Monday, January 30, 2012

Newest Video By Dr. David Duke: Will Israel Assassinate Obama?

I have been a follower of  Dr. David Duke's work, and have been following the material at his website: www,,  for a very long time.   His work has always been under fire by Jewish organizations such as the SPLC, the ADL, AIPAC, etc, and has been falsely labeled as being "antisemitic".  However, after a long time of studying his work and his message, I have long come to the conclusion that these criminal organizations are using slurs and false labels against Dr. David Duke for the simple reason that he is speaking the truth about their crimes against humanity, and his tireless efforts in trying to expose their crimes for everyone to see for themselves.

For this article, I want to present the newest video just released by David Duke.  It is entitled: "Will Israel Assassinate Obama?", and  focuses on the recent article by the Jewish publisher, Adler, where he called for Jews in the United States to consider the assassination of the US President as a means of supporting the criminal state of Israel.   I have some more comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The only conflicting points that I have with David Duke is the fact that Israel was fully responsible for the 9-11 attacks, period.  To say that the Mossad was following the so called terrorists before and on the day of 9-11 is wrong, when evidence is clearly showing that the Mossad themselves are the terrorists.

Personally, I am still absolutely appalled that the Jewish newspaper publisher, Adler, was not arrested and charged with threatening the US President with assassination.   If it was anyone else other than a Jew who printed such a threat, I guarantee that person would be in jail and up on serious charges of criminality.  But again, we have one set of laws for the chosen ones, and another for everyone else...

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wethepeople1 said...

As comical as you might find it, I e-mailed both the Atlanta Police department Chief and the publisher at the Atlanta Daily World.I asked why Andrew Adler had not been arrested or detained and questioned for his recent column suggesting Obama be assassinated.... still waiting for a reply. LOL

brian morrison said...

ever so subtly, dr. duke lends legitimacy to the notion that 19 arabs with box cutters did 9/11 AND that alCIAda actually exists as an arab 'terrorist' organization. he's too intelligent to not know this is what he's doing. i.e., he must know exactly what he's doing.
a logical question would be - WHY?
an emotional question would be - HOW?

and by the way... we haven't had a president in this country for quite some time. this whole assassination ruse is just that. a ruse.

Northerntruthseeker said...

That is why in my own comments I showed how I do not agree with David Duke's assessment of 9-11... He sticks to the idea that they were "watching" the terrorists, when in fact they were the terrorists themselves!

Yes the United States has not had a real President for quite a while now... Just a bunch of Israeli ass kissers!

That is why the American people need to sorely awaken, take their country back, and get representatives that actually support the United States ONLY!

Northerntruthseeker said...

You also must remember that David Duke was a politician, and still wants to be... In doing so, he has to beat around the bush when it comes to the truth about 9-11... To me, that is appalling.. He should not have any fear of telling the truth about 9-11, no matter how hard the truth is for most people to absorb.