Monday, October 10, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Rallies: Further Proof That Something Is Amiss... This Is What Happened When A Real Truth Seeker Tried To Tell The Truth!

It is Thanksgiving day here in Canada.  I have only put up one article the entire weekend, primarily due to spending time with family for this holiday.  

I have been keeping track of many of the real happenings around the world over the weekend, and I have been watching the Occupy Wall Street group in NYC still on the streets protesting against the criminal banking organizations that have hijacked America.  I and others have also been watching as other cities across the United States, and elsewhere around the world, now have these protests ongoing as well.

Last week, I put up an article about how this entire "Occupy Wall Street" protests may be a massive fraud.   I originally did not want to pass judgment on these rallies, hoping that the people involved in these protests stay focused on the criminals, and not become hijacked just like the "Tea Party" was earlier this year... But I have had this nagging feeling from the beginning that they are absolutely not as they seem...

Now, it seems that I and others may have been right all along that these protests are being financed and run by the same criminal group that is behind the criminal banking elites that they are protesting about!   I want to present the following article from John Friend, out of San Diego, California, that writes the terrific blog: "Mr Friend's Blog", at, entitled: "Interrupted, Booed, And Screamed At, For Speaking The Truth At Occupy San Diego".   In  this article, you will see more definitive proof that these Occupy protests across America are bogus, hijacked, and run by the same criminals that will NOT allow the real truths to be told.  Here is John Friend's article, and I do have some comments to follow:

Interrupted, booed, and screamed at for speaking the truth at Occupy San Diego

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

I should preface these videos by saying that less than 5 minutes before I began the speech in the video below, organizers for Occupy San Diego called a rally and asked people to come speak their mind on the megaphone if they were so inclined.  I was and I did.  I simply wanted to discuss the double-sided sign I made, which highlights some very important issues this movement should be aware of:

Right as I turned my sign around to briefly discuss 9/11 and the indisputable fact that Zionists were behind the operation at all angles, I was immediately interrupted, booed, and screamed at. I point out a woman in the crowd who appeared to start the disruption, and looking back on it, I believe she may have been the same woman that called me an "anti-Semite" during the march right before this whole episode. I told her that I would be happy to clearly explain my position on 9/11, and she walked away. Check out the video. What is this the Middle Ages or something?  Some crazed, backwards woman even came up and knocked my sign over with a stick!  LOL!

Right after this spectacle, a young man came over to talk to me. Please note that I was clearly being interrupted and booed before anyone put their arms up in an "X". I would also like to point out that there were no other "Israel did 9/11" signs, or 9/11 signs in general, at the Occupy San Diego march today. I had the only one. And I wanted to explain why I made it.

Of course, I'm extremely disappointed with this entire debacle that took place this afternoon. I'll continue to talk about these issues, and see what happens with Occupy San Diego. All the interviews below I took just before the march around downtown San Diego. 

Why is the girl in this video reading off a script on the back of her sign at the beginning? Just curious.

NTS Notes:  What John Friend has definitely discovered is that these Occupy rallies across America are definitely run by criminals that do not want their crimes committed against the United States on 9-11 exposed.   So much for having these rallies for people to speak the truth!

Again, as before, readers these rallies may seem like a worthy cause, but those who want to participate are in for a rude awakening.    There have been those in this real truth movement that called out these rallies at the beginning as nothing more than pure propaganda and disinformation run by the likes of George Soros to create the right situation in America for the Rothschilds to come in and end the Federal Reserve System to bring in their one world currency system based on THEIR gold!   That situation would not end the enslavement of the people, but actually make it much much worse!

If there is ever to be a real change in America, the people need to have some real protests that focus on ending the debt, the removal of the Federal Reserve System and the reintroduction of a monetary system run by the government itself and absolutely NOT by private bankers, as well as the introduction of laws that prohibit the printing of money by these same criminal private bankers....  THESE are changes that are worthwhile for the public to take to the streets and have protests!

More to come



Anonymous said...

The protest numbers have swollen by union members called into action. Although Pres. Obama is actually guilty of allowing the banker rip-offs, there is no general demand by the protesters for his impeachment by Congress. Just as there is no demand that the US Congress abolish the Federal Reserve, even though "End the Fed" is on many signs.
Obviously, the US Congress will do neither, but still why no demands? Anger should motivate them. It is probably due to issues being controlled by designated organizers who are being paid by those funding the protests. Real protesters appear to be in the minority. It is so obvious that simultaneous protests starting so well in so many different places could not be grassroots, but planned and organized. You, NTS, are in a very small minority yourself for even being willing to question and analyze dissenting information.

Anonymous said...

To me enemies are not to be criticized. They are to be defeated and destroyed. Military enemies are to be physically destroyed until their power and will to resist is broken. Political enemies are to be driven from the political arena, silenced, isolated and marginalized, socially, economically, culturally and politically.

Anonymous said...

I note that John Friend did not mention that the US Congress can abolish the Federal Reserve. Does he know this? End the Fed directs hostility to the banks, but none to those responsible who have given the banks money and power. Ending government criminality is not being addressed by the protesters. It wasn't just a few people booing Friend about 9/11, it was most of the crowd (WRH claims a few shills) and nobody in the crowd shouted them down on behalf of Friend. Also note that the man giving arm signals to the crowd to boo Friend down is wearing a t-shirt with a hammer and sickle logo on the front. I haven't watched all the videos. The first one gave enough info to draw a conclusion. The USA has a corrupt, criminal government now being headed by Obama who is a Marxist. The policies he has been putting into place are Marxist. Legitimate protests would be against the criminal members of government and all their criminal actions. These protests seem geared towards denouncing capitalism as the source of all America's problems, rather than accusing the government traitors who have enabled the economic and political destruction of America. Fascism in the USA seems to be evolving by Congressional un-Constitutional Law and dictatorial, Executive Order into Marxist/Communism.

Lone Wolf said...

Thanks for the heads up on Mr Friend's blog.

I agree with you that these "occupy" events reek...of fish and bagels. The jewish communists have definitely infiltrated these events and apparantly run them.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that there is an active Marxist agenda being carried out with the Occupy movement. Is well known that Obama has a Marxist background and so are his backers. I have been ordered by Michael Rivero to not post any more info on this subject. WRH is his site so he can censor as he chooses, but truthfulness is not his priority any more. His credibility is no more. He is totally promoting the anti-capitalism movement. No questions at all. Just after I posted the following article at WRH as I am a member, he sent me a personal email and told me to stop discussing Communism as an outdated threat. The unions in the US are Marxist led and are collaborators with Obama. In fact his healthcare scare coming is a Marxist system being forced on Americans.
Is President Obama Using Executive Powers To Organize
Angry Anti-Capitalist Protests On The Streets Of
by Andrew Marcus
May 2010
From the cheap seats, it sure does look like the President of the United States is using the powers of the Executive to coordinate with Andy Stern to organize a series of protests entitled “Showdown In America.”

Anonymous said...

Another tidbit likely to get deleted in censorship because it does not conform to the Occupy info propaganda.
Red October
By A. True Ott, PhD

Follow the trail people. House of Rothschild ----- George Soros ------ Open Society Foundation -------- Tides Foundation ------- Adbusters ------------- Occupy Wall Street. There you have it. PRS ­ Problem - Reaction ­ Solution.