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Israel Did 9-11: Judaica And 9-11 Part One

With the rush towards war with Iran in support of "America's greatest ally", the criminal state of Israel, we sometimes need to be reminded of just how "great" this so called "ally" truly is.   One of the glaring examples that the American public tends to forget is of course the Israeli Mossad operation against the United States of America on September 11th, 2001. 

For this article, I want to present part one of a new report that comes from fellow real truth seeker, "Horse237" who writes the blog: Video Rebel's Blog, at   The report is entitled: "Judaica And 9-11 Part I", and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves.   Of course, I have some of my own comments to follow:

Judaica And 911 Part I

The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology analyzed the DNA of the passengers and crew of Flight 77 which was alleged to have struck the Pentagon. They found no Arab DNA. In the references below I have published a list of passengers and crew of the four hijacked 911 airplanes. There were no Arabs on any of the planes. 

These planes were most likely hijacked electronically. This had been possible since the 1990s when SPC announced its Command Transmitter System. It allows the user to control up to eight planes at one time. 

Rabbi Dov Zakheim was President of SPC International in the 1990s and Comptroller of the Pentagon on September 10, 2001 when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars in DOD money had gone missing. 

At 9:32 am on 9-11-2001 a bomb went off that killed the military auditors looking for that 2.3 trillion dollars that Rumsfeld and Zakheim had announced they could not find. You will never see a witness to that bomb on Jewish owned American TV networks. Nor will you see a reporter ask the FBI Director to explain how Al Qaeda got inside the Pentagon to plant those bombs. 

Robert Andrews on 9-11 was Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations-the top civilian official in charge of special operations. He was a former Green Beret. He was in the Counter Terrorism Center when he said he saw and heard a bomb go off in the auditing section next door at just before 9:32 am.

The following is from Barbara Honegger’s The Pentagon Attack Papers

The Naudet brothers from Canada were filming a documentary in Manhattan on 9-11. They were inside a New York City fire station when they recorded a TV broadcast shortly after 9:30 reporting an attack at the Pentagon.

Denmark’s soon-to-be Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller was in a building in Washington, D.C. on 9/11 from which he heard an explosion, looked out and saw the smoke first rise from the Pentagon. He immediately looked at his watch which read 9:32 am. 

The Washington Post interviewed military officers who said they heard a bomb.

There was no serial number on the Flight Data Recorder the military alleges it recovered from the Pentagon crash site. This missing serial number is contrary to US law.

The FBI never released any serial numbers from any plane parts found at the alleged crash site for Flight 77 at the Pentagon.

There was never one part from any of the 4 planes with an identifiable serial number traced to any of the 4 hijacked planes ever found. 

On the day of 9-11 Jamie McIntyre from CNN said on a live TV broadcast he never saw any evidence of a plane impact at the Pentagon. 6 years later he denied saying what today is still available on YouTube.

Dulles air traffic control radar reported that Flight 77 was several minutes away when the Pentagon had already been attacked.

Let’s take another look at the World Trade Center on 9-11. 2.3 trillion dollars went missing from the Pentagon before the bombs took out the auditors on 911. Did anything go missing at the WTC?

There was a COMEX vault containing gold and silver bullion in the basement four levels down at WTC Tower 4. A billion dollars in gold and silver went missing from the COMEX on 9-10-2001.

Jim Willie PhD told us that the Treasury Department in the 1990s sold 2.2 trillion dollars more in Treasury bonds than were required to finance the debt. The evidence for this theft of 2.2 trillion dollars was in the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald at One World Trade Center on 9-11-2001. All the evidence was conveniently vaporized.

WTC7 was never hit by a plane but for some unknown reason just sort of fell down right after federal agents told New York cops to clear the area. Jane Stanley announced the collapse of WTC 7 live on the BBC more than 20 minutes before it happened. The BBC said they had been told by Reuters that the 47 story building had already fallen down. Reuters is owned by the Rothschilds who have also bought Associated Press. I should point out that the British go off Summer Time before the US goes off Daylight Savings time which explains the error made by conspirators in America and England. 

Other anomalies from New York on 911.

Many of the WTC steel columns were cut into 30 foot lengths, a convenient size for the steel to be carried away by removal crews. Can you explain why jet fuel and office fires would be so precise in their measurement of the steel girders they cut?

Prior to the first plane hitting the North Tower janitors and building engineers in the basement reported blasts that killed and injured several workers.

The North and South Towers had 47 central core steel columns and 236 perimeter columns for a total of 283. For the buildings to fall straight down at nearly free fall speed all 283 connections from the columns to each of the 110 floors in both buildings had to be cut within a second of each other. Keeping in mind open air fires cannot reach half of the temperature required to melt steel, how do you explain (2 X 110 X 283) 62,260 connections in the two Towers all being severed simultaneously by an office fire? Isn’t this a definition of a controlled demolition?

Molten iron was still at the WTC weeks after 911 when the rubble was being removed. This has never been seen before or since in office fires.

Human bones were found on the roof of the Deutsche bank building across the street from the WTC. The bones were all centimeters in size. How do you explain office fires cutting human bones to such small sizes and depositing them on the roof of the nearby building?

On 9-11 cars a block away from the WTC exploded. How do you explain that by office fires?

