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Israel Did 9-11: Is The Gerald Shea Memo The "Smoking Gun" Proving Israeli Involvement In 9-11?

Yes, Israel definitely did the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  There should be absolutely NO doubt in anyone's mind anymore that the criminal state of Israel, through its Mossad operatives, useful idiots in the US government, and Sayanim agents in America, carried out the diabolical attacks on America that killed some 3000 innocent civilians!    Only through the power of the Jewish controlled media are most of the sheep in America still unaware of this fact.

Right now, I want to present a great article that has come forward from a great fellow blogger, John Friend, who writes the blog: "Mr Friend's Blog" at, entitled: "The Gerald Shea Memo: The Smoking Gun Proving Israeli Involvement In 9-11?".    It contains even more damning evidence that proves Israeli involvement in the 9-11 attacks.   I have that entire article right here, and some of my own comments to follow:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Gerald Shea Memo: the smoking gun proving Israeli involvement in 9/11?

On the day of 9/11, a carefully scripted false narrative was developed and put forth by the criminal, Jewish-owned mainstream media (including all major Western media outlets), in conjunction with American government and military officials, and even Israeli officials. A perfect example of this was former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak's testimony to the BBC, aired on 9/11 shortly after the attacks.

Due to this false narrative, and the psychological impact of the (false) images presented on television and in the media that day, many Americans and others around the world fail to understand that the only people actually arrested on 9/11 connected to the attacks were Israelis, all of whom had connections to Israeli military and intelligence agencies.  In fact, the East Rutherford Police Department arrested 5 Israelis on 9/11, who are often referred to as the "dancing Israelis" due to the fact they were originally identified by witnesses who saw them dancing and celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers.  There is literally no solid evidence that any Muslims were involved in the attacks of 9/11.  

Here is the police report from the East Rutherford Police Department documenting the fact that 5 Israelis were arrested on 9/11, who were suspected of being involved or having foreknowledge of the attacks.  

Police Report

Even less well-known is the fact that the DEA and other federal agencies were investigating a sophisticated, state-sponsored Israeli spy ring operating all across the United States in the months leading up to 9/11.  Mainstream media outlets reported on this spy ring, including Carl Cameron of Fox News, who quoted an anonymous U.S. government official as saying that, "Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified.  I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered.  It is classified information."

Shortly after this report and others were released by Carl Cameron, Fox News came under intense pressure to downplay and even censor these reports by Cameron and others detailing this Israeli "art student" spy ring, and it's connection to 9/11.  Christopher Ketcham later wrote a lengthy report for in May of 2002 providing more insight and detail into this spy scandal:
In January 2001, the security branch of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency began to receive a number of peculiar reports from DEA field offices across the country. According to the reports, young Israelis claiming to be art students and offering artwork for sale had been attempting to penetrate DEA offices for over a year. The Israelis had also attempted to penetrate the offices of other law enforcement and Department of Defense agencies. Strangest of all, the "students" had visited the homes of numerous DEA officers and other senior federal officials.

As a pattern slowly emerged, the DEA appeared to have been targeted in what it called an "organized intelligence gathering activity." [...]

Agents of the DEA, ATF, Air Force, Secret Service, FBI, and U.S. Marshals Service documented some 130 separate incidents of "art student" encounters. Some of the Israelis were observed diagramming the inside of federal buildings. Some were found carrying photographs they had taken of federal agents. One was discovered with a computer printout in his luggage that referred to "DEA groups."

In some cases, the Israelis visited locations not known to the public -- areas without street addresses, for example, or DEA offices not identified as such -- leading authorities to suspect that information had been gathered from prior surveillance or perhaps electronically, from credit cards and other sources. One Israeli was discovered holding banking receipts for substantial sums of money, close to $180,000 in withdrawals and deposits over a two-month period. A number of the Israelis resided for a period of time in Hollywood, Fla. -- the small city where Mohammed Atta and three terrorist comrades lived for a time before Sept. 11.

Officials began dealing more aggressively with the "art students." According to one account, some 140 Israeli nationals were detained or arrested between March 2001 and Sept. 11, 2001. Many of them were deported. According to the INS, the deportations resulted from violations of student visas that forbade the Israelis from working in the United States. (In fact, Salon has established that none of the Israelis were enrolled in the art school most of them claimed to be attending; the other college they claimed to be enrolled in does not exist.) After the Sept. 11 attacks, many more young Israelis -- 60, according to one AP dispatch and other reports -- were detained and deported. [...]
All of the DEA reports detailing the Israeli "art student" spy ring can be found here.

