Saturday, January 7, 2012

Interesting Video By Patrick AKA "Snordelhans"... Jew Tentacles

When a video or article comes along that comes right to the point about exactly WHO is fully responsible for the mess that this world is presently in, and is responsible for the disasters that may unfold shortly such as full economic collapse of the entire planet and possibly World War III, I make it my duty to present such information here in this blog for everyone to see...

Right now, I want to present an amazing video that comes from Patrick, aka Youtube user "Snordelhans" entitled: "Jew Tentacles".   It tells it exactly like it is, and holds no punches in naming the criminals that are ruining this planet right now by name.    I have my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The more that I have delved into factual information about who has been responsible for the crimes committed against humanity for the last few centuries at least, the more that I have begun to move away from the idea that the criminals are purely "Zionists",  but instead are the entire "tribe" of Jews themselves.

I have long said for the Jews who know about the crimes committed by their fellow "Chosen Ones" to come forward and act in the best interests of all humanity.  But what we are seeing is even these who clearly know the crimes committed are doing absolutely nothing to stop them.   That to me makes them just as guilty by being accessories to the crimes themselves!

This is another in a long line of wake up calls for everyone.   It is really time for all of us to take these criminals to task, expose their crimes, and put an end to their push for world domination once and for all.

Yes there are those who will suddenly scream the outright lie of "Anti-Semitism" at people such as myself.  I have always asked them to first show that they themselves are actually Semites before they can make such a silly accusation.  And as the video in my left hand column about the truth about Antisemitism clearly shows... That accusation is nothing more than a trick and a lie that has been used to cover for their criminality.

People must no longer be afraid to say who these criminals really are by name!

More to come


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