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A Role Playing Exercise: "Let's Attack Iran"

After suffering for almost a week from a severe head cold and swollen sinuses.. I figured that it was time to do some catch up on some articles that I found last week, but I have not yet posted to this blog...

Last week, I posted an article from fellow truth seeker, Video Rebel, entitled: Preparing School Children To Commit War Crimes And Suicide, which shows  the massive failure of the American school system today in being brainwashing and indoctrination centers for them to be nothing more than slaves to the corporate media and the criminal government. 

Now, I want to present part II of that expose, which again comes from Video Rebel's blog at , and is entitled: "A Role Playing Exercise: "Let's Attack Iran".  I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves.  My own comments will follow:

A Role Playing Exercise: ‘Let’s Attack Iran’

This is part II of Prepping American School Children To Commit War Crimes. I would like to challenge the Internet community to make anti-war videos using the role playing techniques of those educational psychologists who have been brainwashing students for decades. All I ask video makers is that they send a link in the comments to this post and hopefully mention this blog in your notes.

Teachers have been trained by psychologists to use role playing to indoctrinate students. In the fall of l972 a small group of students were told to role play a game called lifeboat in which students are taught to sacrifice the less important people. The students in this case were able to figure out a way to save the life of everyone which taught the lesson that we are all in this together. The professor was enraged because they did not follow instructions. The students rebelled and refused to participate any further in this exercise. 

Most students are familiar with subjects by topic without books but with role playing, I would suggest the following role playing exercise which would make a great YouTube video. I call it ‘Let’s attack Iran even though they have no nuclear weapons program and have not attacked anyone in over 200 years.’ Defense Secretary Panetta admitted Iran has no nuclear weapons program as recently as Sunday.

Gather the students. Tell one that he will be carrier commander. Tell another that she will be air base commander. Tell another he will be Marine base commander in Afghanistan. Tell another that she will be Guided Missile Cruiser commander assigned to protect the carrier. Another can be in charge of an anti-submarine Destroyer or Frigate. You can add additional ship and base commanders. Someone will play the role of President of the United States. And someone else will play the role of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. These latter two are 8,000 miles away but for purposes of the exercise will be asked to call in orders by cell phone to the local field commanders. One person is selected to be the Iranian field commander. You might want to have someone play the Israeli Prime Minister.

The teacher reads the following exercise Instructions: ‘The President whether Republican or Democrat is not allowed to take office until he has received a billion dollars from defense contractors, Too Big to Jail Banks and the Israeli Lobby. Benjamin Netanyahu informs the President that he will launch a preemptive strike against Iran just before dawn Israeli time. This is contrary to the Nuremberg principles and as a preventive war is forbidden by international law. But pay no attention to that as the people who bought the politicians also own the news media.’

The teacher continues. ‘The President tells the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs the war is on. He relays the message to the field commanders. The Israeli jets have taken off to attack Iran and will arrive in an hour. 

The Iranians have been told by the Syrians and Russians that the Israelis are coming. The Iranians mobilize their forces. The US field commanders, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the carrier commander are told by the Iranian commander that if the Israelis do not return to base he will launch an attack against the American Persian Gulf fleet and and against all US Central Command air, army and Marine bases within 2,000 kilometers. He will also launch 150,000 missiles against Israel. Furthermore, if any jets take off from American carriers or air basses, Iran will regard that as an act of war.

As a background to the situation, the teacher says, ‘Every ship in the Persian Gulf is targeted by Russian made anti-ship missiles against which the US Navy has no defense. Iran also has hundreds of small but very fast boats armed with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles from Russia, China and NATO. Iran has 20 submarines armed with Russian supercavitating torpedoes with a top speed of 360 km/h (223.7 mph.) Iranian rocket artillery has ranges of 65, 92 and 130 miles and have warheads up to 1,300 pounds. Please expect a 100 or more direct hits for every ship in the fleet from rocket artillery. Please expect direct hits from Iranian guided missiles armed with fuel air explosive warheads at every ground and air base in the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. This is to be followed up with Iranian and allied forces taking tens of thousand of American and NATO survivors hostage.’

Final Instructions: Play your role in this scenario. Do you launch an attack early before the Israelis arrive? 

Do you rebel and refuse orders? Do you obey orders wait and hope you do not die?

Imponderables that can be added to student participants in their strategy discussions. 

1) The US military leaders in the Persian Gulf inform the Iranians, the Israelis, the Pentagon and the President of the United States that they will block any attack on Iran. This is mutiny. The British fleet mutinied in September of 1931 though under different circumstances. Please note that the US military has three of the sixteen American spy agencies. They will see these videos and probably have a copy of this essay in their computers.

2) The Israeli Prime Minister calls President Obama and tells him Israel will strike Iran with nuclear weapons using the submarines the Germans gave them and their Jericho II missiles. The latter was just tested in December.

3) The Pakistani military sells Iran missiles and hydrogen bombs. Pakistan and Iranian military joined forces after Panetta and Petraeus approved that November 26th attack on a Pakistani military base that killed 24 of their soldiers.

4) Iran demonstrates EMP weapons shooting down an incoming missile and tells NATO to go home and Israel to learn to live with its neighbors.

5) And finally. Either Iran in retaliation releases a series of plagues or the bankers release a series of plagues blaming Iran. Six billion people are killed. They cannot demand the return of the money the bankers stole.
Notes: You can find part I of this here:

Prepping American School Children To Commit War Crimes And Suicide

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NTS Notes:  Personally, being the father of a teenage son, I am troubled by the massive indoctrination of our youth here in Canada as well.  My son is an avid fan of video games such as "Call Of Duty" and other video warfare games that promote the visual imagery of the "great and almighty" United States forces against the "evil and sinister" Arab "terrorists".  This is a blatant example of brainwashing, that is preventing the realities of the real world today from being understood by our children.

What we have today is a false reality being drilled into our children's minds by the twisted and evil corporate entities and our criminal governments.  It again falls upon us to try to get the real truth out that Iran is not our enemy and that the real enemies of mankind are the criminals behind this massive campaign of indoctrination and brainwashing of our youth!

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