Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Preparing American School Children To Commit War Crimes And Suicide

I am truly amazed these days to see the vast majority of the American public still go about their daily lives and not having a care in the world while their criminal Federal Government is about to launch the entire nation into a new war for Israel that could possibly see the defeat and ending of their entire nation taking place as a result. 

I have long said that the principle problem with the American public these days is the dismal failure of their entire education system.  For decades now, American children have been raised to be nothing more than obedient robotic slaves to both corporations and big brother in their governments.  It has been truly alarming to a person who has always questioned and sought the real truths about everything, to see the general public these days lack total critical thinking processes and lack the will to stand up against tyranny and oppression!

To help answer how the American people of today are so brainwashed, zombified, and totally oblivious to what is actually happening in the real world around them, I want to turn to an article that comes from Video Rebel's Blog, at, that gives glaring evidence on how the brainwashing conducted on American children for decades in what is laughingly called "education" is now leading the entire American nation down the road to total defeat and ruin.  I have some additional comments to follow:

Prepping American School Children To Commit War Crimes And Suicide

Perhaps you are frustrated as I am with a presidential race where all but one of the candidates and the majority of the voters do not seem to grasp basic history. They do mot understand that by waging war with Iran they are dooming the American Persian Gulf fleet, US Central Command, the nation of Israel and the entire world economy to certain destruction. 

People who are old enough to have had high school history books do not realize that today’s school children do not need books because they are being operantly conditioned by B F Skinner’s techniques to produce any behavior demanded by authorities. 

You are called crazy because you can think and understand the difference between right and wrong.

Your critics who were operantly conditioned like dogs for 12 years in American public schools have no systematic knowledge to make judgements. Students are given one topic at a time so no overall view on history is available to them. 

Harold Howe II was President Johnson’s Commissioner of Education and used desegregation to change American education and turn teachers into psychologists. Harold Howe II was a Yale graduate and a Skull and Bones Society member. His goal was to remove the conscience of students so they would follow orders from above. In short American schools were designed to become breeding grounds for war criminals. It should be no surprise that American soldiers and military contractors were willing to rape small children with implements dipped in battery acid in full view of their parents. And it should also be no surprise that a majority of voters back home do not seem able to voice an objection to those war crimes. 

Gone is Immanuel Kant’s idea that every man should be treated as an end in himself and not as a means to an end. As CS Lewis said, “When you stop education and start training, civilization dies.”

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of President Reagan. She was fired for being a whistleblower against these education destroying policies. We learned in 1953 that Republicans were no different than Democrats when implementing the policies of the Skull and Bone Society and the Bilderbergers. Norman Dodd of the Reece Committee was told by Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation and formerly of the Rand corporation, that he received directions from the Eisenhower White House. Gaither said,
“We shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.” At that time, Joe Stalin who had been killing millions of people a year was the Soviet dictator with whom we were to merge our government.

You must realize by now that the leaders of both political parties absolutely despise you. They want to reduce you to slavery. They want to transfer power from your national government to a New World Order cabal where One Bank One Vote is the rule. And pardon me, if you do not own a bank, you cannot vote. 

You are also surrounded by citizens who accept dog training. The TSA is not designed to stop terrorists. 

The government knows that 911 was perpetrated by the Israelis because the Mossad sent live video feeds to the CIA starting with the impact of the first plane on the World Trade Center. That video was not made public to the media until the following day. The TSA is designed to humiliate you, break your will and train you to become an obedient servant to anyone in authority. Properly trained subjects will be willing to do whatever told by authority. They will vote for war crimes. They have no conscience.

And they will vote to commit national suicide because they know nothing. They were trained only to perform behaviors on cue just like cute little dogs at a circus.

I am not hopeful that the American people will ever be allowed to vote away this present tyranny. The people who think they own the government count the votes, run the educational system and own the media.

But I am confident they will lose.

As I have said previously, the economy is contracting in real dollars adjusted for that 12% inflation rate as reported by Shadow Stats. I predict a 6 to 7% rate of contraction by April of 2012 and over 20% within a few months after the November elections. Paul Craig Roberts recently pointed out that median family income declined 2.3% from 2010 to 2011. At some point, nobody will believe the lies about unemployment being under 10% and inflation under 3%. Most Americans have been trained by their schools to believe whatever they have been told. They will soon face a personal crisis when they discover that their favorite politicians and TV personalities have lied to them. 

The crisis the bankers will face is far greater. They know that the economy will soon have contracted 30% from what it was in 2008. They know there will be no recovery because they sent the jobs overseas. They know they have programmed an entire generation to live without a conscience because they wrote the curriculum. This is not the 1930s generation. Three Million of those people were willing to die of starvation rather than commit a moral offense by physically assaulting bankers. 

The bankers must realize that bringing foreign troops to kill Americans is a No Go. The US military will kill all foreign troops and every banker and politician who ordered it. Sending overseas for foreign troops to kill Americans is treason. 

Another option for the bankers is to get the American military killed by attacking Iran. If they die in the Persian Gulf, they cannot defend the US when foreign troops invade. But it is very likely there will be no war with Iran. The Military will refuse to participate in any suicidal attack on Iran.

The bankers could order the military to go door to door to confiscate guns. That would get more American soldiers killed than would a war with Iran. Another No Go. That order will be refused. 

