Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Upcoming War On Iran: War Is Hell - Iran Is Far Stronger Than The US Would Like To Admit

The push for the United States to attack Iran is still ongoing.  Right now, there is a repositioning of US forces in the Persian Gulf/Indian Ocean area, and an ongoing redeployment of returning Iraq occupiers also to the region.   There are also reports that the United States is preparing to position American forces directly in Israel itself, along with a massive amount of ordinance.  It does appear that in spite of efforts to prevent this insane and unjust war against Iran, the slave puppets of Israel in the US Government will obey their Jewish masters and get this newest murderous war off and running very shortly!

While the Americans are basically surrounding Iran with a massive buildup of forces, the Iranians are not stupid, and have not been sitting idly by... In fact, according to this new video, from Russia Today, it appears that the war against Iran will not be a pushover by any means, and Iran is in fact far stronger than the US would like to admit!  I have that video right here, and some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  All possible scenarios of any attack against Iran by the US and their criminal masters in Israel do not look good for the United States military.  The Iranians have been steadily building up their own forces and are now well prepared to defend their innocent country of some 75 million people from a new war of conquest for Israel.   This will not be a pushover like the war against a long subdued Iraq was.

And of course, we cannot forget the wild cards in any war on Iran scenario, which is of course Russia and China.  The Chinese leadership has already stated that they will NOT sit back and let the US destroy Iran, and I seriously doubt that the Russians will as well.   What we have here is all the makings of a global war.

I have long come to the conclusion that there is nothing that will stop the criminal regime in Washington DC from launching this war eventually to please their masters in Israel.   I had hoped that the American public would have already awakened to this insane push for war against an absolutely innocent Iran, but most of the American public is completely in the dark about the truths behind this newest criminal action by their own government.

And here in Canada, there is a push by the criminals in my own government in Ottawa to support both new sanctions against Iran, and an actual war against Iran if and when the maniacs in Washington and Tel Aviv get it going.   So much for Canada being a nation based on peace...

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Anonymous said...

I am beginning to see more and more Americans in my sphere of life are waking up. Just like the Canadian government, the problem is not with most Americans... it is the rogue government.

The stranglehold the system has over us makes it seem as if Americans are too stupid or not paying attention, but don't let that fool you.

People I know are scared to say much. If they trust you, they open up (and I have had many very revealing conversations of late that tell me that they have had enough, but don't really know what to do).

My theory is that they are so frustrated with our political and election system, that most don't even bother. So voting them out is a non-starter (at least right now).

Whether or not the awakening makes any difference, I have little hope.