Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Important Video By Snordelhans: USS Enterprise False Flag!

The USS Enterprise was first commissioned way back in 1961 as the largest naval aircraft carrier ever built.  It had a stop speed of some 35+ knots, is over 1100 feet long, and at a time when it was at its peak, could carry a maximum of 100 aircraft.   It has served the US Navy well for some 50 years now, but it has outlived its usefulness, it is way past its expectant lifespan, and is due to be decommissioned, at an expensive cost to taxpayers, later this year.   So the question again becomes.. WHY is the US Government and their military sending this massive piece of scrap metal off to the Persian Gulf region and in possible harms way when it comes to the impending war with Iran?

I put up an article in this blog yesterday showing clear evidence that the placement of the USS Enterprise in the Persian Gulf is for the criminals, who want their nice little evil war against Iran off and running, to carry out a false flag attack against the ship using the criminal state of Israel's dolphin class submarines.   I have not wavered from my belief that is EXACTLY what these evil monsters want to put the blame on Iran and to have America at war against that peaceful nation.

Now to further back up the allegations that we are seeing a false flag operation soon to unfold, I want to present this newest video by Patrick, aka.. Snordelhans, entitled: "USS Enterprise False Flag!".   I want everyone to please watch this video and take heed of its warning.    I do have some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  As I have stated before, and as shown in this great video, these criminal monsters are now desperate to get the gullible Americans to go and fight and die for their evil and sick nation of Israel.   They are banking that the Americans are so dumbed down and distracted by the fluff of their brainwashing media, that many will not notice the false flag operation unfolding, and will quickly support their criminal government when it calls for war against Iran as a result of an attack on the Enterprise.

PLEASE...Take this video, and pass it around to everyone around you.   The public must be made fully aware of this criminal act before they are able to pull it off and possibly cause World War III as a result.   People need to wake the hell up quickly, because this upcoming war could see the end of the United States, and possibly all humanity as we know it.

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Frank Fredenburg said...

This article reminded me about the World Trade Center. The asbestos insulation had to be removed. It would have cost billions of dollars to repair. More than that the building was worth. They needed to get rid of the old building cheap. Silverstein picked up a pretty penny from the insurance too!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Frank.. I put up all that info in my last article!

Great minds do think alike...