Alternatively, they could cut off all food, water and electricity to the 50 largest urban areas. A couple thousand soldiers could form lines around those 50 urban areas. But that would be only a few soldiers per mile who could be attacked from civilians on the outside and angry mobs armed with lots of rifles on the inside. The National Guard might take their weapons and follow orders from a local sheriff or their governor. Another No Go situation.

The final option is to release a series of plagues to kill 90% of the people on the planet. In that case the militaries of the world will join forces to exterminate the bankers and the politicians.

The Game is Over. The bankers have No Exit in which they do not lose. They might as well surrender, return the money they stole. They can hope that they only serve ten years in jail for their crimes. Not much chance of that happening as many of their crimes involve treason and murder. 

All of their secret plans have achieved nothing lasting. They have stolen tens of trillions of dollars but all of that money can and will be seized. They have killed hundreds of millions of people through wars, concentration camps and planned mass starvations but we can always produce more children.

And every child to be born in the coming Millennium will be told the inherently evil nature of the self-appointed elite who thought they were gods.

Author’s Notes: I will publish part II of this late Tuesday night. 

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NTS Notes:  If anyone thinks that the problems shown here by Vidrebel are unique to the United States, think again... I have noticed the disintegration of the education standards right here in Canada by watching the school system that my own son has to presently endure.   Thank goodness I have made it my point to teach him the importance to speak his mind, constantly question, and to be a critical thinker.

Yes the problem with the American education system is huge, but not insurmountable... The American people need to wake the hell up, take a hard stand against the failed teachings in our education system, and demand that proper teaching methods be brought back into our schools that emphasize the importance of critical thinking.   It is an uphill battle though, because the criminal Jewish bankers, and their compliant slaves in the US Government, absolutely do not want an American civilian population that can actually think clearly... A thinking populace may actually put an immediate end to their evil push for more wars for the criminal state of Israel.

Like Vidrebel, I am confident that in the long run these criminals will lose this war, but the ensuing battles towards that victory against evil may be very bloody indeed...

More to come



Anonymous said...

I admit that the school system education sucks in America. But America isn't the only bastion of Sheople on the continent. Our neighbors to the north and south show the same proclivity for bullshit and ignorance.

I must also say that when you use a person's writing and point out the failure of education, it might help if you use one that knows how to spell "not" (it is not "mot"). The 2nd sentence is glaringly obvious.

A stickler point? Not when you are complaining about education.

And btw, the "vast majority" of American people (53% are poor or in poverty) are certainly not living in some fashion that would illicit your statement that they "have not a care in the world".

I am poor and I only know poor people. We are all with many cares in the world.

Northerntruthseeker said...

buelahman.. I do admire your site and your insights.. but I will mot change the article from vidrebel....

I do mot want to disturb or alter the original context... Of course I noticed that he misspelled it.. so what? That to me makes him human, and I will mot do any editing of his article as a result...

And by the way.. I am Canadian.. and there is nothing strange aboot that as well....

Lighten up, my friend... I was implying that the majority of Americans in spite of their growing hardships, still cannot see what is happening around them in the real world... That is fact....

BTW.....I am not rich either by a long shot, and I have spent part of my own life being poor as well....

And one other thing... the three misspellings of "not" in the first paragraph is just done for fun.. No harm intended...

Anonymous said...

My six years teaching high school in the US led me to believe that our biggest problems were the horseshit coming out of the DOE and the think tanks and universities that feed it.

We need discipline and the ability to fail those who don't meet the mark.

Critical thinking is based upon a command of information and few of the students I encountered had the ability/desire to retain anything beyond the latest text message.

Look a textbooks from 40-50 years ago. They appear to be college-level compared to the glossy, hodge-podge, incoherent scramble one gets in those obscenely overpriced things today. Let me guess who controls the publishing industry and the think tanks that have polluted the debate.

Gotta keep this brief. The horseshit coming out of Harvard only applies to public schools. For example, Harvard would not take every child and say "We'll differentiate instruction for each child for each lesson because it's the teacher's fault if the don't learn."

Norman Dodd's talk with Griffin is essential on the role of foundations in education and it might save us a little money if we replaced the history books with this from ZionCrimeFactory:

Anonymous said...

It is difficult for Americans to escape the constant blare from the jewish media. Unless, like me, they can escape it and view it objectively, over time and from a distance, the American people stay within the enforced routines - and don't realize that is what they are conditioned to do.

Americans need to realize that despite their "innocent" support for everything jewish - that Americans are being set up to become the world's bad guys. We Americans need to learn. There is truth in what is being said - a lot of truth - and the ones who are the "most educated" are actually the dumbest. When you have grown up submerged in it, it is difficult to learn to develop a truly open mind - and to study outside the box which has been provided for you by the jews.

"This build-up to war was backed by 80% of the vote in the recent Caucus in Iowa, where only 20% per cent voted for the anti-war candidate. So let’s hear it for all those innocent Yanks, whom are not to blame for the atrocities of their freely elected, Democratic Government.

The rest of the world can only applaud you. We of course hope that none of you are selected for elimination by your Messianic President. We understand that you are all terrorists now."

Buelahman is right, too, NTS, when he states that, "America isn't the only bastion of Sheople on the continent". Most of the world's media is based on "US"(jew) propaganda. There are jewish gatekeepers who define the slight regional variations to the news which everyone gets. It's the same jewish source, but looks different at each end where it is output.