Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Anthropogenic (Human Caused) Global Warming (AGW) Debunked!

OK... I will start by saying what everyone should know by now... Human caused (AGW) "Global Warming" is a total FRAUD!    It was created by some very nefarious people, led by the chief proponent of this lie, Al Gore,  to sucker and swindle people into surrendering their money to fraudulent Carbon Taxes, and to potentially bring about the criminal Jewish Elitist dream of a One World Government!   Their chief weapon has always been propaganda and lies that planet Earth is overheating due to man made pollutants being pumped into the atmosphere, primarily in the form of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  

To show again how the entire AGW Global Warming scam is a massive fraud, I want to present the following video from Youtube user "bluesman979", entitled: "Anthropogenic (Human Caused) Global Warming Debunked".    In this video, Professor Bob Carter brings information on the AGW fraud to an audience in a very straight forward manner with great visual evidence that is easy to understand.   I do have some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, the evidence is clear that our planet is NOT overheating as the Global Warming shysters continue to falsely claim.   Instead, there is hard evidence coming out now that our planet is actually entering a long period of Global Cooling, with which the governments that have fallen for the Global Warming hoax are now ill prepared to endure!

The fact is, readers, that our planet goes through natural heating and cooling periods that are driven entirely by our own Yellow Dwarf Star, Sol..aka.. The Sun....   Our sun is right now going through a cycle where it is presently generating less solar radiation output and the effect is a cooling period on this planet!   This is only natural, and is not affected by no matter how much CO2 is pumped into our atmosphere.

Again, it is time to put the Global Warming scam artists, and especially the chief proponent of this fraud, Al Gore, out of their misery once and for all.   

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