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Israel Did 9-11: Judaica And 9-11 Part Two

With the continuing clamouring by both the criminal state of Israel and their slave minions in the United States for a new war against the peaceful nation of Iran, we sometimes forget about the fact that this evil nation, Israel,  along with their useful idiots (Sayanim) and spy agents (Mossad) operating in the United States itself, were fully responsible for the attacks of September 11th, 2001.   It is indeed sad about how the American public still has not awakened to that fact, and are going to be led down the path to global war by these criminals.

Yesterday, I put up part one of Video Rebel's newest report on the attacks of 9-11, entitled: "Judaica and 9-11, Part I".     Now I want to present his followup report, that comes from his blog at, "Part II", for everyone to view here in its entirety.  I do have my usual comments to follow:

Judaica And 911 Part II

This is an expanded version of a reply I made to an email from a Jewish woman. We all deal with Jewish people in our daily lives and some of us even have Jewish relatives. And a few of my readers are either Jewish or partially Jewish descent.
I have never said all Jews are either evil or insane. Nor am I at war with all Jewish people. But it is clear that the Jewish leaders have declared war on me and all Goyim. 911 was done by Israel and by Jewish leaders in America. But more importantly it was covered up by the Jewish controlled press worldwide. They were aided by every Jew who either intimidated co-workers or fired employees who talked about 911 being an Inside Job. They did nor want the truth of 911 to be an issue knowing that it would trace back to Israel. But 911 Truth is coming out and all the Jewish social capital has already been expended. What will they do next to stifle dissent? Start a war, declare martial law and throw millions of Americans into concentration camps?
I told her that Jewish people also need to distance themselves from Wall Street which stole 30 trillion dollars from her fellow Americans. The Jewish leadership partially covered it up by inflating the currency which will lead to hyperinflation and a 50% pay cut for her neighbors. In the last Depression only 3 million Americans died from starvation. I expect 9 million to die in the next one. Americans have over 300 million guns and 10 billion bullets. In less than two years I expect hyperinflation and a 30% unemployment rate. What do you think will happen when 48 million Americans on Food Stamps and 68 million other poor people have no way to buy food because Jewish leaders insisted on their right to steal every last penny from the Goyim? Even if the Goyim are willing to go without food for three days to prove they are not anti-Semitic, what is your plan as a Jewish person for surviving on the fourth day?
A sizable number of the 20 million plus Jewish people in America need to distance themselves from their self-appointed leaders. They need to stand up and tell the truth that 911 was done by Israel and by traitors inside the American government.
Jewish and Goyim bankers need to be arrested for fraud. The Federal Reserve is designed to transfer wealth from those who work for a living to the bankers who won the right to create our dollars when they passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Israelis and American Jewish leaders joined forces to kill President Kennedy on the 53rd anniversary of the secret meeting that created the Federal Reserve. JFK was also murdered because Israel wanted nuclear weapons so nobody could stop them whenever they feel the need to commit genocide. There are 300 million Arabs living in the area from the Nile to the Euphrates. The land the Zionists all claim as Greater Israel. Israel’s goal is to dispossess or kill most of those people.
I need to mention the assassination of Martin Luther King who was murdered because he opposed the war in Vietnam and was going to organize an effective opposition. Martin was a Goy so he wanted an effective movement that would change things as opposed to all the phony Jewish anti-war socialist types who took over after his assassination. Like Kennedy King was assassinated on an important anniversary which was a message to you. MLK was killed one year to the day of his April 4th anti-war speech at the Riverside church in New York. The messages of the JFK and MLK assassinations are that you are not allowed to say No either to senseless wars or to the looting of your nation. In case you have not guessed it. This country for the time being is theirs and not yours. That was the third message of the assassinations of JFK. RFK and MLK.
Jewish people know how their self-appointed leaders rise to the top. The Goyim need to know how it works too. The Jewish bankers compete for the trade in laundering trillion dollars a year in drug money. They also launder 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons. And don’t forget the 500 billion dollars a year in political bribes. The banker who hires the most assassins wins. The rest of the Jews must obey the dictates of this network of psychopaths. Because the 20th century was a Jewish century the Goyim had to accept whatever the dictates of the Zionist Criminal Family. If the Jewish leaders say Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction, then we must believe the lie and go to war spending a trillion dollars we don’t have and killing lots of people we will never get to know.
Please remember all the famines, Depressions, Inflations, revolutions, Gulags and wars of the last century were done when the Jews were in charge. The 21st century is shaping up to be even worse. The next Depression will give us worldwide famine, food riots, hyperinflation, wars and – I think – killer plagues.
I can categorically state that the Jews will not be in charge of anything by the end of the 21st century. There might not be a planet left. But whatever is here will not be run by Jews. Jews know the majority of their people are unfit to run a government because they cannot see a non-Jew as a real human being.
Do you really want to live in a nation where as a Jewish person you are required to spy on your neighbors and co-workers reporting any incidents of clear thinking to the secret police? How does it benefit you as a Jewish person to make honesty and integrity fatal diseases? A friend of mine from Kiev told me that during the 1930s the Jews used to call the secret police to report their neighbors for being Christians and other such capital offenses. The Stalinist regime was killing millions of Goyim every year. The Jews of Russia had killed 350,000 priests when they first took over. As payment for their loyalty, they allowed the criminals in the secret police to rape more than half a million Goyim women to death. Stalin starved 10 million Ukrainians to death so he knew he had to keep a firm grip on the situation. 9 million America will starve to death if we do not recognize the cancer that passes for leadership in America. The easy way to change our future is for the Jewish people to help the Goyim by telling the truth about 911 and the Holohoax. The hard way would be for the Jews in their local community to go to the nearest WalMart and say, “WalMart is a Jewish company. Food riots are anti-Semitic. You won’t get anything to eat except over our dead bodies.”
I met a Jewish woman whose son died of a drug overdose. How did it benefit her as a Jewish mother to give her government over to drug dealers? I think she would just rather have her son back.
Jewish leaders and their Goyim allies are allowed to steal 4 billion dollars a week from federal spending. The common folk are not allowed to audit the books. In June of 2010 the federal deficit was 68 billion dollars. But the Jewish leaders and their Goyim allies sold 211 billion dollars in Treasury bonds allowing the Lords of Wall Street to pocket the 143 billion dollar difference. This can only happen because a majority of Jewish people let it happen. How does the destruction of America by criminals make the average Jewish person better off?
A young Jewish woman speaking of the intelligent Goyim once said to me, “Only the worst people love us. The really nice ones do not like us.” She was referring to what Jewish people allow to happen in their name.
Sheikh Imran Hosein tells us that Muslim prophecy says Arabs will be wiped out by a plague at the end of history. The Foundations and the think tanks funded by Wall Street and the City of London all say we must reduce the population from 7 billion to a billion or fewer people. This is academic speak for ‘Let’s kill 6 billion human beings.’ I think Jewish leaders want Jews to be 10% of the world’s population. The Jewish people have already won the title as the greatest mass murderers in human history. How does killing 6 billion enrich the average Jewish person’s life?
I have been analyzing exit paths from the current situation for the Bilderberg-Zionist criminal elite. There is no way out for them but to surrender peacefully. In a few days I will write an essay explaining their available exit strategies. Everything they are planning will lead to their death. Peace is the only solution that makes sense.
The war the Jews declared against us will end soon. One way or another. It will all be over very, very soon.
PS. Please do not post inflammatory comments. I am trying to get an open dialogue going. You might want to copy your favorite essays from this blog and others as well. The Police State is rapidly approaching. Blogs and people will soon be disappearing. You might want to check back into this blog to see if it is still here. It might be banned from sites that have advertisers.
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NTS Notes:  It is amazing even to myself on how well these criminals worked diligently to cover for the crimes of their fellow tribe members in committing the murderous attacks of 9-11.