A major development in this case unfolded in September of 2004, when Gerald Shea, an international corporate lawyer, submitted a detailed memorandum to the 9/11 Commission Report titled, "Israeli Surveillance of the Future Hijackers and the FBI Suspects in the September 11 Attacks and Their Failure to Give Us Adequate Warning: The Need for a Public Inquiry," thoroughly detailing the activities of the Israeli spy rings operating in the United States prior to and on 9/11, including the fact that these spy rings were surveilling the alleged "Muslim hijackers" on 9/11.

Mr. Shea begins the memorandum:
I am an international corporate lawyer, writing to you today about a matter of public policy that is relevant to the circumstances surrounding, and our preparedness for, the catastrophic attacks on September 11, 2001. I do not know whether the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks (the “Commission”) or the Senate and House Committees on Intelligence (the “Committees”) have had the opportunity to consider these issues carefully. If
so, I hope this memorandum will be helpful. If not, I respectfully urge them, in accordance with the mandate of the Commission’s charter and in the exercise of the Committees’ responsibilities, to investigate the facts and resolve the questions presented.

I regret that this memorandum comes to the Commission after the publication of its Final Report this past July (the “Commission’s Final Report”). As will become evident, however, it has taken some time to assemble the facts from the raw data and other information set forth in available governmental and other reports and relevant documents in the public record. Moreover, and in any event, the need to examine and resolve the compelling issues presented here outweighs the mere appearance of completeness by putting a permanent end to the Commission’s work.

It is far more important, to all of us, that the Commission’s work be accurate and complete or, at the very least, that the Commission urge that these questions be explored and resolved by another panel as independent, distinguished and objective as itself. Both the Senate and
House Committees should endeavor to explore and resolve these issues as well.
Below is the Detailed Summary of Mr. Shea's memorandum, which he submitted to the 9/11 Commission shortly after they released their final report.  The Detailed Summary begins on page 49 of the memorandum.
Set forth below is a detailed summary of the tentative conclusions reached in this memorandum, which amply illustrate the urgent need for a public inquiry into the activities of the Israeli DEA Groups and the Israeli New Jersey Group. The inquiry must include, without limitation, the examination of members of the Israel Groups and related persons; officials of the Israeli government and certain of its agencies, including Mossad; FBI suspects, agents of the DEA, the INS and the FBI; certain local law enforcement officials; agents of the CIA (in camera to the extent required); other intelligence sources cited by the public press to the extent possible; the boxes of documents and computer hard drives (referred on page 29) seized by the FBI from the Israeli New Jersey Group; and of all other relevant documents, reports, communiqués and information.--

1. The Israeli DEA Groups were spying on the Drug Enforcement Agency and thus upon the United States. The DEA itself has concluded that they were probably engaged in organized intelligence gathering on our soil.

2. A highly regarded American journal knowledgeable about Israeli affairs, has concluded (a) based on its own sources, that the Israeli DEA Groups were spying on radical Islamic networks suspected of links to Middle East terrorism, and (b) based on the representations of a former American intelligence official regularly briefed on these matters by law enforcement officials, that (i) at least two members of the Israeli New Jersey Group were Mossad operatives, (ii) Urban Moving, the company used by the Israeli New Jersey Group, was a front for Mossad and its operatives, and (iii) the Israeli New Jersey Group was spying on local Arabs.

3. The intelligence sources of a substantial American television network report that the Israeli DEA Groups may have gathered information about the September 11 attacks in advance, and not shared it with the United States. One investigator said that evidence linking the Israeli DEA Groups to such intelligence gathering was classified and could not be disclosed.

4. The Israeli DEA Groups were comprised of 125 or more Israelis operating on our soil. Their leaders and apparent associates included military commanders and experts with military backgrounds in intelligence, electronic intercepts and telecommunications.

5. The wiretapping and intelligence expertise of members of both Israeli Groups, and the use of vans in local neighborhoods where the future hijackers were planning the attacks, and the extensive use by the hijackers of cell phones and land lines, made the Israeli Groups ideally suited to gather information regarding the hijackers’ plans.

6. The principal operation of the Israeli DEA Groups was located in and around Hollywood, Florida, the central training and staging ground for the hijacking of North and South Tower Planes and the Pennsylvania Plane. The addresses and places of residence of the members of the Israeli DEA Groups in Hollywood itself were within hundreds of yards those of the future hijackers.

