Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why Travel To The USA Any More? US To Impose $5.50 "Tariff" On Candian Travellers To The US!

Just a short while ago, I put up an article showing how the US Department of Homeland (In-)Security was considering the insane idea of putting up a fence along the US/Canada border.  The idea of a "security fence" between Canada and the United States was proposed to keep "terrorists" out of the United States...But in reality it was to keep American citizens locked in America if and when the insane US Government decides to finally impose martial law in that once great nation.

Now comes an almost equally crazy move by the US Government... According to this new report from CBC News, at ca.news.yahoo.com, it appears that the US Government is considering re-introducing a $5.50 tariff (tax) on Canadian travelers heading to the United States if they travel from air or by sea... First, here is that article, and I do have some comments to follow:

U.S. reviving $5.50 tariff on Canadian travellers

Canadian and Mexican travellers are once again going to have to swallow a $5.50 tax if they enter the United States by air or sea.

A U.S.-Colombia free trade deal, passed last Friday, includes a clause that removes an exemption from the tariff for travellers from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Canada and Mexico had been exempt from the fee since 1997 under the North American Free Trade Agreement, but American politicians needing fresh cash for government coffers have resurrected it.

International Trade Minister Ed Fast said the Canadian government is disappointed.

"Raising taxes at the border just raises costs on consumers," he said in a statement. "Canadian officials have raised concerns about the removal of this exemption at the highest level. We will continue to raise Canada’s concerns with U.S. lawmakers."

Last week, U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson told a business crowd in Ottawa that a Buy American clause wouldn't hurt Canadian business as much as continuing trouble in the U.S. economy. Jacobson said U.S. President Barack Obama's failed attempt at a stimulus bill would have improved the U.S. economy, which is the best way to help the Canadian economy.

The return of the tariff comes as Canada and the U.S. are supposed to be finalizing the details of the Beyond Borders deal, which officials say will improve trade and security at the same time.

NDP international trade critic Robert Chisholm says it makes him wonder what the government is doing in its negotiations.

"Why is it not paying attention? And clearly, the United States is not taking Canada seriously when it comes to these negotiations," he said.

"I was surprised and disappointed," by the government's answer that they hope the Americans reconsider, Chisholm said. "They keep being surprised by all these moves and I find it concerning."

Whether America or Canada charge travel fees doesn't affect the relationship between the two countries, Jacobson said.

"This fee is not in any way an action against Canada and will not have any effect on the progress of the ongoing discussions surrounding the Beyond the Border initiative," Jacobson said in a statement.

"The elimination of the exemption was necessitated by the budget situation in my country. It is paid by American citizens and foreign nationals alike, just like Canadian citizens and non-Canadian citizens pay fees at Canadian airports."

NTS Notes:  OK, maybe it is time for Canadians to reconsider any travel plans to go to the United States all together.   Lets face it, with all of the insane actions by the TSA and the department of Homeland (In-)Security, and the way the US is becoming a police state, it makes people think twice about going to the US at all!

This is nothing more than another tax grab by the US Government that is basically totally broke as I type this article... And I guarantee that once they impose this tax grab, there will be nothing to stop them from slowly raising the tariff amount as they see fit....

The United States has always been dependent on tourism dollars for some of its much needed revenue.  What they do not realize that the consequences of imposing this crazy move is to make people rethink about wanting to travel to the United States at all!   This definitely will do wonders for their tourism industry and could potentially cripple those businesses dependent on Canadian and Mexican travelers.

Congratulations to the mutton head in the US Government who thought of this plan.  This move could cost you MILLIONS if not BILLIONS  in lost travel and tourism revenues.

The insane actions of the US Government continues... What will they think of next?
More to come



Anonymous said...

America has turned into an insane asylum.They actually enjoy and celebrate this police state thinking they are free.It is practically impossible to try to wake people up especially in regards to the Israeli job of 9/11.During the era of the Soviet Union, the population knew that all news that was being fed to them by the government and media was lies.In America, the government and media lie to the people all the time and the population believes everything they say is the truth.I went to the presstv website a few days ago and read an article titled,"US blast kills 10 Afghan civilians". When reading through the article you find that America is responsible for killing(murdering) 5.6 million Afghans.As I said earlier, Americans celebrate this.If there is such thing as a Hell,millions of Americans are headed there.

Adalberto Erazo

Frank Fredenburg said...

I'm afraid you are right Adalberto Erazo. I'm afraid you are right. I see lots of Americans cheering on the bloodbath. But there are some of us sick to our stomachs by it.

Anonymous said...

I am an American and I know more truth about my country now than I ever knew growing up. It took getting on the internet and curiosity for me to find out. I am not celebrating. ALL is unfairly inclusive. Americans have been inundated with lies from almost every source of information for generations. It is typical of any country to teach their populace about how noble they are. Besides all forms of media and public schools in the USA, there is now an active EM wave transmitter system across the country. There are those who will not believe this--maybe even you--because it sounds sci-fi. But it is not. It is similar to sub-liminal messaging that can be done in stores or on TV. Suggestive and literal thoughts can be transmitted to persons at any time by Low-frequency EM waves. Anyone who does not have defined thoughts can be subverted with transmitted thoughts. This is said to have occurred in Rwanda when masses of one tribe felt compelled to slaughter the members of the other main tribe. Those with no moral absolutes, complied. It is said that it was a US Military operation that was conducted by a large transmitting aircraft circling over the country. Remember that Pres.Clinton at that time would not acknowledge the cries for help from those being murdered. He ignored them completely, even though we knew from the press that the genocide was happening. I was very angry that no intervention was made, especially in that NO BLACK voices in America said anything to try and help their own race. I feel helpless at times, because that what I know, most others do not. It is over-whelming mentally to not be able to even begin to discuss with other Americans the evil and criminality of our country's leaders. Even church-goers and church leaders have been so greatly deceived, but they do not know it. I know it is hard for anyone to believe that a whole country can have been mind-controlled, but it has been. You may even believe that you have never been mind-manipulated yourself, but chances are that you have been in some area of your life and thoughts. One area of the mind that is very vulnerable is the willingness to hate. Hatred is being heavily spoon-fed to almost everyone these days. No one is left out, so it does become a choice to make for everyone.

By the way, I would enjoy visiting Canada again. I would love to appreciate its beauty and its people. For now, my passport has expired and I don't know if I will ever have a renewed one. The real shame is that we can't have an open border any more. Maybe Canadians would prefer to keep Americans out, but then Americans are just being caged in by our own government.