Sunday, January 22, 2012

Astonishing Video: I Didn't Know The US President Was Running For The Presidency Of Israel?

The criminal state of Israel is in total control of the United States of America.  More and more every day I see evidence of that statement being absolute fact.   And in spite of the overwhelming evidence, the American public in general has no idea how much their own government does everything possible to pander to Israeli and American Jewish interests.. Even to the point that their actions could be considered as acts of treason!

I came across this Youtube video the other day, and I could not believe what I was seeing.  I have that video right here for everyone to see for themselves.  It is entitled: "America And Israel: An Unbreakable Bond", and as the title of this article states... I didn't know that the US President is now running for the office of President of Israel?   I do have some additional comments to follow... And I do warn you, after watching this pure piece of garbage, you may want to puke!

NTS Notes:  Ok... Is everyone just as sick as I am after watching this piece of pure garbage and propaganda?   THIS is political pandering to Jewish interests to the point that it could almost be treasonous!

I thought that as President of the United States, his duties lie with the needs of the American citizens, period.   But after what I see from this putrid video, it does appear that the President is nothing more than a stooge of American Jewish interests, and a total Israeli ass-kisser!

This is one video that everyone should see for themselves as a wake up call to the facts again that the American government absolutely does not care about the American people that actually elected them... Their only interests lie with obeying their orders given to them by their Jewish masters.. Even now to the point that these sinister and evil creatures will have the US attacking another innocent country, Iran, for the glory of the criminal state of Israel.

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Anonymous said...

"Forget Primaries. Forget Caucuses. Forget Conventions. The 2012 US presidential election is already over. President Barack Hussein Obama has been re-elected for his second term in office. It doesn't matter who you'll vote for. You see, it matters who'll count the votes. And it isn't Americans. It's software, pre-programmed offshore to give you, the US taxpayer, the illusory impression that you have any say. You don't. The dice are loaded, the decks are stacked against the people by those who really run the United States, and benefit ffrom $3b+ of your tax dollars annually. So, without further ado, we present to you, The President of the United States for the next four years, endorsed by his handlers, and the people who really make that decision.....and that ain't you! Barring his being assassinated by the Mossad, I've already made several $100 wagers on this, and I know my money is safe. This shatters the myth that the United States of America is a democracy. It is a serf nation beholden to its Masters."

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Disgusting. Lies. Truly horribly misleading.

When he says, "These are facts" after mentioning the validity of the "6 million" I almost tossed my cookies.

They blatantly lie and expect rapt silent or enthusiastic acceptance from the peons. They just don't care any more.

It will get worse as the elections move along.

jim233 said...

No doubt NTS, I lost my cookies watching this garbage. Total lies!
Hopefully the sheeple are starting to see these blatant lies for what they are,pure propaganda.
Figure it out folks!

wethepeople1 said...

This video reaffirms my belief that American voters have been slowly brainwashed by the Zionist leaders in Washington. We the people can put an end to this by voting for Dr. Ron Paul in the upcoming presidential election. Stop the lies and deception before it is too late!