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The Apollo Moon Hoax: The Audio Delay Problem - The Fancy Delays Of Transmission With The Moon (Continued)

One of the main goals of this blog is for the full exposure of all the LIES in our so called History.  One of the major lies of history that I have been out to expose for its fraudulence and criminality has been the absolute lie that we put men on the moon during the period of 1969-1972.

Sadly, there is still a majority of Americans today, and many around the world, that actually do believe the massive American National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) lie that they were able to land 6 small manned craft on the lunar surface during their Apollo missions of 1969-1972.   It is indeed a bitter pill for many of them to swallow in knowing that it was a massive propaganda stunt pulled off by very nefarious individuals in both NASA and the US Government.  The fact is that the Apollo moon landing fraud worked beyond their wildest imaginations by fooling BILLIONS of people initially.   

Now with full research into the outlandish and impossible scientific claims made by NASA through the Apollo program, the errors discovered in the videos and still pictures,  along with the fact that mankind has not sent anyone since the time of "Apollo" any higher than about 300 miles up into Low Earth Orbit, and that the US government has scrapped their intentions of sending men "back to the moon", we can see by closer scrutiny today that it was indeed all a massive hoax.

In my last report on exposing the lies of Project Apollo (link here), I showed an amazing video from  fellow Apollo hoax researcher, "Hunchbacked", where he followed up on my previous article showing the problems with the audio delay between the Earth and the Moon, dating from December, 2011 (link here).   The audio delay problem in transmissions between the Earth and the Moon could be in fact the long sought after "Holy Grail" of the exposure of Project Apollo as a massive hoax and swindle, as far as I am concerned.

For this article, I want to present the newest video by "Hunchbacked" that follows up his previous video exposing problems with audio delay in transmissions between Houston control and the Astro-NOTs on the "Lunar" surface.    It shows more evidence that answers the few critics of this information, and further exposes NASA's Project Apollo for the massive fraud that it truly was.  I do have some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:   Again, try as they might...The firm believers of Project Apollo being real cannot avoid the law of physical science where as the speed of light in a vacuum is still 186,200 miles (300000 kilometres) per second.   

The distance from the Earth to the moon, one way, is approximately 240,000 miles (380000 kilometres) which means that sound and video which adheres to the speed of light in transmissions needs a full 2.52 seconds minimum round trip for a response to any signal sent from Earth to the Moon.   There is also the other factors that are not included, such as the time delay for the ENTIRE message to be received by the "Astronauts" before they actually process the incoming information in their brains and then reply back.... That should have added at least a 1/2 second to the delay time, minimum.  But do we see any minimum 3 second delay in many of the original transmissions?  They are few and far between, when the fact is that they must be absolutely happening all the time!

The fact is that the lack of critical delay for the Earth-Moon distance in transmissions shows positive proof that the so called "Astronauts" were absolutely NOT on the Lunar surface... They were right here on Planet Earth or at Low Earth Orbit....

Many have asked why the transmission delay problem was not looked at sooner?  Personally, I cannot answer for why this important fact was for the longest time overlooked...All I can reply is that it is about time that this comes forward and is made fully aware to everyone!

It is time to put the lie of Project Apollo out of its misery.   We deserve real historical records and not to be led astray by historical fraud.

More to come



Anonymous said...

NT, good stuff here. always mean to spend more time on this topic and glad to know you've been working it.

The burden of proof is on the official story since all others are bogus if they're important.

Frank Fredenburg said...

Why didn't the Soviets expose it as a hoax? We used the moon landing to prove to the world that our system was superior to their communist system. They had a space program and their scientists and military would have known the problems with going. Why to this day haven't they exposed it? Their ground tracking stations would have surely been able to tell that the craft didn't leave earth orbit.
As far as our government doing it, if they would do 9/11, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the coverup of the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, plus involvement in the Pearl Harbor attack, as well as all the other scurrilous acts they have committed, of course they are capable of it. This is small fry compared to gunning down an American President in broad daylight.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Frank.. What you need to understand is that the entire Cold War was a total fraud... Just as Eustace Mullins shows in his work showing that the Cold War was nothing more than a multi-trillion dollar swindle!

One other fact is that in spite of what you may believe, the Russians were unable to listen in to the so called Moon Landing transmissions... They were sent over an S-band frequency that the listening posts in Russia could not pick up!

And another thing... I hope you are well aware that the entire so called Soviet Union was totally financed by Wall Street? The fact is that the Russians were in on the gag from the beginning... It was like this: " We will not divulge your lies about space, if you do not divulge ours"

One example: I will give you a little secret about the Russian program: Yuri Gagarin was NOT the first man into space... And he never even went up in the Vostok capsule... The facts have come out that the Russians had 10 attempts in having man orbit the moon before the famous "Yuri Gagarin" single orbit in 1961....

The Russian program was far more advanced than the American one was by a long shot, and they had some of the most spectacular and catastrophic failures as well..... One prime example was the very little known explosion at Tyaratam Launch facility in what is now Khazakstan back in 1969 of their "moon rocket" N1 that possibly killed hundreds of technicians when it exploded on the launch pad...But you will not see that in any history books.. Do you?

Bottom line... The Russians were in on the fix from the beginning...

You may consider it small fry compared to the assassination of JFK by Mossad operatives, but I consider it tantamount considering that all of our so called Science books still call the Apollo Moon Landings man's "Greatest Achievement"... And to me, being a man of science, that LIE is a slap in the face!

Anonymous said...

Frank, there's good info on the Banksters who bankrolled the Soviets at

See also Major Jordan's Diary which details the incredible technological transfers that were going on during the "Cold War."

Venona ( is an excellent book which details high-level Communist infiltration of the US government, but then again since the Banksters controlled both there has really been one since 1913.

Absolute must read is Douglas Reed's Controversy of Zion ( Book archives at www.iamthewitness are very valuable. Enjoy

Northerntruthseeker said...

One minor correction...In my last comment I said that Yuri Gagarin went up to orbit the "moon".. What I meant of course was to orbit the Earth!

Minor error,and does not take away from the context and jist of the entire statement.

Anonymous said...

s band? ham radio operators where noted to have received the transmissions so why wouldnt the ussr be able to do it. do your research first, also you are listening to the return feed no the input and out put hence no delay makes sense to me

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, Anonymous, but what I am saying is absolutely correct.. In spite of what you have read, the claim that Ham radio operators were able to listen in on the Apollo transmissions is absolutely false.. Only NASA themselves had the equipment to pick up the signal frequency of the transmissions...

Northerntruthseeker said...

May I suggest that you take a look at the Moonfaker series, especially the video series that blew the entire "Ham radio operators able to listen to Apollo transmissions" apart!

Arthur Boyd said...

It’s funny. I translated hunchbacked video about audio delay problem in transmissions between the Earth and the Moon into Russian and posted it on the Russian moon hoax forum. It triggered a chain reaction: Russian speaking Apollo propagandist (no doubt paid for the job) V.Pustinski let ALSJ editor Eric Jones know about it, and Eric changed Apollo 17 transcript in one part analyzed in the video!

And about probable Gagarin hoax. Contrary to manned moon missions, one orbit flight was completely doable in 1961 and if Gagarin didn’t accomplish one orbit flight, how come the second cosmonaut German Titov went up for the whole day, 24 hours? Too risky for the very first flight. And since the Soviet Union collapse we discovered a lot of dirty Soviet secrets (like Soviet moon program and doomed N1 rocket) but nothing about alleged fake Gagarin mission. The idea of fake Gagarin flight is highly questionable.