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Israel Seeking To Upgrade Its Nuclear Weapons Capabilities

For the longest time, the United States government has always denied the existence of Israel's nuclear weapons, let alone them even having any nuclear weapons capabilities at all.   It has been an outright laughable lie that has been going on now for decades, and one that has constantly been perpetuated in the Jewish controlled media.  The fact is that not only does Israel possess nuclear weapons but they have a vast arsenal of some 300 nuclear devices, that places them most probably as the world's 4th most powerful nuclear power, behind the United States, Russia, and China!

Now, comes a report from Haaretz news service out of Israel itself, at www.haaretz.com, where it seems that Israel is now seeking to update its nuclear weapons capabilities!  I have that entire Haaretz article right here courtesy of Mark Glenn's website: The Ugly Truth, at www. theuglytruth.wordpress.com for my own readers to view:

Israel seeking to upgrade its nuclear weapons capabilities

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Israel is working on improving its nuclear weapons capabilities, according to a report by the independent Trident commission in the United Kingdom that was published in the Guardian newspaper on Monday.
According to the report in the Guardian, Israel is extending the range of its Jericho 3 land-to-land missiles so they will have the capabilities of transcontinental missiles.
Transcontinental missiles are generally thought of as missiles with ranges of about 5,000 miles.
The Guardian also reported that Israel is also striving to improve and expand the capabilities of its cruise missiles, designed to be launched from submarines. Israel currently has three submarines and two more are under construction in Germany. Israel and Germany are holding talks about the construction of a sixth submarine.
According to foreign media reports, Israel’s submarines are meant to give Israel a “second strike” nuclear option, meaning that Israel can strike back with nuclear weapons from submarines at hidden locations at sea even if its nuclear weapons stored on land are harmed in an enemy nuclear strike.
According to the report in the Guardian, the world’s nuclear states are planning to spend more than $800 billion in the coming years to modernize and upgrade their nuclear arsenals. The United States itself will spend $700 billion dollars on such projects. Other countries that will reportedly invest in upgrading their nuclear arsenals are Russia, China, Pakistan, India, Israel, France and Britain.

NTS Notes:  I have always wondered why a small nation of some 8 million people would seek nuclear weapons and even a "second strike" capability, and it does seem that this insane nation is wanting to keep to its absolutely horrific "Samson Option" where if the nation of Israel is about to fall, it will take most of the world down with them.   Wanting Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles would only make this insane Samson Option even more deadly!

The fact is that clearly Israel possesses a very large nuclear arsenal, and in doing so it is in clear violation of the US Symington Agreement of 1977 that outlaws any monetary aid to a nation that has nuclear weapons and is not a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaties.   

Israel has never signed any nuclear non-proliferation agreements, and is therefore in clear violation of the Symington Agreement!    Therefore the US Government has been ILLEGALLY sending aid to Israel in violation of their own laws for some 34+ years now!  It is no wonder that the US Government keeps lying to their own people by saying that Israel has NO nuclear weapons.

Everyone must be made fully aware of the truth that Israel is a criminal nation that possesses a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons, thanks primarily to the US taxpayers.    All so called "Aid" to this pariah nation must be cut off immediately!

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