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The IAEA Report On Iran: Another Fizzer, And No Smoking Gun!

Well... The long awaited International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Report on Iran's nuclear program, including any report of Iran actually trying to build a nuclear device, is out and sadly for the criminal state of Israel, and their puppets and obedient slaves in the United States, there is absolutely NOTHING in the report that says that Iran has built or is building any nuclear bombs!.  All we have in the report is the usual innuendo, and false claims that Iran "might" be developing nuclear weapons... But saying that Iran is still years away from actually building one! There is also a so called "laptop" from 2004 that supposedly contains information about Iran's nuclear program, which is a repeat of the same false claim that was made in 2008!

Right now, I want to present the following report from Damian Lataan, who writes the blog: "Telling The History Of The Twenty-First Century As It Really Is" at  It is entitled: "The IAEA Report On Iran: Another Fizzer - And No Smoking Gun", and gives a very accurate assessment of the entire IAEA report on Iran's nuclear weapons program.   I do have my own comments to follow:



Well, the latest and much anticipated International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report has finally been released and, despite all the fanfare about Iran’s so-called nuclear weapons intentions, not one skerrick of solid ‘smoking gun’ evidence is contained therein.

Alex Spillius at the UK’s Telegraph wrote of the report, “Never before had it joined the dots of Iran's nuclear research to create the inescapable impression that the regime was on the threshold of nuclear weapons capability”.

The problem with ‘dots’ – and the IAEA had created plenty of them – is that, if there are enough of them, one can create any kind of ‘impression’ you like to suit your propaganda and rhetoric. But, try as hard as they did to suggest otherwise, at the end of the day there is still no hard irrefutable bona fide evidence that says Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

What the IAEA seem to have done is drawn the wrong conclusions about the presence of a ‘container’ that they suspect is being used for experiments testing nuclear bomb trigger devices via complex explosive techniques. In reality the ‘container’ is indeed for use in creating complex explosions, but not for triggering a nuclear explosion but, rather, creating nanodiamonds which are used for chemotherapy purposes treating cancer patients – a pervasive health issue in Iran and one of the reasons why they need to enrich their uranium to 20% which can then be used for the creation of isotopes used also in cancer treatment. (Readers can find abundant material relating to nanodiamonds and cancer therapies in Iran utilising Google Scholar.) The reason the device is kept at a military facility is simply because that’s where the explosives can be safely kept.

As far as the other ‘evidence’ the IAEA report refers to, i.e., the massive amounts of paperwork and computer modelling relating to nuclear technology at universities; that’s what universities are for – research and learning. There isn’t a scientific university on the planet that wouldn’t have a similar amount of paper material or computer modelling data relating to nuclear technology at their university. Nigh on every nuclear physics student and postgrad from universities all over the world would be familiar with this stuff. There’s absolutely nothing new her at all – unless you happen to be a layman who is impressed by the techno jargon and gullible enough to believe politicians that know even less than you do!

It’s time the people got out on the streets once again and demand an end to this nonsense ‘cause if the West and Israel go head to head against Iran it will make the Iraq and Afghanistan thing look like a fun-filled paintball skirmish.

I hate to think where it will end.

NTS Notes:  Again, the truth is that there is absolutely NOTHING in this IAEA report that states that Iran is anywhere closer to developing nuclear weapons than what the last IAEA reports have continued to say for years!

Readers, Iran does not ever plan on building any nuclear bombs.  They are not stupid, and know that if they would even build ONE such device, then they would automatically give the criminal state of Israel and their obedient minions in the United States their long needed excuse to go and destroy their own country.   Therefore for Iran to possess a nuke is tantamount to suicide for that nation!

So, what is next for the criminal cabal of the United States, and Israel?   Guaranteed that now that the IAEA report has not given them the green light to go and attack Iran, their deviously evil thinking heads are probably going to come up with another diabolical plan to get their nice little war off and running... I do suspect that we may be seeing a terrorist attack on America coming soon that these criminals will try to pin on Iran. Such is the madness of their lust for war!

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