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The Upcoming War On Iran: Is This What NATO Has In Store?

It seems that the war on the peaceful nation of Iran may come sooner than anyone would think possible... Right now, the Americans have begun moving their scrapheap and aging nuclear aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise (CVN-65) towards the Persian Gulf region.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see that these criminals would be desperate enough to get their nice little criminal war off and running by having an Israeli dolphin class submarine shoot a few torpedoes into that aging hulk and have it blamed on Iran... Yes, they are that sick!

For this article, I want to present the following report that comes from the website: NSNBC, Breaking The Embargo On Truth, at www.nsnbc.wordpress.com, which is entitled: "IRAN: Is This What NATO Has In Store?".  This report gives a pretty good scenario of what the criminals in NATO, the United States, and Israel, could do to get their nice little war against Iran off and runninng... I have my own comments to follow:

IRAN: Is this what NATO has in store?

Christof Lehmann, James Fetzer and Joshua Blakeney

In “USA: Massive Transports of Military Equipment”, http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/usa-massive-transports-of-military-equipment/ Christof Lehmann, the first author, has reported the stunning videos taken by a Mr. Andrew Tuckman on 19 January 2012, who “began filming this after a dozen or so train cars went by on a stretch of track south of Santa Cruz California. Where are the military vehicles going? Why are they being shipped? What could this possibly be for? Barack Obama, what are you up to? We want answers….”

James Fetzer, the second author, contacted an associate with extensive military experience, who identified them as “woodland camouflage M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles with a few HEMTT refueling trucks. They don’t appear to have been modernized since they would have been repainted TAN. They may be going to an exercise for the California National Guard–or worse going into STORAGE because the U.S. Army has gone STUPID and is pissing away its cross-country maneuver war-fighting powers in favor of foot-slogging victims with hand weapons from wheeled trucks, which are easily blown up by land mines on roads/trails.”

Christof replied that, “from a soldier’s perspective I can follow your reasoning, of course. There are some modifications I would like you to consider, however — which is based on what we are getting via Russian Intelligence Chatter — that the US is modifying its tank warfare tactics to adopt a kind of Blitzkrieg approach such as the Germans were using. For that, of course, you need superior tanks and a vast quantity of armored vehicles – both tanks and armored personnel carriers with reasonable fighting ability. All that equipment is perfect for that.”

James asked, “Where do you and Russian intel believe they are going to be used?  I would not rule that out”, and he replied, “They didn´t indicate where, other than hinting that Syria and Iran were the probable targets.”

According to a reliable source within the European NATO admiralty, moreover, it would not be entirely off target to state that NATO could use Libya as a staging area for an attack on Syria or Iran, where a confrontation with Iran probably would include the use of neutron weapons after the initial confrontational stages after initial “provocations” –no doubt, including a “false flag” attack– and an escalation by NATO, neutron weapons would be most likely used to take out both the Iranian Navy and Iran’s missile capabilities.

The second and third authors have written about the use of the USS Vincennes as an ideal “false flag” target because, on 3 July 1988, the Vincennes had shot down Iran Air Flight 655 over the Persian Gulf, killing all of the 290 civilian passengers on board, including 38 non-Iranians and 66 children.

This would be an ideal vessel for the staged provocation as it could be easily sold to the world as having been Iranian retribution for the 1988 downing of Flight 655, where the evident lack of motive for Iran to provoke the US and Israeli military titans would be replaced by the perceived goal of revenge. No one would stop to ask them-selves why Iran would thereby invite its own national annihilation.

The latest intel I received was that the USS Vincennes, far from having been scrapped, was in the Mediterranean Sea and lobbing shells to test the “Iron Dome” the US has been constructing to save Israel from destruction when the waves of missiles are directed her way after an assault on Iran! As The New York Times (17 January 2012) has reported, the major joint US/Israeli op that had been planned has subsequently been cancelled, where some have inferred that it was because they could no longer target the Vincennes. My latest info is that she has been replaced by the USS Enterprise, an aging nuclear-powered carrier that has suffered the effects of long-term radiation exposure to its steel and appears to be the replacement target of choice.

