Monday, January 30, 2012

A Great Video Showing What Some Of The "Chosen Ones" Really Think Of The Rest Of Humanity!

It am truly sick and tired when the so called "Chosen Ones", the Jews, constantly cry "racism", "hatred", and even the lie of "antisemitism", when in fact some of them are THE most racist, and hateful people on planet Earth.   I  have seen already countless examples of their hate for their fellow human beings, especially in their total intolerance and criminal actions conducted against the Palestinians, and every one of their neighbouring countries.

What I want to present to everyone to see for themselves is the following Youtube video, entitled: "Jewess Launches Racial Tirade Against Gentiles On The Bus".   In this video, you can see for yourselves how some of these so called "chosen ones" truly act, and how some treat and picture all other people on planet Earth.    I must warn my readers that this video is absolutely disgusting to see.    I do have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I was able to get the transcript of this insane "woman''s tirade from fellow truth seeker, Zion Crime Factory, at, and what she says is truly hateful and alarming:

@ 0:03 she is berating the bus driver and says “you’re like a disease”
@ 0:13 the driver stops the bus and the jewess says to him “What do you want GOY [i.e. non-jew]? What’dya want GOY?” … a passenger says “he’s the driver” … jewess responds, “He’s a GOY!”
@ 0:39 the jewess says to a passenger “your grin is gonna turn to blood. May your grin turn to blood [repeats this several times]“
@ 1:01 – 1:14 the jewess says “I’m calling the Mashiach [Hebrew Messiah] to kill you. Serve the Jews or die. I’m part of the Rebbe’s campaign and I don’t ever want the Messiah coming for you ever. I want you to be completely abandoned and I want you to turn into a slave.”
@ 1:16 onward: jewess snarls and proclaims, “I’m a Jewess, every mikvah I kill you retarded Nazis” (followed by some chant or curse in Hebrew) “every mikvah I do kills you Nazis… Every Nazi I kill is all for the Jewish people.”
@ 1:44 the disturbed jewess says to a female passenger (out of view), “now shut your nasty mouth or suck a cock. How much cock have you sucked you gnarly girl? You suck that cock? Put it in your throat girl you gotta get that cum everywhere, you little ho, you little Nazi girl, you’re naughty, you’re naughty..”

I wanted to present this video to show those who continue to call some bloggers, and myself, racist and hatemongers,  exactly how their own fellow tribe members really act, and how they themselves are the ones spewing out all the hateful rhetoric today.

What is truly surprising in this video is the fact that the bus driver himself failed to act to protect those poor children who were sitting next to this vile creature from her horrific tirade.   It does appear that he did not want to act, otherwise that overweight person would just scream out "antisemitism", and the bus driver could have lost his job!

Again, if this person was anyone other than a Jew, there would have been immediate action to either throw her off the bus or force her to stop her tirade.... This is again an example of how there is one set of rules for these so called "chosen ones", and another for everyone else.

Please spread this video and copy it quickly... I guarantee that the criminal Jews in charge of Youtube will shortly have this video removed from Youtube all together to prevent everyone to see what these people are truly all about.

More to come


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Anonymous said...

how come we have to be moderate and them,could be aggressive toward others?they are not choosen this is fake these are the children of the sin of EVE and SNAKE.and i am sure their snake father eloha will not able to save them