Saturday, January 21, 2012

THIS Is Very Alarming: Satanist Takes Credit For Upcoming War!

Ever so often, I turn to the works of a fellow Canadian, Henry Makow, for his fabulous writings about the criminal Satanic (Jewish) tribe that wants nothing more than our total enslavement with them being the masters of the world.

For this article, I want to present Henry Makow's most recent post, from his website: Henry, at   It is an absolutely shocking testament from a Jewish Satanist, named: Aloysis Fozdyke, and is entitled: "Satanist Takes Credit For Upcoming War".   THIS is definitely a must read by everyone, and I have that entire Henry Makow article right here for everyone to view.   I do have some of my own comments to follow:

Satanist Takes Credit for Upcoming War

January 20, 2012

"My personal hope is that Iran blasts Israel off of the face of the Earth. The Xtians will have their chance to see if Yeshua comes back (with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck)."

(Editor's note: Although I find Fozdyke's words repugnant, I post them because it is significant that Satanists take credit for the turmoil facing the world.)

by Aloysius Fozdyke

In the coming months, the western world will alter quickly.

We're orchestrating a war against Iran with America, Israel and a few Arab states. Think a re-run of WMDs and just as baseless (although that doesn't matter). Israel wants the water in southern Lebanon. Iran is an obstacle to that. China has a lot of investment in Iran. Remember Pearl Harbor? Instead of Japanese, think Iranians. In all probability America's fifth fleet will be sacrificed as a pretext for nuclear war. Think the Twin Towers or USS Liberty.

A nuclear strike would put China and Russia on notice. Now, the former U.S.S.R. put a lot of effort into biological warfare. If we can convince the Russians to preemptively release their stuff throughout America...Well!

China has about one trillion in American Treasury bonds. If we can get them to release those all at once onto international markets, America would have to print a trillion dollars and China would dump that to buy other currencies.

As America doesn't produce anything any more, instantly every American's costs of living would sky rocket. Overnight Americans would be living in a bankrupt, third world country - with all the possibilities that brings.

My personal hope is that Iran blasts Israel off of the face of the Earth. The Xtians will have their chance to see if Yeshua comes back (with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck).

Anyway, that's what we're working on and everything is going great, so far. America already has more that nine thousand troops in Israel. I can't stand Israelis. There's a bit more happening but I hope that the above paints the main picture.

Australia's constitutional issues have blown over. Aussies are only interested in sport. That was a lot more internationally serious to Our plans than people ever realized. Our preferred option is Malcolm Turnbull (or Turncoat as we call him) for Prime Minister, but you can't have everything. We're working on it though.


Already, the mechanisms are in place for a new, hierarchical feudalism; for an intelligent form of fascism if you will (after Howard Stanton Levey's and BaronJulius Evola's hearts).

As Americans in their SUVs drive passed the homeless in tent-cities on their way to mega-churches where soothsayers tell them how to be more like their wretched saviour; as pension funds collapse; prices continue to rise; government revenue bases shrink and democracy is seen for the mistake it was (think Greece and Italy) we have the answers.

Democracy started in Greece so it's appropriate that it die there. There is too much at stake to fail - and we won't.

Economic depression and war are coming. The sheeple love wars. Americans will fight and die again for Israel. Think of it as culling and the continuation of Our fear and escapism psych-ops (thank you Mike Aquino).

Get ready for increasing crime, desolate shopping centres, dehumanising paranoia, privatization, stagnation, riots and rising fuel prices - that's just a given.

Now that habeas corpus is officially dead and buried in America, Our agenda can continue apace because taxpayer-funded violence and intimidation work - every time.

It's your money. How many Americans even know what habeas corpus was? The guilty demand to be punished. We answer their call. Just keep the herd chanting, 'Land of the free and home of the brave' while they are restrained in first amendment zones with wrist-ties, pepper-spray, tasers and bureaucracy.

The nature of the Internet will change as we make it safer. Sheeple love safety. That process is already under way. Who do you think invented the Internet? (Oh! Sorry, that's right, you don't think at all!)