7. The operations of both the Israeli New Jersey Group and the hijackers of the Pentagon Plane were centered in Hudson and Bergen Counties in New Jersey, within a common radius of about six miles.

8. All five celebrating members of the Israeli New Jersey Group arrested on September 11 were aware, when the North Tower Plane struck the World Trade Center, based on their immediate reaction to the attack and the information said to be contained in their van, that the attack had been planned and carried out by Arab terrorists.

9. After being questioned by the FBI on September 11, the leader of the Israeli New Jersey Group immediately fled the United States to Israel. His name and aliases appear, along with those of the hijackers and other FBI suspects, on the May 2002 FBI Suspect list.

10. Israeli intelligence officials have reported that two senior officials of Mossad warned the United States in August 2001 that as many as 200 terrorists on American soil were planning an imminent large-scale attack on high visibility targets on the American mainland. One press report states that in August Mossad provided the CIA with the names of future hijackers Khaled al Mihdhar and Nawaf al Hazmi.

11. The CIA’s explanation of how Mihdhar’s and Hazmi’s names were placed on the Watchlist through the spontaneous efforts of CIA and FBI agents is not only difficult to follow but, as the sole reason for the Watchlisting, hardly credible.

12. Mossad’s own information appears to have come from its sources inside the United States. All of the facts and circumstances set forth in this memorandum appear to show that Mossad’s two likely sources of information were: (a) the Israeli DEA Groups, comparable in number to that of the Arab suspects and who appear to have tracked the future hijackers in their central places of operation and in other states, and (b) the Israeli New Jersey Group, operating through their Mossad front in another principal locus of operations of the future hijackers, two of whom were Mossad agents, and five of whom appeared immediately aware of the origin of the attacks on September 11.

13. While little direct evidence supports the contention that the CIA was aware of or condoned the Israeli Groups’ tracking of Arab terrorist groups in the United States prior to September 11, the CIA’s pressing for the expulsion of members of the Israeli DEA Groups when they were detained before September 11, their failure to cooperate with the FBI, their circuitous explanation of how the above two hijackers were placed on the Watchlist, and other relevant considerations require that the issue be taken up as a part of the public inquiry into these painful events.
Is there anyone anywhere on this planet that would doubt the veracity and authenticity of this memorandum submitted by Mr. Gerald Shea?  Is there any doubt that Israel was clearly involved in carrying out the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB on 9/11?  Credible sources have even alleged that the Mossad spy ring actually ran the "Arab terrorists" later blamed for the 9/11 attacks.  Based upon the information put forth by Mr. Gerald Shea, in addition to the long history of Israeli infiltration and handling of "Arab terrorist" groups, is there any doubt about the legitimacy of these claims, namely that 9/11 was a false flag operation carried out largely by Israeli intelligence, which was facilitated and covered up by criminal Zionist elements in the U.S. government, media, and private sector?  

I will be on Charles Giuliani's Truth Hertz radio program tomorrow morning for the full 2 hours to discuss this information and other related matters.  The 2 hour show begins at 5am Pacific Standard Time (will someone please call and make sure I'm up!), and should be quite interesting.  Feel free to call in at 866-841-1065 if you have any questions, comments, or constructive criticisms. 

NTS Notes:  I have been in conversation with John Friend recently, and he mentioned to me to do check into, and do some research, into the Gerald Shea Memo.  I had heard about the memo from other 9-11 researchers, but never delved into it until now....After reading the report from John Friend's blog,  I knew that it would make a great addition to my own blog.  This memo is absolute dynamite and helps seal the deal about Israel doing the attacks of  9-11.

I did listen to John Friend yesterday morning on the Charles Giuliani Truth Hertz show on Oracle Broadcasting, and the show was superb.  I have the link right here to that show archive for those that want to hear it:

It is definitely time for everyone to know the bitter truth that Israel did the attacks of 9-11 once and for all.  This truth is more important now ever before, because right now these criminals are working overtime in trying to get their slave minions in America to attack the peaceful nation of Iran!

More to come



John Friend said...

Excellent, thanks for covering this! It's funny- almost all 9/11 Truth people I know have never even heard of Gerald Shea's Memo, let alone the massive Israeli spy ring unravelled leading up to 9/11!

Anonymous said...

