damaged Canada’s reputation internationally, given Canada’s failure to win a seat at the UN Security Council, for the first time ever, in 2010.
“There is no doubt that it was unhelpful in the Security Council. I don’t think you could say there was one particular reason, but that was certainly one of the reasons,” he said.
During the interview, Baird was asked what he would be doing if he were not Canada’s foreign minister.
“Likely working on a kibbutz,” he replied, referring to the communal farms common in Israel.
Postmedia News

NTS Notes: Again, as always, this shows how much the slaves in the Harper Government will do anything for their Jewish masters, and neglect the needs of the Canadian citizens that actually elected them to office in the first place!

This is also a dangerous comment to make, because if and when Israel goes and attacks the innocent and peaceful nation of Iran, the criminal Israelis will be looking towards Canada for supporting their newest act of criminal aggression.   This will make Canada, and any Canadians overseas, targets for Iranian reprisal attacks, definitely.

So, my fellow Canadians, we have again more evidence of how much this once proud and peaceful nation is now fully controlled by Jewish interests, and how our federal government answers first and foremost to a criminal foreign power, Israel.  Are you sickened yet?  I sure am!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Northernseeker

I feel you about the once peaceful country of Canada being not only occupied Israel territory #1.


Also becoming more Americanized now with the American Cops coming over to train the Canadian Cops to be more of the abusing,inhuman,savage beasts that the American Cops are.

*Btw the American Cops are trained by the Israeli Mossad thru the Anti-Defamation League.
(This writing is being writtened by a American)


The biggest thing that gets me all riled up is here in America.

The American People care more about who's Coaching their favorite NFL and College Football teams.


To know that Israel runs their Government..

That's the biggest concern i have about Canada.

When you,Northerntruthseeker try to tell the Canadian People what's going on.

Do they receive the truth,look and research it for themselves,listen and discuss it with you?


Do they say like America"I Don't Discuss politics"

While if their favorite Hockey team loses they fly off the handle and raise 9 Degrees of Hell like they do here in America?

Anonymous said...

"Harper’s Canada" is, by itself, a lie. There is no "Harper’s Canada!" And how dare these imbeciles pretend that there is? And, where are the Canadian people on this? Indifferent, probably. The same indifference that allowed Harper to conquer the PMO, and with it, to Hitlerize the office by accumulating all legislative power in one man. Zieg Heil! O Canada, what have you become?