The media have long been compliant whores. The churches keep teaching their flock to obey the laws of the land, just like the cretins Peter and John rejoiced as they were flogged! It's wonderful! 'These are the days that Our Lord has made and we rejoice and are glad in them.'

Xtians often say that 'the strongest position is on your knees'; just don't let your kids do that anywhere near a cleric, that's all. At least when we use children, we make no sanctimonious excuses. To touch kids' genitals we don't have to work in airport security. To kill children we don't have to be in the military. We appreciate that if your children are the future, you don't have much to look forward to.

The old two thousands years dead numb-nuts isn't going to help anyone. We helped subvert his puerile followers a long time ago. Who controls the governments, the police, the court system, the military, most of the churches, stock exchanges and the media? We do from the background, just out of camera shot. 'Who you gunna call?'

After the culling will come Our saviour, Vindex and a new age of peace and achievement. For some time there will be much suffering, but this is unavoidable and again 'Suffering is good for the soul'.

What is now developing can't be done without blood, toil, tears and sweat. Like Churchill, this is what we will give the filth - exactly what they want: good and hard! We're prepared for blood in the streets. We are the only ones who truly care - We and Our teacher the ineffable Prince, with His Demons and Legions who fought the first battle in heaven for Our sake.

Do you have what it takes to be on the winning side?


Satanism is a practical, although difficult, process of development. It is elitism founded upon action in the material world. The current Alpha Lodge system has been developed over many decades and indeed its beginning is lost in time.

The Alpha Lodge is dedicated to achieving change in conformity with Our will. To cut to the chase, we give the sheeple what they want via manipulation and cooperation. We're always there to help.

Originally the Alpha Lodge espoused freedom and liberty after Our God, Lucifer - the first rebel. However the sheeple never wanted freedom and they definitely don't want it now.

Homo normalis are servile herd animals and instinctively seek to be imprisoned. Long before I was born the Lodge has been assisting compliant sheeple to construct their own prisons. The process is nearing its completion. We appreciate the pathetic nature of humanity and take from it what we can. In short, the game is rigged.

NTS Notes:  After reading this disgusting testament by this most evil Aloysis Fozdyke, I felt like throwing up.   

There are those that may claim this to be a work of fiction, and that this Aloysis Fozdyke is a fraud.  But I have viewed previous reports by this revolting "human being" before, over at my friend Noor's blog: Snippits And Snappits , and I can confirm from his previous writings that this person is real.

It does seem now that these parasitic criminals are so smug in knowing that they have total control over governments, media, corporations, etc that they no longer fear telling the world exactly what they have planned for all of us...

Although Henry Makow usually never calls these "Satanists" by their proper names.. Jews... We all know by now who these criminals really are...

So where do we go from here?  My suggestion is to show everyone this article and to make them aware of what these criminal psychos truly have in store for us.   The awakening of the masses to the imminent danger that these sick creatures have in store for all of us must take place NOW!

And for those who may suddenly try to attack this article as racist or the laughable lie of "antisemitism"... I must inform these individuals that Henry Makow himself is JEWISH.

More to come



BuelahMan said...

The entire article falls on its face because Makow suggests that Lucifer and Satan are the same, somehow.

Any cursory study of the verses attributed to this theory quickly show that this is not the case.

Makow being a Jew is not proof that he is correct.

BTW: the battle is a spiritual one (according to the same Bible).

I would recommend NOT using the Jew part of the Bible to bolster claims that Jews are trying to force feed us.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the jew's ancient "victim" card.
We broke down your door, tortured, raped and murdered your dog, cat, kids, mother, father and wife.
Then we burned everything you own.. that we couldn't steal.


Hey, why not?
That lying bullshit scam has fooled the moronic goyim for how many centuries?
Oh, and vote for jew asslicker Ron Paul while your kneeling to

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It is true being Jewish doesn't mean one is being true. There's those Hollywood ones on the side of those shouting anti-Jewish slogans. Self-haters and profiteers of any groups have sold their people down the river for profit. There were some Blacks owning other Blacks as slaves--and not to free them from mistreatment by Whites-- in the South, for example!