I too can understand Horse237's plight when it comes to where the Jews in America stand when it comes to the criminality of their fellow tribe members...  However, I do believe strongly that the majority would still sell out their host nation, America, in a heartbeat if it helps the criminal state of Israel in any manner.  Such is their tribal mentality.

The facts he presents are absolutely true... The Jewish people are directly or indirectly responsible for all of the major wars in the last century, and many of the other conflicts in our recorded history as well.

You could make the argument that the two world wars were for their banking and world dominion interests.   World War One financed by the Rothschilds to break and bankrupt the nations of Europe and to bring in their first attempt at world government (League of Nations 1919) and to set the eventual grounds for their illegal seizure of Palestine (Balfour Declaration 1917) to have their planned nation of Israel formed.

But because their attempt at world government via the League of Nations after World War I failed, they had to have and finance World War II to again push for world government (United Nations 1945), bankrupt more nations, and finally to have their evil entity on earth, Israel, created (1948).

In between these conflicts,  they also are responsible for the Bolshevik (Jewish) Revolution in Russia which of course killed some 60+ million Russians.   Including all other wars attributed to their evil actions, we have some 250 million people perishing in the last century alone by their actions.. So to them, as Horse237 says, it will be nothing to them to see another 6 billion perish for their eventual goal of world domination.

When further followups to this article become available, I will bring them forward here for everyone to view.... Stay tuned..

More to come


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Anonymous said...

I agree with your opinion, NTS. There is an effort among editorialists to separate innocent Jews from guilty Jews in America, but the indoctrination of the majority is so deeply instilled that Israel and Jewish power in America have all their loyalty. I see it here in my own community when Jewish voices express themselves publicly.
"I too can understand Horse237's plight when it comes to where the Jews in America stand when it comes to the criminality of their fellow tribe members... However, I do believe strongly that the majority would still sell out their host nation, America, in a heartbeat if it helps the criminal state of Israel in any manner. Such is their tribal mentality."