WTC Towers 1 and 2 both weighed 500,000 tons (453,592,400 kilograms) each. 1,000,000 tons (907,184,800 Kilograms) of debris were supposed to have fallen on tanks in the lowest level of the 5 basement floors of WTC 1 and 2. Yet those tanks were not damaged by the collapse of the Towers but were severely damaged by the debris removal crew. The 1,000,000 tons were turned into dust. The debris pile was too small for the Towers. They did not melt in the fire as steel and concrete do not melt until 2,200 (1204.4) and 3,000 (1815.6) degrees respectively. Office fires cannot do any of these things.

Thermite was invented in 1893 in Germany. It has been used by welders for more than a 100 years to cut metal. Thermite has a metal oxide which increases the size of its flame by releasing oxygen. Sulfur, magnesium and aluminum can be added to increase the intensity of the burn. Nanothermite is available only from above top secret labs in the US and Israel. It’s fine milling and high surface area relative to its nanometer size volume allows it to reach a temperature of 5,200 degrees (2871.11 Celsius) and burn through steel girders in seconds. It can be sprayed on to a target and detonated later after it dries. Nanothermite flakes were found by multiple scientists and sent to different labs for testing.

A 600,000 pound (272,155.44 Kilogram) chunk of steel was severed from the WTC and blown 400 feet (121.92 Meters) into WTC Tower 3. Can you calculate the force required to throw a 600,000 pound object 400 feet? Hint: Force equals mass times acceleration. Exploding jet fuel and office fires cannot do such things.

911 was not just in Inside Job. It was not done by Bush and Cheney alone. It was not done by either the Vatican or the Mafia. And it was certainly not done by Muslims.

After the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, Dan Rather was given a copy of the Zapruder film. It clearly showing JFK was shot from his front and not the rear where the patsy Oswald was working. Dan Rather told the radio audience on the day of the assassination that the Zapruder film showed the shooter had to be behind the President. Dan Rather lied and went on to become the anchor of CBS News and Jew Report. When he retired, he had the nerve to sue claiming a violation of his journalistic integrity. The November 29, 1963 issue of Life magazine had 30 of the 468 Zapruder film frames but pulled the same trick on the public as Dan Rather had done. They put the frames in reverse order to fool the Goyim about the murder of their beloved President.

Only the Jews have sufficient power in enough areas of American life to have done the assassinations and coverups of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy and Martin Luther King and get away with it. 

Only the Jews have enough power to steal 30 trillion dollars without one Jew going to jail. Only the Jews have enough power to blow up the Oklahoma City federal building on 4-19-1995 killing 168 people including 19 children and get away with it. And only the Jews acting together against America could have done 911 and cover it up. That is why I say.

Judaica did 911 and not just Israel alone. 

This concludes part I. I will publish part II in 24 hours in which I will discuss the implications of Jews committing treason and suicide en masse.

Author’s Notes:

No Arabs On The 4 Hijacked 911 Airliners
Barbara Honegger And The Pentagon Attack Papers in 2 Minutes

911: Short And Powerful Questions
Videos: When Did Israel Declare War On America?
Americans Deserve Better Than This From The Jews

NTS Notes:  Oh, how quickly the American public forgets about the Israeli Mossad false flag attack on the United States on September 11th, 2001.

You may ask why I am bringing up the 9-11 attacks again?  Is it not obvious?  The criminal Israelis may shortly try another false flag attack on the United States by attacking the USS Enterprise in the Persian Gulf to be blamed on Iran as a method of getting their nice little war against Iran off and running.  That will only follow their pattern of false flag attacks on their "friend" the United States, such as the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon in 1983, the attack on the USS Cole in 1999 in Yemen, the attack on America on 9-11, etc.... Until the American public finally wakes up to the fact that these criminals are not their friends, they will continue to conduct these operations with impunity! 

Always remember the motto of the Israeli Mossad:  BY WAY OF DECEPTION, THOU SHALT DO WAR!

It especially makes me disgusted about how the American president went and recently produced a totally disgusting video about America having an "Unshakeable Bond" with Israel, when this so called "friend" went and killed some 3000 innocent Americans on 9-11.  

There are of course other issues not covered in this section by Horse237, especially the parts played by Odigo instant messaging services, and of course the 5 Mossad agents celebrating the planes hitting the WTC complex... But they may be covered in future parts that I will definitely bring forward here once they are released... So stay tuned..

More to come



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Right On! Brave Soul.

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Just starting another fire.
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@northerntruthseeker. Yesterday I referred to your blog about your latest Fukushima news at The Ugly Truth. This is a reply on these two diamondlike - you see their value as well- Judaica essays of vidrebel horse 237, but the internet stasi has apparently erased the posting button from his site:

Great post, Maestro, as always.
Headphones on bring this news, while reading your essay in the Royal Library library in The Hague,
Holland: a rather small faction in the Parliament called the Christen Unie (Christian Union) wanted
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No green light for it, The news concludes: freedom of speech and opinion is more important.I'll mail them your essasy.

Yesterday, after posting @Sheik Imran Husein+Mark Genn at The Ugly Truth, going for a walk, grey weather, entering a church a for phone call with God, on leaving: a motor bike police officer in yellow blue has parked his motorbike at the crossroad to stop the traffic but there is none, beside me and the community gardners in flashy plastic orange rainsuits, the dark blue car with the AA numberplate and the smal orange blue flag in front of Beatrix is passing in the wind. She is President of the Bilderberg massmurderers founded by her Nazi dad Bernhard.....she sure has
something to explain.

(...) The war the Jews declared against us will end soon. One way or another. It will all be over very, very soon(...)

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Part II is up.