Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: New Video Showing More Evidence Of Radiation Damage To The Pacific Eco-System

I am truly shocked by the complete lack of any mainstream media reports about the still ongoing situation with the crippled nuclear power station at Fukushima, Japan.   Only through the alternative media has anyone actually been getting any truthful information that this massive nuclear disaster is still out of control, and that several of the reactor cores are now through the concrete floor containment chambers and melting into the Earth itself.    A much larger disaster than even the original explosions back in March, 2011, may be coming very soon.

I have been posting up articles for a long time now showing definitive proof of radiation poisoning from the fallout from the Fukushima disaster falling all over North America.   There has also been evidence coming out that wildlife in Japan itself, and along the Pacific west coast of the United States and Canada, are now showing definitive signs of damage due to radiation exposure.

Now, I want to present another interesting video, simply entitled: "Radioactive Seaweed" that shows again how radioactive particles from the Fukushima disaster is now getting into the food chain itself in the Pacific Ocean.   I have that video right here, and of course, some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This is indeed alarming, because a lot of marine life is dependent on Seaweed for part of its food consumption.   What is also shocking from this video is that this seaweed is already packaged up and ready to be sold and to be consumed by humans!

Yes, the damage to the Pacific food chain is now apparent and is definitely wide spread across the north Pacific.   What we are witnessing is radioactive contamination of much of the north Pacific Ocean itself, with serious repercussions such as the loss of much of the north Pacific fisheries.  Considering the importance of fish as part of the food staples of countries such as Japan and Korea, this is a disaster!    It could take decades before the contamination is reduced and anything in the north Pacific is safe for human consumption.

Again, where the hell are our governments in all this?   The silence is absolutely deafening.....

More to come


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Anonymous said...

this explains why i've seen pallets of cases full of South Korean produced seaweed in a local warehouse food store - at a price i've never seen before -very low, too good to be a-okay,
now i know why

and damn my luck, i already ate a case of the stuff

great, just frickin great, son of a b....

i do appreciate you for posting this info