Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Important Video By Snordelhans: World War 3 A Foregone Conclusion?

As the criminal state of Israel, and their obedient robotic drones in the United States, continue to clamour for war against Iran, there has been news coming out from Russia stating that they will not stand idly by while Iran is attacked for the flimsy excuse that they may be "close" to attaining nuclear weapons.    What we have is the potential consequence of this regional war for Israel fast becoming a global conflict...World War III !

I want to present the following video by Youtube user "Snordelhans" entitled: "World War 3 A Foregone Conclusion?" that gives a great narrative on the consequences of this newest war of Israeli aggression against Iran.   I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, this is the same "Snordelhans" that has already put out many superb videos that I have previously enclosed in this blog.   His work is absolutely fabulous, and his narratives are almost mesmerizing...

Today, the IAEA report was finally released about Iran's nuclear potential, and the results are as flimsy and laughable as the previous reports... Iran is still "years away" from attaining nuclear weapons, and the best that the IAEA could come up with was finding a laptop from 2004 that may contain "nuclear secrets"!    What this means, readers, is that Israel and their puppets in the United States have been momentarily halted in their ever increasing push for an attack on Iran by the IAEA... But only momentarily.

The fact is again, readers, that what is shown in this video is absolutely true... A war against Iran is definitely coming and World War 3 may indeed be a "foregone conclusion"... Our only hope now is that the reality of this conflict turning into a global nuclear war will finally wake the public the hell up to put a stop to the madness once and for all.   Get the word out!

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