Monday, October 24, 2011

Important Video By David Icke: Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protester

I have come under increasing criticism for my stance on the Occupy Wall Street Protests that are ongoing  around the world... I and others have shown clear evidence that the people behind these protests and who have been funding the majority of the protests are part of the same criminal elite that are on the other side of the protests...The evil and criminal private bankers themselves!   

The fact is that many good people are attending these protest rallies but have no focus on what the real goals of these protests should be, and are instead blindly agreeing to many of the issues put forward by those who are leading these rallies.  In many cases its like having a wolf lead a flock of sheep...

To help those people who are part of these protests and for those who still think that somehow I am against the idea of protesting for true freedom from criminal banking enslavement, I want to present the following video from David Icke.  In this video, David Icke gives a very concise message to those at these protest rallies about what they should be protesting about and what the goals of these protests should be... I do have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  David Icke says it clearly in this video that there are some very nefarious and criminal groups that are out to hijack these OWS rallies with the goal of rather than having them free of criminal debt usury, would see to it that everyone is put further into a one world criminal enslavement system.  I applaud his statements exposing these facts, because that is exactly what I and others have been pointing out all along as the real danger of the criminals behind these rallies!

To protest and demand an end to criminal private banking enslavement is a wonderful goal.  However, the criminals who are behind the financing of these protests, in particular George Soros, want these rallies to be successful and to have the Federal Reserve System end so that they can bring in their one world currency system that instead of allowing people to be free of Usury debt, would further enslave them to these criminal Jewish elitists...

Again, as I stated in previous articles about these protest rallies, the people must demand an end to private criminal banking and for the reintroduction of debt free banking with absolutely no interest.   They must also demand an immediate passage of laws that would never allow private criminal banking forever.   Only then can our nations finally be free of those that want total world domination and our enslavement to their power forever!

One other note... There are those who do not like David Icke for his previous work where he claimed that the criminals out to dominate the world were "Reptilian".  But I will give the man credit for this fine video, because he definitely does hit the nail on the head in his statements!

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Anonymous said...

NTS, They have freedom to protest, but you do not have freedom to think independently? What initially bothered me about OWS is that it was not confined to American government and banking criminality. The legitimate protest was meant to demand accountability within the USA. It was supposed to be the demands of American patriots wanting laws upheld, freedoms regained, and a return to a Constitutional government, which would also require that US Congress abolish the Federal Reserve Bank. But quickly, OWS became bank centered, demonizing capitalism with the movement springing up not only in America, but globally. Since when do other countries get involved in America's own protests? There are actually two agendas going on--one patriotic, one anti-American freedom, global pro-socialism/Marxist for Obama's controllers. The patriot protests very much need to get out of OWS protests,and do their own, if they can. OWS has money and power backing them, plus the media, plus alleged truthers in alt news seem to have the funding, too. Trying to mix patriots and frauds is like trying to mix oil and water. They have to be forcefully blended to stay together. Patriots are losing any opportunity to give voice to their demands. They also lose credibility while they are associated with the frauds promoting a socialist agenda, not freedoms.

An added comment, which you may delete, NTS, if you see fit. Because I used to support Michael Rivero, I am a subscribed member for now at WRH. Maybe not for long, because I keep challenging his information. He is openly working both sides of the fence. Posting important information, but also totally pushing both OWS local and global. He indicates that he knows this is a global socialist movement, yet denies it is Marxist, or as he says "Commie." That he and others are so intent on seeing this movement achieve its goals in the USA verges on treason. American patriots don't want more government enslavement, but the Occupy movement is demanding just that. Otherwise this movement would be making angry demands against government criminals, including Obama, the DOJ, the US Congress, AIPAC and Israel's control of them all. They empower and enable the banks' criminality in America. Real, patriotic national protests should be about the USA, not be in a global power partnership.

Northerntruthseeker said...

It is a strange world when true freedoms are curtailed...

I will not ever kowtow to anyone. I did this article to state that I am not some unfeeling b a s t a r d when it comes to the OWS movement. I just cannot stand the idea that innocent and naive people are being caught up in these protests without a clue as to what they are really protesting about, and what they should be protesting for!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I posted this video the other day. I think you should check out the cartoon I used along with it. It is very bang on when it comes to "they don't know what they want".