Thursday, January 12, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant: What The Hell Is Going On?

I have been doing this blog for almost 4 years now.   When I first started, I put up many articles with my own perspective on what was happening in the world around us.   For a time since, I have gotten away from that and instead have focused on news reports from other sources.  I figured that it was about time that I got back into just spilling my own guts and thoughts about what I see is really going on, and doing it from now on at least once a week.

On the subject of the ongoing push for war with Iran:   OK, first of all today I came across this interesting tidbit from the online news, stating that a new "Poll" (Link here) suggests that most Americans (52%) will support an immediate attack on Iran if they do not stop a totally non-existent nuclear bomb program.   My first reaction was laughter, and then anger.  I am saying to myself: "Are Americans this stupid?", and then I realized of course that either this is a totally fraudulent poll, or the American public really is that out of touch with reality!

It really does seem that the message being put out by the alternative media and bloggers is not reaching enough people to outweigh the crap that is spewing from the controlled media heads at MSNBC/CNN/FOXNEWS/etc that Iran absolutely does NOT have nuclear weapons and has no real desire to obtain them.   If the Iranian leadership was to be stupid enough to announce to the world that they had built even ONE single nuclear weapon, then the criminal Israelis and their slave puppets in the United States would have their long sought excuse to annihilate the country.   Nobody could be that stupid, now could they?

But the ramp up to war with Iran is continuing now at a blistering pace.   There are the new reports that American soldiers are now in Israel (see Global Research article here), under the false pretense of impending "war games" but we all know that these forces are there for the upcoming attack on Iran.

What about the Russians and the Chinese, that are allies of Iran?   Is the Israeli dominated US Government this stupid that they would attack Iran and possibly bring about World War III?   From what I see, yes, they are that stupid enough!

And of course what about the American public?   The brainwashing by the Jewish controlled media is so intense that most are purposely kept in the dark about the real truth.   Most are still under the false notion that the US and its greatest "ally" Israel are both wanting to stop the "evil Arabs" from getting nukes and conducting "terrorism" around the world.   Nothing said by these criminals in the so called media could be further from the truth.

On the subject of the impending World economic collapse:   I have been putting articles up in this blog for years to show the people that in spite of the lies that economic recovery is just around the corner...Nothing could be further from the truth...

We are seeing the end of the Euro as the main currency in Europe, and all I can say is FINALLY!.   That currency was the evil criminal bankster Rothschilds first attempt at their one world government by a one world currency.  If the Euro would have been successful, then the next step would have been the "Amero" in North America, and then a multi-nation single currency for Asia as well.   Thankfully the Euro experiment and this push for the criminal one world government has been sidetracked by that failure.... But I guarantee that they will not stop trying...

We also see the dismal economic outlook in the United States where some 46 Million people are now dependent on food stamps for staying just above water.   There is also an unemployment rate in the United States that is now well above the 20% mark and rising ("officially" said to be about 11%), and with the offshoring of manufacturing jobs, there is absolutely no hope of a true recovery without the halting of that criminal offshoring policy by evil corporations and a push for the return of manufacturing right at home.

I have always pointed the finger at the real perpetrators behind the world economic mess that we are in right now, which is the criminal private Jewish banking cartels that have placed their evil Usury monetary policies in their host countries.   But history has always shown that every country that has adopted such policies is doomed to failure... History is just repeating itself with the present world wide situation.

On the subject of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: I have been keeping up as much as possible with the REAL situation with the failed nuclear reactors at the TEPCO facility in Japan, and what I see is absolutely maddening.

What we have been told by our media and governments is nothing but complete lies.   These fools have spent months now trying to reassure the public that the situation at Fukushima is under control, and there is nothing to worry about, but that is an absolute LIE.

Most people are not aware that when the reactors blew, most of their guts were blown high up into the stratosphere, and much of that material became mixed with the air in the Jet Stream which circles the planet, flowing from West to East.   It was bad enough that much of the resultant radioactive material has fallen on northern Japan, turning that part of Japan into a nuclear wasteland that is deadly to humans and will be made uninhabitable for the next few thousand years, but the material caught up in the Jet Stream has been falling over North America since March, 2011, as radioactive fallout in rainwater.

Now comes the real tricky part... Reactor#3 at Fukushima was storing fuel rods made up of Uranium-Plutionium mix (MOX for short) that was blown sky high as well when the reactor#3 core exploded.  This material has also been caught up in the Jet Stream and has been falling over North America and Europe since March as well...  BUT what the general public is NOT being told is that THIS Mox fuel fallout is thousands of times more deadly than the fallout coming from the explosion of the other reactor cores because of the deadly Plutonium!   Do you see any of THIS on your media news networks?   Of course not....And this is what scares the hell out of me....

Since March, I have been following the fallout reports closely, and have presented in this blog a multitude of Youtube videos by some independent researchers showing the level of radioactivity in rainwater falling over different places in North America.   These videos are showing the truth about the radiation that we are being exposed to right here at home, and shows again how our own media and governments are too ignorant to tell the people the truth.

And what will happen next at Fukushima?  The Japanese government has been lying so long now that we know we can not trust any of their reports.  What we do know is that the cores have melted through their containment and at least two of them are right now melting into the Earth itself.   If and when these cores hit any groundwater, then a true "China Syndrome" disaster of even greater magnitude than the initial explosions back in March may occur.

Some claim that I may be a harbinger of bad news when it comes to Fukushima, but this is better than the lies we are getting from elsewhere...

