Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Double Vendetta: The Insanity Of The Iran Confrontation!

The criminal state of Israel is continuing to gear up for a major attack against the peaceful country of Iran.   Recent statements coming from the criminal Israeli leadership should not leave any more doubts in anyones' minds that these insane criminals are about to use their US built firepower to launch a major aerial offensive against Iran's nuclear power plant at Bushehr, and also to take out Iran's non-existent "nuclear weapons" plants.

The problem is of course that once this aerial bombardment of Iran commences, these criminals will be unable to stop Iran's retaliatory strike, and are of course wanting their slave puppets in the United States  to instantly be involved to defend their stolen cherished homeland.   With the US getting involved, we may see a point at which both Russia and China will also get involved and what we may have is a global thermonuclear World War III on our hands.

To again emphasize the point to everyone that this war against Iran is criminally insane, I want to present the following video from Anthony Lawson, entitled: "Double Vendetta - The Insanity Of The Iran Confrontation".  I have it right here in its entirety, along with some of my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  As stated in this video, the United States and the United Kingdom installed the brutally criminal Shah of Iran as the dictator of Iran back in 1953 as another of their puppet regimes in the region for control of Iran's massive oil supplies.  For 23+  years until the Iranian people overthrew this American puppet in 1979, the Iranian people suffered terribly.   Since then, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the criminal state of Israel, have all had their bullseye on Iran for a so called "regime change" to bring in another puppet and re-enslave that nation!

One other major point of contention as to why these countries want to attack and destroy Iran is the simple fact that Iran does NOT have a criminal Rothschild controlled private central bank.  After Libya was destroyed and conquered by the Rothschild controlled puppet NATO forces, that left Iran, North Korea, and Cuba, as the only countries on Earth still free of that criminal empire.

Another major point is the fact that Iran is moving to expand its oil "Bourse" to trade its petroleum in other currencies rather than the US Dollar.   If nations are able to finally free themselves of the need for US dollars for trading in petroleum, it could help to accelerate the demise of the US dollar itself.   It is no wonder that American officials are trying to hurry up and have Iran destroyed before more nations begin buying petroleum by not using the dollar!

Of course the so called "800 pound gorilla" in all of this is the fact that Israel is bristling with some 300+ nuclear weapons that the media absolutely refuses to talk about.    That reality has been well hidden from the public for years, and only now people are wising up to that truth through alternative media sites....

Another great video by Anthony Lawson that should be seen by everyone ... Pass it around, readers!

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