Reads like disinformation. There were no Arab/Muslim hijackers on 9/11. They were an official, fictional invention. Therefore the veracity and authenticity of Mr. Gerald Shea's memorandum must be doubted. There were no Arab terrorists until they were fabricated as a cover story for all the ensuing US wars. That the Israelis were in America is true, but they were not in the US to watch over dangerous Arabs. They were here to make sure the 9/11 plans were carried out. Leave out the Muslim/Arabs who did nothing. Label just the Israeli Jews as the vicious, murderous, foreign agents responsible for 9/11 and for the aggressive US wars.

Further information said...

". . . and the psychological impact of the (false) images presented on television and in the media that day"

(false) images? Which {false} images would those be?

Let me guess - the "no planes" disinfo? Mr Friend has been promoting that story. Why, I do not know.

NTS, this Anthony Lawson video is informative:

9/11: The Absurdity of the No-Planes-in-New York Theory

Mr Lawson highlighted this comment left at the above video's YouTube site:

MARIAUTUBE made a great comment on August 2nd.

"Since I'm a New Yorker I can absolutely assure every single IDIOT that says there were no planes that day; that there were freaking planes !! Are you freaking insane !!?? The 1st plane flew almost right over me !! There were thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands, who saw the freaking planes and not just saw them from NYC but from Brooklyn, New Jersey and Queens. OMG, I just don't understand how these morons make these claims when they weren't even here !!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thank you, Maria.


Also, NTS, this link from Twelfth Bough explains the Saul Alinsky method of infiltration and subversion:

Anonymous said...

While it is, as you say, time for people to know the truth, most of the mindless, spineless sheeple no longer react properly or strongly enough when exposed to manifest good OR evil. Don't get me wrong, as I am happy to see more and more people waking up every day. Still, as a people we are so intellectually and volitionally enervated that something truly enormous, IMO, will be needed to really wake up the comatose masses. Godspeed and thank you for your hard work.

Northerntruthseeker said...

OK... First of all, I am glad that John Friend is in on this fight on our side...

Second... I had a long conversation with him about the "no planes" idea,and hopefully he now understands that there were definitely aircraft at the WTC complex on 9-11.... Civilian aircraft is what I doubt... I have always suspected radio controlled drones....

Third... The idea of the Gerald Shea memo is to show that Israelis were definitely there on 9-11... The twist to say that they were monitoring and following Arab "terrorists" is faux obviously.. But the facts are clear that they are placed to actually launch the attacks and to "film the event"....

Fourth... Again, John Friend is on the learning curve for information about our distorted history... I also filled him in about the faking of Project Apollo, which he has not yet delved into.... But give him time because it can be overwhelming to process the idea that all of what we have been taught is nothing but total BS!

Hey,we all crossed that rubicon at sometimes in our lives.. some sooner than others!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Look.. We all have made mistakes in our assumptions before, including myself...

The further we go down the rabbit hole, the more things get more peculiar and the more we find out how truly evil these bastards truly are!

John Friend said...

The Gerald Shea memo needs to be read for what it is- a thorough documentation using primary source government documents of an elaborate Israeli espionage operation taking place across the US prior to and on 9/11. And it's thoroughly documented these Israeli spies were former military/intelligence operatives who specialized in electronics intercepts, explosives, and espionage.

The Israeli spies were monitoring and setting up the Muslim patsies that took the blame for 9/11. There definitely were Muslims in New Jersey/New York and Florida that took the blame for 9/11, and some of them (Mohammad Atta for sure) even had connections to the intelligence agencies. Check out Daniel Hopsicker's work regarding this subject. He provides lots of good information, but has 9/11 totally wrong.

To Further information- I dare you to watch September Clues. You won't be making ignorant comments like that again if you do. It's been thoroughly established that many of the "witnesses" in New York on 9/11 were planted, and many of them reported seeing a missile or small plane, certainly not a Boeing 767. The ones that did report a Boeing 767 were obvious actors, plants reading from a script, and many of them even had connections to the major corporate media. Anthony Lawson has been thoroughly rebutted in his defense of the official plane mythology regarding 9/11 on numerous occasions.

And just to clarify, I am not convinced that there "were definitely aircraft" at the WTC. I am convinced that the official myth of Flight 11 and 175 crashing into the WTC is completely bogus, and that the official myth promoting this fairy tale is utterly absurd and defies the laws of physics and reason. I tend to think it was a missile that was used to strike the WTC and the Pentagon. Just my speculation, based off the research I've done.

9/11 was a psyops people, and the bad guys used the media to pull it off. Sit down and check out September Clues if you're really interested in the facts about this stuff.