Friday, November 25, 2011

The Global Warming Hoax: Global Warming Predictions Found To Be Way Off Again!

One of the most disturbing lies that I am truly against is the lie of Global Warming.   For the longest time, the scoundrels and shysters behind this fraudulent lie would try to scare people into accepting further taxation all under the false pretense of trying to save the planet from themselves.  That fear propaganda worked wonders for years, with many falling for the Global Warming lies.  Even the biggest shyster himself, Al Gore, went and produced an Oscar winning movie: "An Inconvenient Truth", that up until a few years back many at the time believed to be factual, only to find out later that the facts are full of holes....  Now we are all finally being more enlightened to the Global Warming scam, and are no longer fooled by these criminals!

Now, according to this report from the website: "Red Dog Report" at, it does appear that more and more of the Global Warming "predictions" are found to be way off...Again!...  Here is that report, and I do have some additional comments to follow:

Global Warming Predictions Found To Be Way Off Again

Friday, November 25, 2011

by Brian O'Connor

Global Warming Extremism
|| It appears that the Manhattan skyline will not be underwater as predicted. ||

Another Warming Fail.

Sadly, the one hindrance that the “scientific” theory of global warming continues to run into is actual science.  It appears that once again global warmists have overestimated the earth’s reaction to carbon gasses.  New predictions (not actual scientific study, but predictions) estimate the effects of carbon in the atmosphere, even in a heavy burning scenario, will be half as much as originally theorized by activist scientists.
The climate may be less sensitive to carbon dioxide than we thought – and temperature rises this century could be smaller than expected. That’s the surprise result of a new analysis of the last ice age. However, the finding comes from considering just one climate model, and unless it can be replicated using other models, researchers are dubious that it is genuine.
If climate sensitivity really is so low, global warming this century will be at the lower end of the IPCC’s estimates.  Assuming we keep burning fossil fuels heavily, the IPCC estimates that temperatures will rise about 4 °C by 2100, compared with 1980 to 1999.  Schmittner’s study suggests the warming would be closer to their minimum estimate for the “heavy burning” scenario, which is 2.4 °C.
So what the study is saying is that even in an absolute worst case scenario (numbers which the earth is not even close to), the alleged warming results will not be nearly as much as the scare mongers have been telling us they will be.  In other words, don’t buy the demagoguery and hype, things are going to stay pretty much the same as they are now.

The most important thing to remember here is that global warming (or climate change, or temperature disruption, or whatever they want to call it next week) is not science, it’s politics.  The more actual scientists study the alleged phenomena, the more the theory falls apart.

NTS Notes:  I was not aware that the patron saint of the Global Warming scam, Al Gore, was in Canada recently doing a city to city tour to promote this scam.    But there was little or no news in any of the media about this tour....I for one sure would have wanted to be at one of his speaking engagements to ask him some hard questions about the Global Warming scam!

Readers, it does appear that every so called fact promoted by the Global Warming swindlers is falling to pieces right before our eyes.   The simple fact is that this planet is totally dependent on the solar radiation from our Yellow Dwarf Star, the Sun, and presently that radiation output is fluctuating and all the signs point towards a long period of cooling on this planet.  There is absolutely no amount of man made pollution, no matter what the Global Warming liars claim,  thrown into our atmosphere that can halt that trend...

Lets put this lie of Global Warming to rest once and for all.  There are much more important issues on planet Earth at the moment that require our attention.

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Dan Pangburn said...

Atmospheric carbon dioxide has had no significant effect on average global temperature as demonstrated in detail in the pdf made public 11/24/11 at

Northerntruthseeker said...

Actually there is evidence out now that we have been lied to about carbon dioxide all along and that it is definitely NOT a so called greenhouse gas!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, thanks for your site. Now I can dismiss scientists for the ignorant politic people that they are and embrace your wonderful intelligence.