Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Upcoming War On Iran: Video Shows Exactly WHO Has Nuclear Weapons In The Middle East!

Over the last few years, we have been bombarded by the same message coming out of our Jewish controlled mainstream media that Iran is "Just a few years away" from building atomic bombs.   But recently the same reports are still coming out of the same media liars that Iran is still "A few years away" from building atomic bombs.  If anyone takes the time and realizes that this same story is being repeated over and over again, they would quickly deduce that the media is full of crap, and Iran is absolutely no where near even building one nuclear weapon!

But with all the sabre rattling by the criminal Israelis, and their obedient puppet slaves in the US government about the need to attack Iran so that it never gets a nuclear weapon, we quickly forget about the only nation in the Middle East (Pakistan is usually not included) that actually has nuclear weapons, which is Israel itself!

Many years ago, a brave Israeli, Mordechai Vanunu came forward with strong evidence, including some very compelling photos that he took as a nuclear technician, that Israel was indeed a major nuclear power, with at that time some 200 nuclear weapons (closer to 400 today).     For this article, I want to present an important video, entitled: "Israel's Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory In 3D", for everyone to take a look at what the Dimona Nuclear Facility in the Negev Desert of Israel truly is, and to judge for themselves about Israel being a major nuclear power.  I have some of my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes: It is a sad fact that Vanunu paid a severe penalty for revealing to the world that Israel has been clandestinely building nuclear weapons for close to 50 years now.   He was jailed, tortured, censored, and then jailed again, for his want for the world to see this truth.

It is a fact that today, Israel possesses some 400 nuclear weapons with a wide variety of major delivery systems, such as Jericho missiles and cruise missiles that can be launched from German built Dolphin class submarines.   It is also a fact that Israel has always said that if it was in danger of failing, it would take 1/2 the world down with them, in their absolutely morbid "Samson Option".

What should be apparent to everyone by now is that our own governments and media are nothing more than filthy disgusting liars that are trying to find any excuse possible to have the peaceful nation of Iran destroyed.   Every horrendous accusation that they have made about Iran, from the false claim that Ahmadinejad said that he wanted Israel wiped off the map, to the absolute lie about Iran getting nuclear weapons, can easily be shown to be bold faced lies, and as only propaganda to try to convince the skeptical public that an attack against another peaceful nation is necessary, when it obviously is not.

And about Israel being the only nation in the Middle East having nuclear weapons?  You will never see this truth anywhere on lying shill networks such as CNN or MSNBC, that I can guarantee.

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jim233 said...

So, I would imagine it's safe to say the Americans have been helping finance the construction of nuclear weapons by the psychopath war mongering Israeli's for some time now.Including having fissionable material stolen from a Pennsylvanian nuke producing plant...If memory serves me.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes, Jim.. and according to the Symington Agreement of 1977, very much illegally....

I remember the information coming out about the Israelis stealing plutonium from plants all over America and all over the world in fact...

It does seem that we as civilized people have been giving these demonic creatures the means to destroy us for decades...