The use of a neutron weapon might initially seem implausible but, during a long interview with Christopher Busby, “New Bombs and War Crimes in Fallujah”, the second author learned that the epidemic of serious birth defects he was studying in Fallujah were not caused by exposure to depleted uranium, as everyone had up to that point expected, but by exposure to enriched uranium, which appears to have come from a new kind of neutron bomb, which may even have been used to convert the Twin Towers from 500,000 tons of steel and concrete into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust.  So we have evidence that the weapon to which the admiral referred does exist. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/11/03/new-bombs-and-war-crimes-in-fallujah/

Attacks on the nuclear energy plants in Iran—of which there appear to be as many as eighty (80) distributed across the country—has been estimated to bring about 1,000,000 deaths of Iranians outright, with another 35,000,000 premature deaths expected as the cloud of contamination sweeps across Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. In “5 minutes to the self-immolation of the Israeli Empire”, http://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/5-minutes-to-self-immolation-of-the-israeli-empire/ As the author explains, the Zionists really sincerely believe Israel has the right to all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates River in Iraq. “They believe they have the right to destroy every Muslim nation that would say ‘No’ to Zionist insanity. Why should America suffer self-immolation because Israel thinks national suicide just like at Masada is a wonderful idea?”

American politicians appear to be following suit.  GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rich Santorum, for example, have called for a “first strike” against Iran, even though there is no hard evidence that Iran has any nuclear weapons or any intention of developing them.  They appear to be massively ignorant of history, since Iran has not attacked any other nation in 300 years. Not only that, but Iran has signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty and allowed IAEA inspectors into its facilities.  Israel, by comparison, has 200-600 nuclear bombs, has not signed the NPT, and will not allow inspectors into its facilities.

Were either of these candidates successful in reaching the nation’s highest office, they would take an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  But according to the Constitution, treaties have the same status under the law as the Constitution itself.  These candidates appear to be oblivious of the consideration that the Hague Convention of 1899, the Kellogg-Briand Peace Treaty of 1928, and even the UN Charter obligate the US to the peaceful resolution of disputes with other countries, where a “first strike” is only permissible in response to an “imminent threat”.  No one believes, even remotely, that Iran represents an imminent threat.  By endorsing a first strike, therefore, these candidates are demonstrating their willingness to violate the Constitution and the oath of office they would have sworn to uphold.

In the light of recent reports (1) of the re-deployment of 12,000 US troops from Malta to Libya, reported in an article by Cynthia McKinney, (2) the ongoing covert war against Syria by NATO as well as against Iran, (3) the tense military situation between NATO countries, Syria, Iran, and (4) recent messages about Russian and Chinese military being on alert, we have considered it to be incumbent upon us to publish the videos of military equipment transportation and we ask for citizens of NATO countries to report any significant troops movements in any NATO country to nsnbc at this address: nsnbc.wordpress(at)gmail.com


“Why is President Obama sending 12000 troops to Libya?”, Cynthia McKinney. nsnbc. http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/why-is-president-obama-sending-12-000-u-s-troops-to-libya/

“Wider Middle East and Global War Imminent?”, Christof Lehmann, nsnbc. http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/wider-middle-east-and-global-war-imminent/
Christof Lehmann established nsnbc as an alternative news-medium on 28 August 2011 to break corporate or state-controlled media’s embargo on truth.

James Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth and the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Joshua Blakeney is a graduate student at the University of Lethbridge, member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Staff Writer at Veterans Today.

NTS Notes:  Yes, I did see the video report of the tanks moving down a train line in southern California, and many have already been questioning as to where they are headed...

It does seem that the Zionist Jews are hell bent in getting their puppet slave nations in NATO and the United States fighting and dying for their cherished nation of Israel.   They care not that this newest war could see thousands if not millions of casualties, including millions of innocent Iranian civilians... Remember, to these criminals, we are nothing more than cattle and are expendable!

The next while will prove very interesting, especially when the USS Enterprise actually arrives in the Persian Gulf region. By then the countdown for war will be definitely started.

I need to ask again where the American public is, and WHY are they not trying to stop this madness from happening.   But again, with the total control over both the government and media in America, many have been brainwashed into the false notion that Iran is actually a threat.  Little do they realize that this next war for Israel could spell the end of America itself.

More to come


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