About the upcoming US Presidential "Elections" (Selections):   Lets face it .. With the total domination of the US Government by Jewish power elites and their complete sucking up to the criminal state of Israel, then it really does not matter who gets elected come this November... All the American public will have is another 4 more years of "Israel first" ass-kissers....  Many may not like me saying that, but the present government, and history, have proven me correct...

About Ron Paul?  Personally I have my questions about the doctor... He ran away from the campaign in 2008 when it seemed that he had a chance to actually do something for a failing America.  It is amazing how quickly the American public has forgotten that sad piece of history... And of course there is the matter of the 40 Million dollars (some say a lot more) in campaign contributions collected for his 2008 campaign that somehow is still not fully accounted for....And then there has been his links to certain groups such as the John Birch Society (see for example Huffington Post article here ), that have many wondering about his true colors and his motives...

In Ron Paul's defense, at least he has stayed clear of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and has not been asked to partake in any of the annual Bilderberg Conferences.   And of course we are seeing now the whores in the media try to find any garbage from his past that they can paste on him in their vain attempts to destroy him.

The fact is that if Ron Paul is actually standing up for America, and is against the criminal elite in the United States, then we could see the good doctor with a few bullets in him long before he might take the Presidential oath of office come next January....

What truly makes me sick is to see the American people cry out for a savior for their nation, and to pin hope on one every 4 years in the joke called their election process... Gee...Wasn't the present clown who calls himself President, Barrack Hussein Obama, supposed to be the great "savior" and for "change" back in 2008?   I still say to Americans ... How do you like your change now that Obama has destroyed the nation?

And now of course we have the hopes and dreams for "change" and for "a better America" being pinned on Dr. Ron Paul.... But I should ask the people of the United States that rather than pin hopes for change on one individual, how about making the changes for a better nation yourselves?  The real change would occur by the people themselves standing up against the tyranny of their own government, and taking their so called "elected" politicians to task to end the criminal private banking grip on the nation, ending the Federal Reserve System, and actually forcing these so called elected representatives of the people to abide by the wishes of their own constituents rather than seeking personal greed and selfishness by their desire of Jewish money.

To me, American politics is a sad joke and because of its total fraud and corruption is nothing more than a circus....

On The Faked Apollo Moon Missions:  I still come under fire for my stance on the real history of the faked Apollo moon missions.  I cannot turn away from the truth about that piece of fabricated history, no matter what the naysayers contend. 

What the lie of Project Apollo was is a continuance of the long stream of lies throughout history.  Just in the last century, we have seen the lies behind the attack on Pearl Harbor, the lies of the Genocides of millions, the real perpetrators of the Russian revolution of 1917, the lies behind the Vietnam War, the lies behind creation of the state of Israel, the lies behind the creation of the Federal Reserve System, etc... What would having them faking a manned lunar landing as a propaganda stunt be any different?

So what exactly was the purpose of the faked moon missions?   I have come to believe that ever so often corrupt governments need to periodically conduct propaganda stunts on their own people to have the psychological effect of having them feel good about themselves and their nation as a whole.  Apollo came at a time when the US was embroiled in an illegal war in Vietnam, there was a rise of civil unrest across the nation, and many people around the nation were questioning the government  itself.   The psychological effect of suddenly being proud to be an American, and to believe in the greatness of American know-how and their own government, was much needed at the time.

OK, so some people say to me:  "Why do you even bring up the subject of Project Apollo today?  It happened so long ago, why should we care?".    I answer to them that it is relevant in showing how the lies of governments throughout history continue still to this day, and that if we do not learn from history, then we are doomed to repeat it!

Other Topics And Where To From Here:  There have been those who have read this blog that contend that I only cover a very narrow spectrum of topics... I say to them that I am slowly increasing my range of subjects and I am always open to suggestions for other material.

One subject that I have come across that I have found intriguing, but have not delved into is "Chemtrails" and the criminal spraying of our atmosphere with dangerous metals and chemicals...I do think that something is clearly going on that again our criminal governments are covering up, and  I probably will begin a series into that subject shortly...

Other subjects such as 9-11, Israel, Palestine, Global Warming, Health issues, etc, I will cover in future rants..

AND of course, there are other subjects such as UFO's, ET's, Paranormal Activities, etc, that can be looked at, but I prefer to leave alone... Too many conjectures and disinformation abound with these subjects...

I will say one thing about the idea of extraterrestrial life though... If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe and they have been visiting Earth...( I believe that if they are out there then they are presently leaving us alone and just observing us)... They are watching to see how we mature as a species, and what we are doing to this planet.   If we get ourselves into World War III and destroy mankind because of our own  arrogance, ignorance, stupidity,  and inability to stop greed and selfishness, then they will just chalk us as a dismal failure and move on to another world...There may be a sad epitaph about humanity that may go like this: "The once great planet Earth: There was no intelligent life here"

So where do we go from here?  Many may say that doing blogs is a waste of time.. I say that to sit idly by and do nothing is worse....Everyone makes their choices in life, and I have made mine..

Oh well.. Back to web surfing and digging through mountains of source material...

More to come



Anonymous said...

I come by occasionally to see what your reporting on, I was a blogger for a long time, but like you said, it seemed a waste of time. Now I still blog and report along with many like minded jew wise individuals, all with a common goal, all in the same place
Now many more people read my own material and other news sources so in the end I gave up the individualistic blog & am glad I did
Closing in on 8,000 posts/ threads and 200 individual blogs
see my work here

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have never seen your blog, until now....but now I will keep tabs....